Former Race Car: 1966 Ford Mustang

It’s a peculiar juxtaposition finding a stack of cordwood, indoor office chairs, and a ’66 Ford Mustang coupe languishing out in the backyard. So is this Mustang a vestige from a racing past that was discarded and forgotten, or maybe just a dolled-up poser that was discarded and forgotten. It’s hard to say – at least it’s paid off according to its listing! Anyway, let’s take a closer look at this Chesaning, Michigan domiciled Ford. It is available, here on Facebook Marketplace for $1,000. Thanks to Justin for this tip!

The seller claims that he doesn’t have time to part out this Mustang, adding, “I could make more parting it out but I just don’t have time to mess with it“. So…what might be partable here? Well, there’s a little but not a lot. There are fiberglass components like the hood and trunk lid (with a broken corner) and supposedly good fenders. The rear frame-rail, or suspension attaching point, is rotted away, however. Sounds like there is a window regulator or two that may be salvageable. The seller’s intention was to get this Mustang back to driver status but reconsidered for budgetary and time reasons.

Mechanically, there’s a bit more. The engine, which is referred to as a 289 or a 302 CI V8, is topped with half of an Offenhauser tunnel ram intake – the top box portion is apparently missing. It’s just a guess, but the engine was probably pretty stout with significant internal work back in its day, considering the amount of carburetion employed and the roller rockers that are present. There is a 9-inch differential housing in place but the third member is absent and that’s connected to a Top-Loader four-speed manual transmission which is, in turn, hanging off of a steel bell housing – there’s value in the transmission!

Inside, besides the obvious weather and other dreck, are a pair of bucket seats and that’s about the only thing visible of value – the value being the seat frames. The driver’s door panel is interesting, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one wrinkle away quite like that. It’s not stated but it appears that the floor has let go.

I would agree that returning this car to any semblance of a driver is probably beyond hope and financial viability. So, what to do, remove the powertrain and fenders, maybe some glass, sell those items and scrap the rest or, pass it off as the seller is doing and try to get a quick grand? It’s tempting to take the easy way out, but what would you do?


  1. Steve Bush Member

    At least he’s being honest about what he has and unlike far too many others on here he’s not asking $10k for a rusty pile of parts. Perhaps offer $800 and see he says. If you already have a Mustang project you might well be able to use a few parts and sell or junk the rest.

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  2. PaulG

    I see the entire passenger side cut and hung on the shop wall, crack open a cold one and enjoy! Part out what’s left.

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    • PaulG

      Also, I have a friend named Bob Davis that would love this!

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  3. Luki

    I totally agree with PaulG it’s great wall art.

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  4. piston poney

    sucks that theres not much left, i bet it was a pretty sharp car back in the day and if you went to the town it came from everyone remembers it

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  5. steve

    That has never been a race car, just dolled up to look like one

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    • Richard

      It was a drag car. I did research after i purchased it and spoke with people who saw it run in the 70s.

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  6. Troy

    Despite its history I think this one needs to go to the crusher sometimes they have been let go to long to make it worth saving

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  7. John

    To seller;
    Serial number off the driver side door plate, or if gone;
    stamped serial number on the dr side front engine bay apron.
    If it is a K car, will offer you 6K for the car

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    • Steve R

      Contact the seller directly through Facebook. He probably doesn’t know his car is featured on this site and will never see your question.

      Steve R

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      • John

        I do not do tweeter, facebook, snapchum or non of those other socialite things..
        Phone and email is all I need.

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    • Jay

      Lot of money to build a “tribute”

    • Richard

      I believe i have a picture of the vin tag. Let me look

    • Richard

      It isnt a k code

      • John

        Does it have 9 inch rear end?
        Very bottom bolt on pumpkin, is tucked in, ratchet won’t work.
        Need to wrench that nut out.

  8. James427

    Car has a $1,000 plus Toploader (maybe more if it has the right tag on it). Bellhousing is at least $100, 4spd pedals another $100 plus. 9″ housing is $150. Clutch fork and braket another $100. Tunnel ram and misc engine parts an easy $150. Then, as many have said, this car body would make great lawn art or cut in half and make two wall art hangers. Either way, its worth what he is asking.

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    • John

      If it is a 9 inch, it is probably a original from back when.
      That is worth 850 -.1500
      Almost looks like a 289 hipo dual point with no vacuum advance, if so, and depending on date code, 400.-800.

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