Pikes Peak Proven! 1964 Mercury Marauder

Despite a catchy name and race-proven heritage, Mercury’s Marauder rarely enters conversations about awesome muscle cars. This 1964 Mercury Marauder in Sparks, Nevada seeks a new owner here on eBay. Though its original 390 cid (6.4L) V8 is gone, replaced by a more plebeian 352, the rather solid looking and highly original Marauder so far enjoys but a single bid of $1200.

Mercury must have loved the name “Marauder,” because their 1964 sales literature used it to describe the fastback roofline, the models equipped with the roof, and its popular 390 engines. Success in USAC and Pike’s Peak racing put Mercury in good shape to brag about the Marauder, which could be ordered in full Park Lane trim *and* a solid-lifter dual-quad 427!

Sadly a pickup-truck sourced 352 and FMX automatic resides where the mighty 390 once lived. No one will take this car seriously without at least a 390 in place, but the original motor’s absence paves the way to interesting substitutions aside from the obvious date-correct replacement.

Wear and tear have sullied the luster of the original interior, but it shows great potential. Sourcing replacement cosmetic parts for this once muscle-bound Mercury is not a job for the casual Amazon shopper. How would you rebuild this mixed-bag Marauder?


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  1. JBP

    Nice projekt, at least for a guy, like mee…

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  2. Redwagon

    Blue w a red leather interior…..man this would have been sharp on the showroom floor. Have fun finding a replacement for the cracked dash. Who ever pulled the engine from this thing should be drawn and quartered w 4 Ford Escorts.

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    • NovaTom

      Will 4 be enough?

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  3. Fred W

    The “Mighty 390”? A pox on whoever pulled the motor? I don’t get it, the 390 is basically a bored out 352, correct? 10 percent difference in size. A 4 barrel, intake and headers, and most could never tell the difference it they didn’t pop the hood.

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  4. Troy s

    Prime candidate for a street machine. Never hardly see any Mercury’s outside of Cougars at any events, Comets, Cyclones, etc…they are all rare sightings.
    A big car like this needs big cubes to really go, the 352 ain’t makin’ it. 428 or even later 429/460 would liven this beast. Neat car.

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  5. mainlymuscle

    I NEED a car with a name like “Marauder “,I thought my Interceptors had the coolest names !

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  6. Arby

    Looks like it’s marauding days are mostly over.

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  8. Bob C.

    If that 352 was sourced from a pickup, it would have pretty low numbers for horsepower, like low 200s. Definitely needs at least a 390 to pull that barge around. The 1961 to 64 Mercurys were my favorite years.

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    • Chas358 Chasman358

      I love the styling on early Marauders.

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    • chrlsful

      “barg”? is very light car, basicly a falcon, no?
      “fav yrs” yes – “round bodies”…

      • bone

        No, these are full size cars like the Ford Galaxie

  9. David Ulrey

    I had a 66 F100 with a 352 and it was a torque monster the way the truck was set-up with decent power actually. The 352 could be built up for decent power but I do agree that some variation of a performance 390 should go back in. Or 427 or 428. Lol

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  10. Rob B.

    If you ever drove one of these with a 390, they had lots of power.

    • PatrickM

      That 390 is one of the best engines FoMoCo ever made. Several trannys, carbs and rear gears variables. One of today’s notable engines would be the Rousch 406. With the price of only $1,200.00, I am tempted to give it a go. But, then again, it is too far away. Whoever gets this is going to have some fun.

  11. TimM

    I really like the lines on this car and you could have a party on the front seat!! They just don’t build them like this anymore!!!

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  12. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Motors are easily obtained you egg heads….good bodies are hard to find…..PJ and Al sure tore up that peak !

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  13. Wayne

    I like it a lot and it is close by. Hmmmmm………………
    I have a 391 out of a C700. Anybody know what could be done with that? Anything?

    • Troy s

      If it’s part of the Super Duty truck engine family Ford released in ’58 I really doubt if there is much of an aftermarket base. Kinda curious myself.

  14. jerry z

    Clone to the Galaxie which is my favorite Ford. Galaxie or Marauder? I’ll take one of each please.

    Just go with the biggest Ford big block, the 460.

    • chrlsful

      oh, I thought it wuz a dwn sizes ‘falcon” bro.

  15. Bryan

    This car is a Mercury Monterey with the Marauder trim package (i.e. 2dr w/semi-fastback roof & 390). The Marauder trim package was available on Monterey, Montclair and Parklane models from mid 1963 through 1965 (even on 4drs in 64 & 65).

    Marauder finally became a distinct model when the name reappeared in 1969 & 1970 on a luxury coupe.

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  16. Mark Evans

    Just Asking-Wasn’t there some higher cube engines available on the Marauder?

  17. PatrickM

    Yeah, that 352 has got to go! It is a good looking car, basically but, it does need a lot of work. Replace/repair the necessities, now and drive it ASAP. Take care of the updates as the purse allows.

  18. Dennis

    410 was an option on these splendid cars

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