Parked Since ’78: 1972 BMW 2002 Tii

Of the BMW “02” series of vehicles, the 2002 Tii probably only ranks second in desirability to the 2002 Turbo. However, finding a good Tii project car today is exceptionally difficult, but that seems to have changed with this particular example. It has remained hidden away since 1978, but is now out of hiding and looking for a new home. Located in Westminster, California, the BMW has been listed for sale here on HiBid. The listing has now reached $3,050 in what is a No Reserve auction.

The photos supplied by the seller aren’t terribly good, and they make it virtually impossible to accurately determine the car’s overall condition. The owner says that the car had been carefully hidden away under cushions and cardboard since 1978, and while it is dusty, there are no signs of dings or dents. There is no mention of rust issues, and there are a few spots to be aware of with these little cars that can be rust-prone. The floor below the pedals can be a problem, along with the rear shock towers, lower front fenders, and the lips around the rear wheel wells. If those areas are solid, then there’s a pretty good chance that the rest of the car will be fine.

The car comes with an unusual bonus, and I’m really not that sure just what you would do with them. What you see here is a trunk that is full of leather wallets. There are hundreds of them, and they go with the car. Maybe you could sell them at a profit to fund some of the restoration costs of the BMW. Beyond that, I’m really not sure. It sounds like these might be non-negotiable. So, buy the car and you score the wallets, whether you want them or not.

The 2002 Ti was a reasonable performer with its 119hp. BMW decided to step that up a notch, and the 2002 Tii featured Kugelfisher mechanical fuel-injection instead of the twin Solex carburetors of its predecessor. This provided a useful increase to 130hp, and the fuel-injection made the car a smoother driver. Allied to the power increase, the Tii also scored with larger brakes and numerous suspension upgrades to make it a confidence-inspiring driver’s car. Backing the engine is a 4-speed manual transmission, with the Tii only available with either this or the ultra-rare close-ratio 5-speed manual transmission. An auto simply wasn’t an option. The owner doesn’t provide any information on the mechanical health of the vehicle, but you can be sure that after more than 40-years of inactivity, there will be some work to do before that little 1,990cc engine kicks into life once again.

The interior of the BMW is a symphony in black trim, and once again, the quality of the photos makes it hard to determine the overall condition. The owner says that the only issue is a hole in the passenger door trim courtesy of a mouse. This is a bit of a worry because if one mouse has found its way into the car, you have to wonder just how many more followed him in there. You also have to wonder what has been eaten that can’t be seen. Having said that, the owner has made no mention of the sort of odors that a family of mice can leave behind, so maybe things will be fine there.

If this BMW 2002 Tii is a solid car, then it would make a great restoration project. Once it is back up and running again, it would also be a pretty rewarding car to point at a twisting ribbon of road. Do we have any readers who would be willing to take on this German classic?


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    Looks to be a good project car, but lousy pictures. This car needs to be rolled out in the sun and shot with a real camera,
    I have never heard of the auction company and it looks semi legit but there are a few flags,
    Bill of sale only – no title
    Cash Only
    17% buyer premium.

    If you are into 02’s it would be worth having someone take a look at it. If the car is as solid as it appears it would be worth buying it and shipping it back to east coast rather than do rust repairs.

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    • That AMC Guy

      What’s an amazement is that anyone would want to go out of their way to claim credit for those lousy photos by watermarking them.

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  2. Solosolo ken tillyUK Member

    First the Volvo and now the Beemer 2002Tii? Two bullet proof cars on the same day. Wow! I’m in old car heaven.

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  3. Bruce Baysinger

    Concur with Kevin.
    As abandoned property, don’t count on getting clear title. The ‘unreadable’ VIN might be a ‘missing or disfigured’ VIN. Seller much opposed to an inspection, though I’m 5 miles away. Claims of being ‘carefully hidden away under cushions and cardboard since 1978’ may be wishful thinking, unless seller has personal knowledge of the circumstance of the claimed abandonment. Just because some lowlife stole the 2015 sticker from my plate, along with the previous 15 years of stickers does not mean that my car had not been driven since 2000.
    As I have a great fondness a more than a little history with these little jewels, I’ll be watching it, but won’t be imagining tooling through Big Sur towards Monterrey 2020.
    . As a parts donor, might be just the ticket.

