Plenty Of Options: 1967 Ford Mustang 4×4

The owner of this 1967 Mustang Fastback 4×4 purchased the car with the intention of returning it to its original specification, but after 3-years, he has conceded that this isn’t going to happen on his watch. As a consequence, he has chosen to wave the white flag, and to offer the car for sale. It is located in McHenry, Illinois, and is listed for sale here on eBay. With bidding now sitting at $9,300, the reserve has been met.

It looks like someone has, at some point, begun the process of ridding the Mustang’s body of all of the rust issues that can plague these old classics. It looks like there is still some rust to address in areas such as the rockers and lower rear quarter panels, although it isn’t clear just how solid areas such as the floors and torque boxes are. Structurally, the body has been pretty securely bolted to a 1979 Bronco frame, so if the next owner wants to continue down the path of a 4×4, it would seem that they are off to a solid start.

The interior features a few decent trim items, but just how it is eventually trimmed will depend on the personal taste of the next owner. The door trims look to be original and also seem to be in pretty respectable condition. The seats have been fitted with new covers at some point, and they look like they might respond well to a clean. The dash consists of nothing more than a shell, so regardless of which direction the next owner chooses to go, there will be plenty of parts on their shopping list.

The Mustang originally started life kitted out with a 200ci 6-cylinder engine and a 3-speed manual transmission. What hides below the skin today would appear to be a 351ci Cleveland V8 and a 3-speed automatic transmission that would have been sourced from the donor Bronco. The owner says that the engine does run, but not well. Apparently it has low vacuum, and also has a nasty tendency to backfire through the carburetor. If the car is going to remain in 4×4 configuration, then this will just need to be added to the list of tasks that will be required to be addressed before the car is fit to hit the road once again.

So, someone has been quite adventurous with this Mustang, and it appears that their intention was to create a distinctive vehicle with a real attitude. I guess that the next owner is really left with three distinct paths that they could follow with this car. The first would be to continue along the existing path and to eventually produce a Mustang 4×4. The second would be to outlay the time, effort, and the money required to return the car to its original specifications. The third choice would be to use the Mustang body and title as the basis from which to build the Mustang of their dreams. Which way would you go?


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  1. elrod

    Save the car. I’m sure there have been worse fates for mustangs – but this makes my head hurt.

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  2. Don H

    If you can’t say anything nice then ,you no the rest🙊🙉🙈

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    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      Couldn’t have said it better, spell – yes, basic idea -no. ‘-)

      Last half: “you know the rest”.

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  3. G gagnon


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  4. Classic Steel

    What the freak..

    Did your momma drop you on your head at birth?

    Do you have the original parts stored under your trailer to go with this abused vehicle to restore back from this self applied plague ..

    Whats wring with you …

    Okay enough said from a 67 Mustang owner 🤨

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    • Classic Steel

      I only wish the current owner had decoupled the prior owners frame from Mustang first..

      Someone should start a save the mustang foundation to restore this and resale with profits to charity 😇

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  5. canadainmarkseh Member

    What’s done can be undone. I’m not sure why people do this I’d have to say that it would make a poor 4×4 poor visibility, I guess it takes all kinds. At this point I’d be looking for a rust bucket donor car to right this mess you’d need one for under chassis parts. Man this is rough though probably not worth the time.

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  6. LARRY

    I like it…another frankenstang. I mean why not right.and I’m waiting to see a camero on a K5 platform

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  7. Wayne

    Another Bama-cruiser escaped to my old stomping grounds. As much as I love old fastback Mustangs. This one interests me not one bit.

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  8. lbpa18

    “…and this is your brain on drugs”.

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  9. Eric

    Someone please go back to 1987 and punch Billyjoejimbob in the face as he was performing this sacrilege. It’s incredible to think about the amount of time, energy and money some people spend on destroying a car and making it worth less than before they started.

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  10. 433jeff

    I really really like the concept, or part of it. How about we lower it to look more stock yet retain the 4wd, its winter and if you get stuck because you dont have 4wd thats bad, i say make it just high enough to be good in thr snow, maybe use some gasser accents. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to go by the man looking like this. Lets make it functional,

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  11. fitz

    So much hate here… You don’t like it, fine, don’t buy it. I’d finish it & drive the wheels off of it. And take it to at least one classic mustang show a month :)

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  12. b-rad jeepster

    Larry I have seen a second gen Camaro on a 4 x 4 chassis in my neighborhood I’ll try to get pic it is called monstermaro.

