That Thing Got A Hemi? 1967 Dodge Monaco

We find lots of mid to late ’60s full-size Detroit iron all of the time, Fords and Chevrolets in particular. Plymouths? Not too often. How about Dodges? Nope, hardly ever. Well, it’s about time and here we go with… more»

Airplane Hangar Find: 1979 BMW 733I

This 1979 BMW 733i is a survivor we don’t see all that often, wearing very pretty Bahama Beige paint and presenting very well with under 100,000 original miles. Known by its internal chassis code as an E23, the early… more»

Sell or Fix: 1969 Ford Galaxie 500/XL

Ford added the XL to the Galaxie 500 line-up in 1962, as an in-kind response to the Chevrolet Impala Super Sport (SS). Production of the XL continued through 1970, of which the last two years were available only in… more»

Put An LS In It! 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

I have to tell you that I appreciate all of the comments that I collect from my posts. I read them all and am impressed with Barn Finds’ readers’ knowledge – and sense of humor. If there’s one comment… more»

Snow? No Problem! 1968 Tucker SnoCat

Do you ever have to commute to work in the snow? Getting tired of ice and sliding around? This could be your solution! Up for sale here on eBay is a 1968 Tucker SnoCat 442A. It’s always fun to… more»

Swivel Bucket Seats! 1974 Oldsmobile Cutlass S

1974 was a bad year for U.S. automakers, and especially ones like Oldsmobile that didn’t offer any real economy cars. The OPEC oil embargo of 1973 drove up gasoline prices and steered car buyers to smaller, more fuel-efficient automobiles…. more»

38k Mile Hermit: 1963 MG Midget Mk I

The MG Midget was a small, 2-seat British sports car built from 1961-79. It began as a badge-engineered version of the Mk II Austin-Healey Sprite and differed in the level of trim provided. This ’63 edition was stored for… more»

Solid Project: 1967 Dodge Charger 440

The first-generation Dodge Charger only lasted for two model years, and while the second-generation models seem to be the ones that frequently tip the scales the most, the 1966 and 1967 models are also in high demand with good… more»

Snowbank Find: 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

When the Ford Mustang was introduced in mid-1964, the fastback body style was not yet available. That didn’t happen until the Fall of 1964 when full-scale 1965 model production got underway. This rusty fastback looks to have been sitting… more»

Original 409: 1963 Chevrolet Impala

The original owner of this 1963 Chevrolet Impala ticked many desirable boxes on the Order Form when they ordered this classic. The result is that this car comes nicely equipped, with the highlight being the fantastic 409ci V8 engine…. more»

Early Production: 1965 Ford Mustang Drop-Top

This 1965 Ford Mustang is one of the earlier production models sometimes referred to as a 1964 ½. However, all Mustangs built before the 1966 model year were titled 1965 automobiles. The data plate on the door verifies that… more»

71k Original Miles: 1967 Pontiac GTO

Sometimes a classic car will appear on our desks at Barn Finds, and it becomes difficult to determine its strongest characteristic. Such is the case with this 1967 Pontiac GTO. Not only does the car present superbly, but it… more»

302 V8 Survivor: 1971 Ford Torino

The Torino was Ford’s mid-size entry from 1968-76. It began as the top trim level on the Fairlane and later carried the torch for the whole intermediate line-up. Restyled for 1970-71, they carried fuselage styling inspired by supersonic aircraft… more»

Ready To Restore: 1966 Clark Cortez

Vintage motorhomes have a following all of their own, and the Clark Cortez is one of the more prolific models to emerge from the 1960s. With a face only a mother could love, it was certainly distinctive, but there’s… more»

Original And Untouched: 1957 Lincoln Premiere

Lincoln was making quite the fashion statement in the ’50s! Last week we covered their very exclusive Continental Mark II and today, thanks to Barn Finds’ own Adam Clark, we have a 1957 Lincoln Premiere two-door hardtop for review…. more»

Charitable Gift: 1973 Porsche 914

The Porsche 914 has been a sleeper on the collector car market for some time, often disparaged as a re-badged VW or otherwise not desirable because of its meager horsepower rating. That sentiment is changing a bit as other… more»