    • Leslie Martin Member

      Yeah, I don’t get the unreadable VIN. There is a plate on the steering column that should be visible, and it should be stamped into the frame. That’s not going to be easy to resolve, especially in CA. But I do hope someone buys this car, figures out the title and get’s it back on the road. On the other hand, every time someone parts out another tii, it does make the rest of ours more valuable.

  4. Leslie Martin Member

    With original tii cars steadily increasing in value, an original CA car with the K-Fischer pump still installed and everything else mostly intact will get snapped up quickly. If the fenders are rusty (they probably are) it’s an easy fix and OEM replacement panels are readily available if they are too far gone to replace. You can still find replacement pedal boxes too if needed.

    As long as the shock towers are good, I say buy it, refresh the motor, replace the guibo (which is surely rotted), do the brakes and fuel system, rub out the paint, then drive it. You can sell it in 10 years of loving it and still come out ahead.

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  5. schooner

    The wallets are strangely congruent with BMW as in Bring More Wallet when ordering parts. After that cheap shot I’ll add that between the Missus and I we’ve owned four ’02s including a 72 tii and the author is correct, that’s a car you want to want point at a twisting road.

  6. Rex Kahrs Member

    The wallets remind me of the time Kramer and Jerry’s dad sold Morty’s surplus raincoats.

    Otherwise I agree about the red flags. The title thing can be a nightmare (despite what everyone always says), so that would be a deal-breaker for me.

  7. Bil baldwin

    damn, are there ANY photos that are in focus???

  8. Rob

    There’s a guy shaving in a couple of the pictures. Also, the wallets are “pleather” i.e. worthless.

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  9. Scott

    Fourth photo shows VIN 2761181 (Fahrgest Nummer)

    • Gsuffa Gsuffa Member

      Yes, old BMWs (and all other cars?) didn’t put the VIN on the door jamb. It would be great if the seller had a little input from a shop or a someone that at least knows about cars like this one.

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  10. Del

    Never liked BMWs and still do not.

    But since the trunk has a new set of shingles for my shack, I am tempted

  11. Del

    No pics of Mickey ?

    Or Hanta Virus, his cousin ?

  12. Mountainwoodie

    Looks like an 85 year old man……… having the contents of his house and his 3 cars sold………..arguably by court order? Very odd. I’m interested in the comment above that the auctioneer wont allow an inspection……..even odder. This is a case for Charlie Chan. Love to have me a Tii……

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  13. Blane

    He/she claims has not been driven since 1978 , that steering wheel and console doesn’t look from the 70’s, I have a E9 AND A E30 not familiar with 2002 but maybe some can confirm thats factory wheel ?? Maybe they fitted it but never driven it .
    Blane NZinAUS

    • Gsuffa Gsuffa Member

      Aftermarket steering wheel may be from the 70s. But the fat yellow plug wires and the aftermarket coolant overflow tank? The dash labels and are much cleaner than on my 72.

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      • Leslie Martin Member

        There is a Mallory sticker in one of the photos under the hood. I’m betting the ignition was upgraded accordingly. At least they routed the HT leads properly.

        Besides the steering wheel, the console and most of the rest of the interior look stock. Correct blue and black door cards match the Polaris paint. I’m still thinking overall this thing is pretty much original.

        Too bad the auctioneer doesn’t seem interested in providing more information or an inspection. Sure hope they re-think posting some more decent photos.

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  14. Bruce

    I offered to be that guy, but he accused me of trying to circumvent the auction. How does one do that if the seller is unwilling. Probably would not have offered if he had not been 5 miles away and not at all after the guano load of attitude

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  15. Del

    Yup. this one is a lost cause

  16. Audifan

    Getting a title (VT registration in lieu of title) is the least of the problems with this car. Getting it to run and the Kugelfischer FI rebuild, replacing all the rubber parts etc. will be a much bigger undertaking.

  17. Mountainwoodie

    Up to 12 grand! unseen! One day to go. Well……….someone has some money to blow.

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