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    • LARRY

      I’d like to see it b-rad…I think I saw one a while back 69 Camaro on K5..body was crap with a good frame and suspension and if I remember correctly (and I may not lol) it had a turbo sbc

  13. Steve P


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    • LARRY

      Why not..I’ve recently seen a older Ford fiesta on a lifted 4×4 ranger frame with a built 302! It’s all about fun 👍

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      • Steve P

        Ford Pinto? Yeah, why not. Classic mustang? No way

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    • Ian C

      ” Why?”

      Because who wants to have just another Mustang like the dozens you see at every car show? After all, like it or not, it was “just another Mustang”. They made 10’s of thousands of them in 67. I would walk past 20 restored ones to look at this beast just for the entertainment factor.

      *Just a side note, I have owned several Stangs from 66-04 model years, I have nothing against them.

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  14. Steve P

    Well, I would love to have a 60’s Mustang from my high school days, but not one with a Hummer chassis, no need for this old fart

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  15. Mikey8


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    • Steve P


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  16. canadainmarkseh Member

    All I want to know is where do you put the ladder after your in the car?

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  17. Troy s

    Looks to have a Bronco steering wheel, seems that would be a 351M if it came out of the ’79 Bronc. Oh, not that discussion again.
    Car started out as a 6 pot boringster librarian car,, cars like that were prime candidates for any number of builds, I can think of a billion better ideas than this but it’s not my car so to each his own. Make a rock crawler out of it and put it out of its misery. Thank you.

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  18. John B

    Imagine Greta Garbo’s face on Rosie O’Donnell’s body. I feel ill, or maybe just a little depressed.

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  19. steve p


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  20. Jermey Becker

    I think they were trying to make a mustang similar to the one Melanie Griffith drove in the movie, Cherry 2000.

  21. KevinLee

    I didn’t know rednecks existed in Illinois

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  22. Steve P

    Everywhere but chicago

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  23. Howard A. Member

    I think this is great, I swear, some of you folks should live in Russia, where they all drive the same GAZ. Maybe some do, but this is America, folks, 101. IDK, I have a whole different take on this. Sacrificed a Mustang? Oh, please, you can probably buy repro bodies and make your own. Be an absolute gas passing some spoiled brats new $40K dollar Rubicon on a back road, of which we have plenty here, 4×4 capitol of the world. I’d finish it out, looks like the hard part is done.

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    • Eric

      You can. But, look up how much those repro bodies will set you back. And after dropping that cash, you really just have a fake repro mustang. And still have to buy every single other individual part. Also look up how much legitimate 67-8 fastbacks are going for.

  24. Steve P

    What’s with the Russia bs comment, this is America ( Veteran’s Day as well). Do what you want with the car, I just don’t personally like it. I have that option in America, probably not in Russia .

    Thank a veteran today and every day, in fact, for me, every day is Veterans Day!

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    • Howard A. Member

      Just can’t wait to jump on me, can you Steve, sorry to offend you. Your comment about Veterans Day has nothing to do with what I was talking about. Here we go again,,,my comment is very much American, a vet probably built this. America is about driving what you want, not like some dictator country, ( there, that better?) where everyone drives the same car. You know, you sure have a lot of opinions, but rarely do I hear you say anything good about the posts or the car featured.

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  25. Steve P

    America is a great country dont you agree

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  26. Eric

    In defense of the aforementioned Billyjoejimbob, circa 1987, I will say that back then a 67 mustang fastback was not what a 67 mustang fastback is today. Sure, it was still an iconic, cool car and someone should’ve pulled ol Billy off to the side and asked him to reconsider his diabolical plan, but it’s somewhat forgivable.

    As far as guys defending this and saying to leave it as is and finish it; you may not know the value of these and the demand. 67-68 mustang fastbacks are some of the most desirable cars in the world. Yes, this is America, we’re free to do whatever we want (unfortunately sometimes) with a car and this is definitely “different”, but I’d be willing to bet any amount of money that this is going to get a full restoration, which it should and it’s going to be a massive undertaking. Sold for 11 grand, which is about right for the amount of work it needs. It doesn’t even look good for a car mounted on a 4×4 chassis. It looks like garbage. It looks like it was thrown on the frame and they said, there, done. It looks like it’s floating on the chassis. Hope the buyer does right by this icon and brings her back to her former glory. Rant over.

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