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Prince of Maine: 1982 Porsche 928

“Good night you princes of Maine, you kings of New England.” That iconic line from John Irving’s Cider House Rules wafts into mind when looking at this 1982 Porsche 928, way up there in Vassalboro, Maine, about an hour south of Bangor. I always wonder how a car like this ends up in a somewhat remote local where foreign car mechanics are likely in short supply, which would be helpful considering this 928 has a stalling issue. Find it here on eBay for $6K or best offer.

More surprising is that it’s not a total rot box considering the respectable amount of snow areas like this receive on annual basis, leading to liberal use of road salt. Perhaps it belonged to a former timber executive, long before Maine’s paper mills shuttered and the logging trucks stopped rumbling down the road. If it did, an interesting question to ask would be why this 1982 model has the rear end from a much later car? Check out the taillights – those didn’t appear until 1986.

Despite its proximity to Canada, I don’t think this is a desirable European-spec example, and the automatic is a disappointment. The presence of sport seats could indicate this is a rare “Competition Group” model, but part of that package included a rear spoiler which potentially was lost if a rear end collision resulted in modified bodywork. The seller says the interior “…needs a restore,” but I can’t tell what’s got him so worried. The switchgear looks tired and the leather steering wheel wrap is coming undone, but not much else here scares me.

What does scare me is the undiagnosed running issue, which the seller says allows the 928’s water-cooled V8 to fire up with ease and then stall out a few minutes later. Unfortunately, I don’t think you’ll find much in the way of answers from the seller themselves, as they mostly seem to peddle American Girl dolls on eBay. However, a best offer would likely get the deal done and then you could untangle the mysteries behind the updated rear end and potential Competition Group packaging.


  1. grant

    Run. Run as far and as fast as your legs will carry you. Do not look back.

    • TriPowerVette

      @grant – …it might be gaining on you, right?

      This is a perfect example of the old bromide: How to make a small fortune? Start with a large one, and restore a 928.

      • grant

        Exactly. I was warned off of them about 10 years ago by a Porsche mechanic. He actually recommended a 944 for an “affordable” Porsche, preferably a 1986 1/2 or later (I think, don’t swear me to it) as design improvements were made at that point. Ended up buying a Camaro instead…

  2. Adam T45 Staff

    If my memory serves my correctly (and someone correct me if I’m wrong), leather upholstery was a $5000 option when these were new. So essentially at the Buy-It-Now price you will be paying full price for the leather and receiving the rest of the car for a grand. Sounds about right to me!

  3. SMOKEY Member

    Forty year plus member here of the Porsche Club of America. I helped form our local region here back in the late 1960’s We have No 928’s in our local region and next to none in the national organization. But it was a fantastic car when it first came out. Now old 928’s are just about impossible to sell, and are usually
    just about given away.

  4. Steve M

    OK OK OK OK……yes these cars have issues……..and if you cant change your own oil dont even think of buying this car……that said, The 928 is a wonderful car, and not really the maintenance nightmare it has a rep for. This example is over priced. If it were original it would still be a bit high. If it were original and a 5 speed………..It would be in my driveway.

  5. Vintageant

    Smokey – you clearly haven’t been following recent, and current, 928 sales on Bring a Trailer!

  6. Bruce

    I suspect the problem is either in the fuel pump or in the fuel distribution pump. Often you can get this result from bad gas. I agree with Steve M. that these are far better cars than most people realize. I know of a man locally that put almost a half million miles on his and I do not think the engine was ever opened.

    The worst part of the car is the electrical switch gear and somebody from Porsche should be horse whipped for continuing to sell garbage switches that lonely last a few years before they go bad. This is true for the entire 1980’s and some of the 90’s Porsches. Bosch should go buy a Honda or Toyota and study how they make their switches and copy them but have the same housing and input output connections.

    My 928 has well over 120K and it runs just find and never caused me trouble with the exception of having to renew the Toque Tube. Bye the way Steve it is a 1984 5-Speed with full leather interior and special body color. Still turns heads after all these years. Even at the Porsche dealer.

    • Car nut from Wpg Member

      Every switch works perfectly in my 1992 Integra.

  7. Wayne

    That same brand of switch gear was/is? Used in Volvos starting with the 850 cars. Terrible, terrible stuff. (Cherry is the company if memory serves me Correctly). That company should be burned to the ground. It makes Lucas stuff look like premium quality.

  8. Dt1

    Totally a night mere

  9. dyno dan

    traded mine for a yugo. much better deal.

  10. Cargirl

    Wow – can quote John Irving and knows cars. I’m in love.

    Also very fond of the 928’s.

  11. Robt Mitchell

    I was a service advisor at Carrera Porsche-Audi in El Paso from 1980 to 1983. I had the privilege of driving many, many Porsche’s on a daily basis. The 914’s sucked as did the 924’s. The 911’s were wonderful as were the 928’s. The 944’s drove like a slot car, very good. I loved the rock solid ride of the 928’s, especially way out on the desert highways. 140 mph with the windows up and the A/C on felt like 100 mph. What a great job for a 30 year old! Only thing wrong with any Porsche is the expense of keeping them going.

    Cheers to all my old friends in El Paso.

    Sandy Mitchell – Fairhope, Alabama

  12. Rob

    Having owned many, many older cars, a 930, a 911, and 3 928s (2 Euro 5 speeds), I would say that the 928 is one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned. When everything else does, I go to the ‘84 ROW 928S, and it goes every time without fail. Sure, some of the electrical can be finicky, like the lack of relays in the bright circuit, intermittent gauges, but otherwise absolutely rock solid. Like any Euro car, they require upkeep, but to my experience, not as much as most. Parts cost is what will kill you. Remember, in ‘84, this was a $50k car, and it costs like one.

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