Post-Holiday Pick Me Up: 1965 Olds 88 Holiday Coupe

Oftentimes a seller will hold back on the reasons a car is for sale, but sometimes they come forth with not only details, but those details have the ring of truth. In this case, it appears the seller has to pay some bills, and therefore is selling both this car and a nice late model pickup truck. This large coupe is located in Elyria, Ohio and is for sale here on eBay at no reserve. Bidding as I write is only up to $1,650 but I suspect it will go higher as the auction comes to a close!

I’m supposing a little bit here, but I’m guessing this is the car when purchased by the seller based on the different tires and wheel covers. I hope they are still available with the sale. The seller feels that the 47,433 miles showing are original and makes that statement based on the hoses and hose clamps still being original. Whether that’s enough to base it on or not I’ll leave to the merry debate of our readers, but since all the paint except for the passenger side front fender (that’s a que to go back to the top picture and look again) is original, it may well be. That fender has been replaced with one from a Delta 88 without the fender mounted parking light right next to the bumper, so to be strictly original you’ll have to source one of those.

You can see some other enthusiast vehicles here, and there’s a picture of this Olds being stored in a similar method under a cover in the auction, so we can assume it’s been outside for a while. The seller states that they wanted to get it working mechanically and leave the cosmetics alone.

I’m not sure why they included this picture, but it made me laugh, so I’m including it here as well. If that’s really a green goblin, wouldn’t that work best in a green Gremlin X? Could Oldsmobile really have put a green interior into an aqua car?

Getting back to more serious stuff, the interior doesn’t look too bad apart from the ripped seam on the driver’s seat and the discoloration in the center. I’m guessing there’s a pretty strong odor here you’re going to have to overcome, based on the mold/mildew visible on the floor. Isn’t that dash unique? One all-important gauge (speedometer) in front of the driver and everything else off to a side.

The seller tells us that this is the original 425 cubic inch V8, but then things get a little confusing as…well, I’ll let them tell you in their words: “The engine is kind of apart although the block and heads and intake are still in the car…I have a lot of things for the engine as far as carb rebuild kit, plugs, wires, air filters, fuel filters, breathers, belts, hoses, fluids, engine enamel black and Oldsmobile red, etc. that all goes with the car.” Since the engine doesn’t look apart at all in this picture, you might want to clarify exactly what’s its current status before bidding. I’m hoping it at least turns freely.

So, what do you think? Would buying this Oldsmobile fix those post-holiday doldrums, or would it just add to your headaches?


  1. Blindmarc

    Thought that boy du style didn’t come out until 66′.

  2. Anders

    Yes I believe that is a 1966.

    • Utes

      It’s a ’65.

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  3. Oldog4tz Oldog4tz Member

    Northeast Ohio,the buckle of the rust belt

  4. Joe

    Yes, back in the mid-60’s with GM you could order a green interior on an aqua car. Would have to check the build sheet to see if this car has it’s original colors.

    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

      I remember visiting the plcal Pontiac dealership to see the new 1967 cars, & seeing a 1967 Pontiac with a Chevy interior: dash, seats, door panels, everything. In this case both were blue.

      In September 1968, while looking at the new 1969 cars at the local Chrysler Plymouth dealer, I saw a Plymouth Fury III 2 door hardtop, a green car, with a Dodge Monaco interior in blue!

      In both cases, the cars were built on the same assembly lines; Chevrolet & Pontiac, and Plymouth & Dodge.

  5. Rob'sGT

    Is that mint green metallic paint?

    My parents had a 4 door Dynamic 88 similar to this. I have the piece of trim that goes beneath the taillights from side to side if anyone needs one.

    • Rob

      But was it available on the 1964 Buick Skylark?

  6. Nova Scotia

    It’s not the Green Goblin that bothers me. That steering wheel and seat gives me the creeps. How many people been speared in the chest with this style wheel?…and then the reverse whiplash inertia that occurs when the car finally stops and your head snaps out over the rear of the seat. Scary.

    • cyclemikey

      Possibly vintage cars are not the ideal hobby for you………

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  7. CapNemo

    I like it! Also, I miss those Cragar SST wheels. Had them on a car years ago before they stopped making them. Great look for the period, imo.

  8. Tommy

    spray water on it to make it look like the paint has a little more shine to it!

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