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Post War Hauler: 1946 Ford Pickup

With the conclusion of World War II, America returned to its regular everyday life of building cars, and living the American dream. This ’46 Ford is still a dream worthy machine as it still exists, and for the most parts isn’t too shabby compared to many of the trucks I see for sale. The Flathead V8 is still in place, and the styling of this truck is great to say the least. Find it here on ebay with a buy it now of $3,500, this truck could be a dream that becomes reality.

Appearing to be complete minus the air filter assembly, the Flathead V8 looks like it hasn’t been touched in a few decades. The condition of the engine is unknown, but maybe with some marvel mystery oil and some time it could be freed up? For those of us that can’t afford a true concourse restoration, this truck could be a neat hot rod of sorts with a more modern drive-train to move it along.

The interior is a bit crusty, and there are some small holes in the floors, but the floors are still there. The mouse motel looks to have not had a client in a while, and it surely hasn’t been used as a bench seat in even longer. Surprisingly the finish on the dash isn’t too bad, and the gauge cluster is still in place as well. Also the factory steering wheel is rather nice with only a few minor cracks to be seen.

With plenty of surface rust to see, surprisingly the cab corners and doors are quite solid on this old ford, but I can’t say the same about the rear fenders. Both rear fenders are a bit rough with sheet metal rips, and some dents to show. From the cab forward, this truck appears rather solid, and without extensive damage. There are a few dents showered over the tailgate, but the bed looks very reasonable. Overall this truck offers a few possibilities, and certainly seems like a project worthy pickup. What would you do with this post war pickup?


  1. Mike

    Check out this seller’s other listings. Lots of interesting stuff he’s pulled out of the swamp.

    • slickb

      You aren’t kidding.

    • John M.

      I saw the seller’s inventory and he has good stuff despite some of it being only parts cars. One car that caught my eye was a solid looking 1964 Chrysler Imperial that the seller is asking $4.500 for. Sounds like a fair price to me.

      • Peter

        I just checked chief many mopars and nothing showing at all except the Jailbar. We musta scared the heck outta him ( :
        Hang on… I did not login to ebay may be the reason?

    • steve

      $3500 for this piece of crap???? what is going on in some people’s minds about the value of “scrap iron”????

      • David Barlowe

        What you refer to as scrap is a better quality truck than anything that you have or think is treasure. I have a 46 that my Grandfather bought new and he sold to me in 74. Still have it and wouldn’t sell or trade for any amount of $.

  2. Rube Goldberg Member

    Of course, it looks rough now, but there has to be an end to these kinds of finds someday ( unless it’s the same truck being sold over and over) so I suppose, if you really want a truck like this, here it is, the end is near for these finds. I recently drove a vintage pickup, and let me tell you, even I had forgotten how crude they really are. For any kind of travel over 5 miles, over 40 mph, they need to be updated.

    • David Barlowe

      I have a 46 Ford just like this one. Tranny went bad. Put in a 71 340 magnum & auto from a RR. A Dana 60, with 3:54 gear. Rebuilt the front end suspension, put wheel adapters on the front so my Magnum 500 whees would bolt on. It was a true stoplight killer. Good at 90 mph to.

  3. sunbeamdon

    My gawd! This one cries out to me – and not in surrender! Stop the rust, upgrade to a modern Ford five litre, five speed, redo the interior, upgrade safety features and then drive the snot out of it.

    Have your artist reclaim the signage on the doors – properly patina’d – what a great toy! Good luck to buyer

  4. DB

    I don’t know any details, but there is about 5 of this era trucks for sale near Cle Elum, Washington, grilles all look like the one posted.

    • Butch Morgan

      DB, hook me up please…I’m lookin for same complete, but much more affordable

  5. Mister319

    This is what a truck should look like,and you drive it and fix things here and there, I drove my 60 Chevy for a year before I fixed the broken seat springs, poking me in the butt.

  6. Lawyer George

    $3500? Looks like $350.00 to me

    • Peter

      Wholly or partly?

    • David Barlowe

      You don’t sound like you have the mind to know good crap from Apple Butter. This truck with the original running gear will still be running when you are in a wheelchair. Fred Flintstone in his wheelchair. Ha, Ha, Ha. Ford forever. I have a 46 that my Grandfather bought new. Still going strong.

  7. Peter

    An old Jailbar. I have spare gearbox for a 46.

  8. Mark

    Everything this guy is selling has many many watchers, must be acres of old good stuff, but Guy seems like a nut job. Read some of his ads.

  9. geomechs geomechs Member

    It’s interesting that almost 51 years ago, I bought my ’47 pickup for $90.00 and not only drove it home, but used it and fixed it as I went along. Of course it went downhill a little faster than I was able to keep up so I took it off the road and commenced a major body-off restoration. Hopefully I’ll get it wrapped up before too long. Personally I love driving it with the flathead and all. Mine cruised just fine at 60 mph and kept up with most traffic. Of course A/C and cruise would be nice to have for some. I like the cowl vent, side windows and the sliding rear window (mine has the deluxe cab). The flathead is tempermental but so am I….

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  10. Rex Rice

    Clean it up and drive it.

  11. newfieldscarnut

    The spray painted “S” on the hood is for save in the junkyard world . Saved from the crusher and bought for a little more than scrap price is my guess .

  12. Unforgiven

    When men were men, and a nice buck and a case of PBR in the bed!

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    Let me know where you can buy trucks this complete for $350.00 and I’ll buy all of them. Nice project for someone!

  14. Junojim

    I drove my 1950 Ford F1 from Juneau, Alaska to Rockland, Maine in 1972.
    It was a 13,000 mile trip not a single issue with the truck. Yes it was slow, but my honey and I were not in any hurry. I kick myself for selling!!!

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    • newfieldscarnut

      It’s 4,175 miles from Juneau Alaska to Rockland Maine … did it just feel like 13,000 miles ?

    • EHide Behind

      Must of took Trans Siberia route.

  15. Jimbosidecar

    I bought a 1950 Studebaker off this seller a couple years back. I went to his house and in the back yard he had all kinds of old cars and trucks lined up. What surprised me was this is in Minnesota and every one of his vehicles had surface rust only, no rot through. Nice enough gut he helped me load the Stude onto my trailer.

  16. Del

    We seem to have drifted in to being a site where every one wants to tell us about his Grand Fathers Studebaker. Quit it.

    This truck is a hanta virus trap.

    The guy trying to sell it is silly.

    Clean it up. Junk doest sell for this asking price

  17. EHide Behind

    This looks as being good core for a semi or full rod truck project.
    Get flathead running, yes I used to use Marvel Mystery oil, still use it but not to unstick cylinders and brakes, pull all running gear, clean and loosen rear gears and tranny, sell and spend couple years custom building. Can more than get money out as custom than redoing stock.
    Nothing wrong with rebuild flattie, full house, 3 deuces and dual exhaust, with mild cam

  18. sluggo


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