Pony Car Unicorn: 1990 Mustang Notchback 5.0

When it comes to Fox Body Mustangs, the notchback bodystyle with a 5.0 V8 and manual transmission is effectively the ultimate bit of kit. This 1990 Ford Mustang is a true survivor with under 60,000 original miles, and also benefits from being a notch with the aforementioned equipment. It’s no surprise, then, to see bidding racing towards $20K even as the reserve remains unmet. Find the Mustang here on eBay for sale in Illinois with under a week left on the auction. 

This generation Mustang remained affordable for many years, and high-mileage hatchbacks can still be obtained for minimal cash. But if you’re searching for a preserved example, several sales over the past few months have shown collectors and enthusiasts alike will pony up a fair amount of cash for a preserved example. The interior on this car is nothing special, but the presence of a manual transmission, clean carpets and unmarred dash surfaces are the primary boxes to check when evaluating an early-90s Mustang.

The 5.0 V8 has been discussed to death on these pages, and as it relates to this car, the biggest pluses are low mileage and numbers matching. The Mustang GT was made in fairly high numbers, but the notches are much harder to find. Even more so when you add into your search for one with a 5-speed. The seller claims this is the cleanest example on the market and is completely stock with the exception of some aftermarket (and easily reversable) mufflers.

The appetite for survivor-grade Fox Bodies has been growing, as the last few high-dollar sales have shown. We haven’t even seen the best of the best, as the sales that come to mind were primarily for low-mileage hatches – a true “bubble car”-grade notchback hasn’t shown up yet (that I’ve seen), so this may not even be the high watermark. As it stands right now, the most desirable enthusiast cars of the 80s and 90s seem to be trending upwards – so if you have your eye on that project car from your youth, now may be the time to buy.


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  1. John M.

    The car was sold.

  2. Dolphin Member

    The older I get the better these Fox body Mustangs look.

  3. Todd Fitch Staff

    Good find, Jeff. The only new car I ever bought was an ’89 LX 5.0 that I still own. I went into the dealer with the intent of ordering the lightest possible car, a notch-back with practically no power options, and the (shortest available) 3.27 gears. That led them to make me “an offer I couldn’t refuse” on a loaded black hatchback. Ultimately the utility of the hatch was a big help, but in those days an LX notch with a few low-budget mods could take down the new Corvettes. I remember one article with a nearly stock notch that could (just barely) get daylight under one tire with drag radials.


      I smoked these things on a daily basis with my 87 GN. I LOVED spanking them and watching their owners faces at the next light. My wife even took part in it when she drove it to work some days.

      I still laugh when I see these as they bring back fond memories but they are still pretty cool nostalgia.

  4. Paul

    Is it just me, or are all the Fox Body mustang listings from Illinois?

    • tyler

      most of all the foxbody mustang are from Illinois and in Illinois my 87 gt came from Illinois and so did my 83 gt.

  5. Randy

    A smashed one of these was the drivetrain donor for my 1994 Volvo wagon conversion. I never regretted that purchase. $700 from a New Jersey junkyard.

  6. Steve

    The Florida Highway Patrol used these as pursuit cars for years they owned 100s of them…….I wonder where they all went when taken out of service??????

  7. Pete

    My buddy had 1988 black version very fast and light car. They are hard to find in all stock configuration

  8. Miguel

    These cars are all over Mexico. The Mexican Mustangs came with a V8 engine, the Capri front end and Capri tail lights on the notchback car. Most of them were sticks as well. They go for about $1500.00 US all day long. Maybe I should get a few and export them to the US.

  9. Wayne

    I worked at a Ford dealer that won the bid for the Nevada Highway Patrol Mustangs. I “HAD” to test drive (read, drive home) everyone to make sure none had problems. One did. (Ford sent a new engine air freight the next day) And one was UNBEILVABLY quick! I made sure that one of the officers that would appreciate it got that one. I have had approx. 25 Fox body Mustangs. Turbos, highly modified engines, etc. I have never had one that fast. Rumor had it that on a speed trap out in the open spaces. They clocked the patrol car with an airplane at 142MPH. A notch is a handful at anything over 115!

  10. Rob S

    To me, these notch foxes are some the ultimate mustangs of the time. Very neat to find one this clean and well cared for. I love my 87 SSP! Much quicker than a GT! I think we will start to see the lower mileage, clean, well kept foxes come up for sale more often now that prices are going up.

  11. Howard A Member

    In the 90’s, I had a car almost exactly like this, only an ’88 automatic, same color. Truth be known, it was not a very pleasant car. Had plenty of steam, almost too much for what it was. Heavy in front, so-so brakes, poor handling, back seat useless, trunk useless, but in a straight line, boy howdy, it went. This was the car that was a nightmare to put a heater core in, I’ll spare you the details. Apparently, these are the 5.0 of choice for drag racing, and when I sold mine, a guy called, and he had one question, is it a “notchback”? I said yes, he was there in 15 minutes and took it. He was going to race it. Fun car, but my ’95 Mustang was a much more civilized car.

  12. Wayne

    Hi Howard. I agree with the handling and brakes. The heater core ( once you know the secret) takes 2.5 hours. The handling is an easy fix as long as you spend some money it. I heard driving instructors commenting several times that they could not believe how the Mustang went around corners. (They got a good view as I kept passing their students with my daily driver.)

  13. J Paul Member

    I remember going to a Ford dealer in 1991 and falling hard for a black 5.0 notchback with a red interior and a 5-speed. $11,500 brand new, which was a hell of a deal but unfortunately about double the money my high school self could conceivably cover.

    It seemed like nearly everyone had a Fox Body mustang back then…it was basically the car to get in my little section of the country, and my friends had several. This would be a fun modern classic for sure.

  14. Gordon

    This should have never been known as a mustang. It might have performed well but it was not a mustang. The body style was terrible. Sorry, but I think Ford missed the mark on styling. I also feel the same way about the retro thunderbird! What a shame! They could have come out with a retro thunderbird or retro mustang where all the parts were original to a specific year and upgraded drivetrain/interior and blown everybody away!

  15. Gordon

    And by the way, I’m not just picking on Ford. Dodge did the same thing to the Charger! The 68, 69, and the 70 were the pinnacle Chargers. The new body style is terrible compared to those years in my opinion. I owned a 69 Charger and still own a 69 R/T. They got close with the Challenger and Chevy ghost closer with the Camaro, but Dodge missed the mark with the Charger. It should have never been a 4 door car!

  16. Guy

    Very nice fox!!! I have a 93 lx 5.0 5 speed thats reef blue metallic w/black interior. I love these cars and it is always a pleasure to see one in this condition!

    Like 1
  17. Joseph

    I own this car…

  18. Raf

    A friend of mine owns the car located in Canada. How did you find this thing?

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