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Petal Pusher: 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

This car is newer than what is usually shown here and it isn’t a muscle car that has been languishing in a barn or anything like that. But, this 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham Flower Car would maybe get even more looks than a dusty Superbird would. I don’t know if those looks would be good or jealous looks like with a Superbird, but it would sure draw some looks, especially if a motorcycle or two were perched in the back of it. This specialty hauler is listed on eBay with a bid of under $4,000 as I write this and almost two days left on the bidding and there is no reserve! It’s located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and it sure looks like you could drive it home, if you don’t mind being stared at.

Flower cars are a bit different than straight up Cadillac pickup conversions are in that the business end is basically a stainless steel box with a drain in it for hauling flowers. And, the tailgate-looking tailgate isn’t actually a tailgate, and without a tailgate to lower when you want to lower a tailgate (ok, you know where I’m going with this)..  It would take some conversion and some possibly some considerable cost to convert this into a nice motorcycle or other powersports hauling truck with an operable.. cough.. tailgate. The seller says that both rear doors open and provide “spacious storage”.

But let’s be honest, wouldn’t this be an unusual daily driver? Or, a weekend car to take to the relatives? “Good grief, your brother-in-law is here again with his stupid hearse.” Not to be gloomy, but this may not be the vehicle for anyone with a fear of passing to the great car haven/heaven beyond. I think of it as a car that gave peace to a family in their darkest hour by carrying beautiful flowers to brighten the mood as much as humanly possible, so I see there being good karma surrounding flower cars. And, speaking of good karma, 1993 was the year that the Fleetwood went back to rear-wheel drive.

The Fleetwood Brougham interior has dual six-way power front seats covered in leather with seat heaters and lumbar function. You can see that they’ll need a little patching here and there, as will the dash and part of the driver’s door panel.

The pulling power for this flower hauler is an L05, 5.7L 350 cubic-inch V8 with 185 hp. The seller bought this car a year ago from California and they have since put new tires on it and a new battery, and they say that it can be driven to the new owner’s home. Is that a home-home or a funeral home? In either case, this is one unusual car. Are there any collectors of funeral-type vehicles out there?


  1. Jon Sveinson

    I would rather have this Soprano styled ´81 Custom Fleetwood, like that styling:

  2. grant

    “Both rear doors?” Huh?

    • Gabby

      Pictures show it’s a 2 seat 💺 4 door 🚪

    • Andre

      The passenger car doors are left on and open under the “bed”. I believe that’s what they’re referring to.

      I’ve wanted a flower car as a motocross bike hauler forever, but they’re a pretty rare find.

      • Roy

        The beds in these cars were made to carry flowers. They are not designed to carry anything heavy. A lot of reinforcement would be necessary.

      • James B.

        El camino ? . We can build anything you want. We have Classic Caddys to turn into flower cars . Doing 2 now

  3. boxdin

    Does all that stainless come off with a decent bed underneath?

  4. Shelli Anne

    I’d put a fifth-wheel hitch on it and pull a travel trailer behind it !

  5. Vin in NJ

    I’d put a pool liner in it, fill it with water and let the party begin!

  6. Trickie Dickie Member

    Flower cars like this are rarely used in the West. Its much more of an Eastern custom. Professional Car Club folks really like these flower cars!

    • Moparman Member

      With the high cost of floral arrangements and cremation/memorial services in lieu of traditional funerals, I’m not sure that the usage of these is as prevalent as it was 30-40 years ago. :-)

  7. irocrob

    I imagine huge money to convert it when new but not my cup of tea

  8. David Miraglia


  9. jesus bortoni

    A Cadillac Ranchero, maybe?

  10. Ian

    A Fleetwood Brougham converted is a rare car altogether. I have never seen a livery Fleetwood Brougham – only base model Fleetwood with the horizontal seat pleating and only power recline. This is a fully loaded Fleetwood Brougham Flower Car … very odd. Being a 93, it could be said that since this had just came out this year, the coach builder and/or funeral director wanted one immediately and had to order a fully loaded Brougham…

  11. John

    If the buyer in Kentucky brought the car from California a year ago, why do these pictures still show a current California license plate? Enquiring minds, etc.

  12. Bill Owens BillO Staff

    I live in North Carolina and have been to many funerals in my 62 years, but have yet to ever see a flower car being used. Normally they use vans around here for the flowers.

  13. Taylor.

    air ride,steel wheels with hub caps and fat white walls. I’d drive it every day

  14. Stu

    Perfect vehicle for a whopatoola.

  15. RicK

    I used to live in Washington DC and its been many years ago, but I’m pretty sure I saw at least one funeral procession with a flower car and it was hauling the casket with a bunch of flowers around it and a large photo of the deceased propped up on top of it (the casket that is)


      The funeral home I work for has one that we use as a lead car on a daily basis. Thing can hold quite a bit of flowers. There is a place in Long Island that we got ours from, they cut them out of a new XTS, total cost new is around 90k

  16. Mountainwoodie

    Even though this is’nt a’ barn find’ I love it when you guys find the weird stuff and tee it up! Keep it all coming and thanks for the wordsmithing!

  17. Wayne

    In California. The plates stay with the car. (unless vanity plates) So a dealer will leave California plates on a car. So that if the car gets sold back into California. It is less hassle for the new owner to register. And less problems for the dealer. If sold into another state other than California. Then just remove the plates.
    I almost bought a ’54 or ’55 Cadillac flower car. It did not have that ugly topper thing on it like this car. But it did have a stainless steel bed. It was so cool! My girl friend nixed it. And said she would not ride in it. (It was to be my only car.) We were pretty serious at the time. So I kept the ’55 Chevy convert. (I did get rid of her though!)
    I guess that is why I always liked Rancheros, El Caminos and currently have a Ford Durango. Love those (Aussies call) Utes!

  18. Douglas Potts

    One note, The full size Fleetwood Brougham was always rear wheel drive. The smaller Fleetwood shared the same Fwd platform as the de’Ville.

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