Prewar Style: 1948 Ford Super Deluxe

For most car manufacturers, including Ford and Chevy, 1948 was the last model year before new post war styling was introduced. This design was actually introduced in 1941, with only a few being produced in 1942. Full scale production was restarted in 1946 and ended about halfway during the 1948 model year. Given when it was designed, it was actually ahead of its time. This old Ford listed on eBay in Mundy, Texas appears to be a survivor repainted decades ago. The opening bid is $2500 with no bids yet.

It’s a little worn inside with a few stains. It could use a new headliner, but a good cleaning would also help a lot.

It looks complete and tidy under here. It’s a 221 cui V8 with 90 HP. The hoses and belts look recent but it could use some cleaning. It’s said to run well though.

It has a few scratches and even a dent, but this Ford looks ready to drive. It runs and drives well and just needs some cleaning and a little attention inside. It will be interesting to see what someone is willing to pay for this Ford. Hopefully it doesn’t have any rust issues. Would you do anything to this Ford except clean it up and drive it?


  1. Bob Hess

    That is a slick old car!

    • Stacey. spitler

      Id. Clean. It. Up. Drive. The. Wheels. Off. It. I. Got. A1946. 2. Door. Super. Delux. Sedan. Gasser. In. Progress. 352. Motor. And. 4. Speed

  2. Rodney

    This was your dream car before you went overseas, after the war when you returned home you found you could still buy this version of your car, your first new Ford. The radio takes time to warm up before you hear Nat King Cole singing “Nature Boy”. Your future wife slides across the huge bench seat to get as close as possible to you. She is relieved you survived the war. Date night, off to see Bogart in “Key Largo”. The future was bright and full of promise……

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    • RayT Member

      Gotta tell ya, Rodney…this is STILL one of my dream cars! It’s older than I am, so I don’t have those memories, but I’d still be happy to own — and drive — it.

      No changes except to the paint, which doesn’t look right to me (a non-metallic blue would work), and certainly no SBC or anything to “modernize” it. This is a “keeper!”

    • Swiers

      BTW,for all the “likes” on Rodney’s comment, I think he writes for Garage Style and other car magazines. Same guy.

  3. Ed P

    After WW2 Ford used 239″ v8’s with 100 hp. The 226 I6 was also available.

  4. grant

    Like the Cranbrook the other day, here we have an honest, fairly clean example of a “real” car from back in the day, that pretty much anyone could save up and buy. I’ve really gotta get back into a place with a garage…

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    Like Ed says: that would be a 239 rated at 100 hp. ’48 would be the last year of the 59AB engine. It was 8BA after that. I’m really partial to this body style, especially the ’42. But I wouldn’t turn any of them away….

  6. Rustytech Member

    This is a good looking coupe. It pre-dates me by a few years, but still an interesting drive. I don’t think I’d even paint it, at least not right away. Clean her up and DRIVE!

  7. Joe Haska

    The fat fender Fords are still, and always have been the cheapest early Ford you can buy. Unless its a Sportsman, a wooden body convertible (150-200K) for the pristine ones. I have had several of these coupes and 2-doors, this one is a 2- door not a coupe. I have had them with Flatheads and a couple with small block Chevy’s, and the stock running gear. They were all fun cars and great drivers. I would say this one might reach 10K , and make a great little car.

  8. Woodie Man

    I guess it was the style once…but I just dont like the metallic paint. Going to take some work but it looks all there.

  9. Tirefriar

    My retirement car when I move to Palm Springs….

  10. Sebtown

    In 1977 my friend Jerry’s wife threw him out so he took the back seat out of one of these old Ford two door sedans and moved a small mattress in. He must have lived in that car full time for over a year!

  11. Mike Williams

    If only I had a larger garage….

  12. C Brand

    Id clean it up make sure everything is safe and drive drive drive. Its 10 yrs older than i am and she looks alot better than i do!

  13. Mark S

    Nice looking car great lines if you like post war cars ( and I do ) I like the flat head V8’s too. This would be a nice one to own you could be using it while you work away on any of its issues.

  14. Leon

    These old V-8 flat-heads were 85 horse power. up thru 1948 the water outlets were in the middle of the heads like this one. 59-AB’s. The 8-BA engines, the water outlet was at the front end of the heads. Also there was a difference in the number of head bolts. Also, the 8-BA had the distributor up on the top-right where you could get at in, now down below the fan where it was very hard to work on. The 8BA was 100 Hp. and the Merc. was 110

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