Pair Of Buicks Waiting To Be Revived!

It appears we have two Buicks, one from 1982 and the other from 1977, that have been garage-kept together for 29 years.  We don’t know if they’re soulmates, but the seller says he will break them up, so you might need to bring a tissue.  They are asking $1,500 for each here on Craigslist in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

We’re not given a lot of information about either car, but we do get a fair number of pictures except underbodies.  We do know they both have clean titles, neither are said to have been in any accidents, and they supposedly have solid bodies and interiors. We can see that they both have years of dust and dirt on them and appear to have the potential of being cleaned up with some elbow grease.  No mileage figures are provided for either, nor do we know why they have been in hiding for so long.  Both cars appear to have vinyl tops and a lack of visible rust.

The 1982 is a gray Buick Rivera which puts it in the personal luxury category. It was part of the 6th generation of the Riviera, which was produced from 1979 through 1985. They came with a longitudinal front-engine along with front-wheel drive as part of the GM E-body series. We can’t tell which engine choice was selected back in ’82, but the smallest available was the 231 V-6 and the largest the 350 V8. The choice of automatic transmission differed by engine choice.

The 1977 is a brown Buick Electra, so it’s a four-door family-type car. That was the year that GM decided to downsize its C-body cars big cars, including the 5th generation of the Electra. Several engine choices were also available starting with the 252 V6 through the 403 V6 (powered by Oldsmobile).  Also, two transmissions were offered depending on the powerplant. We can’t determine the engine from the pics. This edition did not come with the top-on-the-line Park Avenue package.

We don’t know the last time either car was cranked or moved for nearly 30 years.  That suggests that pair wouldn’t be roadworthy anytime soon.  But neither car is priced near what they would be worth if they hadn’t been left to languish.  The Riviera would potentially be more desirable, but neither car falls into the classic category.


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  1. Mark

    I’m a Buick guy…..but in this case….shut the barn door…

    • Poppy

      Yes, they need to be “broken up.”

  2. Ike Onick

    Dr..Frankenstein looked at them today and passed on the project. “Too far gone”

  3. sir mike

    From Pitts.area…they used salt in the winter…almost have to have rust issues.

  4. CCFisher

    Pittsburgh, with an “h”. We Yinzers are sensitive about that.

    The license on the Riv and the inspection on the Electra both ran out in 1991. That’s a clue as to how long they’ve been sitting.

  5. Howard A Member

    What are promoters of Monster truck shows paying for crushee’s these days?

  6. Daniel

    Hard judgements here in the comments column about these innocent poor buicks. They would not bee my first choice (and also not the 2nd or 3rd ;-)), but I hope someone will have mercy with them. Although not classic Landyachts they have some features of them for example the plushy interior.
    Sad, that no one seems to want some of these.

  7. lc

    Look on Colorado Springs, Craigs for a good example of a 83 Buick Riviera for $4500.

  8. George Mattar

    In 1987, a guy wanted to trade me a super mint 85 Riv for my 1970 GTO rust free CA car. I said no. I still like them. Very hard on front suspension parts due to weight. Many had the boat anchor oil burner known as the 307 Olds V8.

  9. WR Hall

    The sedan looks like it could be fixed up for decent transportation. This is not a car to make a PILE of $$$ on.
    The Riv is a bit different. Something like a Riv even one of this vintage has some collector value if not in to bad a shape.
    On both cars it depends on what you can do and what kind of expensive work you need to have done.

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