Pants Required: 1956 Ford F-100 Short Bed

“If you don’t wear the pants in the family, please do not bid.” reads one of the first lines in the ad for this 1956 Ford F-100. I’m guessing the seller had a deal fall apart and is now re-listing it here on eBay with a current bid of $7,000. Hopefully, this time they can put a deal together that sticks. Located in Rogers, Arkansas, this truck looks like a really fun project. While the “Effie” Fords aren’t as popular as they were a decade ago, they still have timeless styling and can be great rides. Take a look at this one!

The interior looks stock with the exception of the re-covered seat. The ad doesn’t mention anything regarding the interior other than the column shift transmission. By the look of the photos, it can certainly be driven as-is and upgraded later if necessary.

The engine is a 272 cubic inch V8 backed by the previously mentioned 3-speed tranny. The seller describes themselves as “not mechanical” and they say the engine is in unknown condition. It looks like the fuel filter and carburetor are fairly clean, so perhaps the previous owner had it running at one point? The ad also mentions the brakes are not operational.

The original wood bed has been covered by a couple of sheets of diamond plate at some point. I’m guessing the original bed is long gone, but the steel sheets look like a good alternative for now.

Here you can see a bit of rot on the rear fender. The seller says the paint is original and there is minimal rust with no body filler. Based on the photos and the patina, the story sounds plausible. Overall, this looks like a great project for someone who has been looking for a classic truck. Do you think 50’s Fords like this one have fallen out of popularity?


  1. Dusty Stalz

    Judging by the look of the fuel filter and carb, that thing hasn’t run in some time. I’d get it running and fix things like that fuel line, make sure she stops good then drive it like this for a while and shake the bugs out. Paint would be on my list of things for this ol truck but it’s at the bottom. Cool ol hauler.

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  2. mike b

    Aye, cap’n, I tried ta bid for ye, but they wouldna let me. They kilt me offer.

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  3. JRHaelig

    “Fallen out of favor”??? Not at my house.

    No kidding….that just might buff out.

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  4. Eric B

    For those ready to break out the paint gun, the faded portions of paint may very well buff back to red like the interior. It would still have it’s surface rust on the tops of the fenders, but the point is it could look pretty presentable with some elbow grease.

    As far as the pants wearing comment goes; what freakin’ year is this? I mean, what does that even…..ahh, it’s in Arkansas. Nevermind.

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    • Denny Nevada

      This would never lose value at my house.
      First of all, I’m a GM guy, but I do make exceptions, for cars and trucks, I’ve connected with, in my younger years,
      like the 1956 Ford F-100 Short box, V-8 with 3 On the Tree,
      because I had my first 3 On the Tree experience, in a Ford
      pickup, like this one, in 1963 👍 It was Sunoco blue, and I have loved them ever since.
      The only reasons, I’m not jumping on, adding this Ol’ beauty, to my letter to Santa, is lack of money, no place to store it, and no place to restore it 👎🏻
      I envision it, in a deep, metallic blue, or metallic burgundy,
      with a stock interior, for the most part, with a saddle leather bench seat, and matching carpet…add Vintage heat and A/C, upgraded sound system, and power windows.
      Mechanically, either rebuild, and tweak the stock V-8, or go with a new from Ford, 302 V-8, with a four barrel carb, and dual Borla exhaust – Rebuild the the stock transmission, with a little tweaking, and keep the shifter on the tree. Power steering with the factory steering wheel, and Power disc brakes at all four corners.
      Restore the frame, and upgrade the suspension…Keep the appearance stock, except for radial tires, chrome grille and bumpers, and window trim.
      I’d enjoy, as a nice, safe, well performing, dependable Ford cruiser, with a beautiful new oak bed…and park it my garage, next to my Silverado LTZ 👍
      As you can tell, I’ve thought about what I’d do with a 56
      F-100, for quite some time…ever since my first service call run, in that Sunoco blue pickup, in 1963.

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    • Terry

      Sounds like a personal attack on Arkansas. Bad joke at least.

      • Russ Ashley

        I don’t think it was meant as an attack on Arkansas, rather a different way of saying if you have to ask your wife’s permission to buy it, please get her permission before bidding. Sounds like he has had a buyer back out after winning before.

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  5. geomechs geomechs

    Nice to see them original and not another one of those stalled projects. This could be done either way. That is to strip it right down and restore it or drive it and do it as you go. I’d likely opt for the latter but would still be focused on the ultimate goal of having it completed. That engine is running the ‘budget dual exhaust’ system. Ideally one would want to run a set of factory dual manifolds from a Mercury but unfortunately, the steering column has other ideas (Ask me how I know?). I guess a pair of Ram’s Horn manifolds would work just fine. I like the idea of duals but for a 272 they aren’t all that necessary. However, I really dislike the arm burner exhaust crossover alternative…

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    • Bill Hall

      The crossover exhaust was standard on mid fifties Ford Y Block
      V 8 I doubt it has dual exhaust.

      • Russ Ashley

        Bill, you are right that the cross over pipe was factory but look at the picture of the engine in this truck. They used the cheap method of adding dual exhausts by adding a big circular pipe where the cross over pipe attached on the drivers side and blocked off the other side of the cross over. Not uncommon back when Y-Block engines were around.

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  6. Steve S.

    The Y-block had a problem with insufficient lubrication of the valvetrain. Oil passages would get blocked with sludge, starving the rockers and valves of oil and eventually caused a valve to drop with bad results. A friend of mine lost two Y-blocks that way.

    I would spend the money to have the whole thing rebuilt for reliability’s sake.

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    • bry593

      Maybe that’s why I had a 292 that sheared the distributor shaft?

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    • stillrunners stillrunners Member

      Yep most all the early V/8’s had the top lube issue – that’s why kits were made to help lube them. Have had a dozen or so for a lot of the makes and have sold some of those NOS kits Hopefully they helped or are hanging on a wall some where.

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  7. Bunky

    This is an awesome truck! Custom Cab with chrome grille and chrome around the windows and upgraded (shiny) instrument cluster. Short box and V8! The stock exhaust on these had a crossover pipe on the front, forcing all the exhaust through the passenger side manifold. Not really conducive to air flow. Y blocks do have an issue with top end lubrication which was exacerbated by the use of heavy low/non detergent oils. The oil passages can be enlarged a bit along with a high volume oil pump. Shine this up and clear coat it. Rigs are only original once. This is a rare find. I have it’s brother, but not it’s twin. Mine is the same except for color and being a standard cab.

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  8. Mike Emerson

    My roofmate (attached home) Bob Prout RIP had a 54 like this one. I am still in awe of him. I remember needing to haul 100 bags of top soil and he volunteered his truck for the job. You could eat off the bed of that truck. That’s a good neighbor!

  9. Joe Haska

    If you are a compulsive reader of B/F you will know, I always comment on these trucks and you are thinking not this guy again. I do like them and I have had several over the last few years and I am just finishing my 5th one. This truck sold for $9,000 ,and that was probably fair for its condition and what you want to do with it.
    If you want to do what Denny wants, it is a good candidate as long as you have another 30 to 40 grand to put into it, depending on your skill level. To answer the question are these still desirable, I would have to say yes and add that the popularity of all the early P/U’s seems to still be a strong market

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  10. Mike Marquart

    Is this truck still available? If so what is the price?

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