Project Power Wagon: 1960 Dodge W100

When most people hear the term Power Wagon, they likely think back to the first iteration of the truck designed for military use. The original Power Wagon design of 1946 carried on for many years, and is an icon of military vehicles second to the classic Willys Jeep. This 1960 W100 Power Wagon is the result of the first big redesign that took place in 1957. While 1957 models vary from the 1958-1960 models, they bridge the gap from 1946 to the 1960 pictured here. According to the ad, only 262 116″ wheelbase W100 V8 Power Wagons were produced in 1960, and this is one of them. Find it here on eBay in Nebraska being sold with no reserve. Thanks to Peter R. for the tip!

Like most Dodge Power Wagons, this truck has seen its fair share of use! Though a little rough around the edges, the seller states that it is largely original save for a rattle-can black paint job and the seats, but if the new owner is restoring this truck on a budget they could be left alone for a while. All of the glass is present and good except the driver’s window. The dark spot under the pedals worries me that there may be some significant rust there, but the seller states that the only bad rust is in the center of the bed floor.

The seller states that the engine is a Chrysler 318 V8 hooked up to a 4-speed manual transmission. If it is the original engine, which it appears to be, it is the polyspherical 318. Though they are the same displacement and the LA 318 evolved from the poly 318, they are not the same engine. This Power Wagon runs and drives, but the brakes are currently not functional. This truck is also equipped with a factory PTO (power take-off) winch! PTO winches aren’t for everyone, but they are a really cool concept known for their power.

Originally, this Dodge was two-tone white and teal with a Sweptline bed that was only available in 1960. The toolboxes are not original, but could be restored along with the truck as a nice period-correct accessory. The seller has the Power Wagon hood emblems that are missing, but they are not installed because he was concerned they may be stolen. The odometer shows 69,601 miles and is functional, though there is no telling how many miles a work truck like this may actually have on it. To some this may seem like a worn out old truck, but others can visualize how beautiful this Dodge would look restored to mostly original specifications. In the two-tone white and teal, this would really be a nice looking truck. Can you see the potential?


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  1. Fred W.

    On TV I saw some restored, vintage Power Wagons and other military vehicles hard at work in the streets (or rivers) of Houston last week. A real testament to their reliability and strength. Kudos to the owners, who could have just as easily left them safely in the garage.

    • billy

      Seems to me some of these were 325 CID, could this be one of those?

  2. Howard A Member

    Again, sam ‘ting, what cha’ want to do with it? Putt-putt around the yard, or go to town, slowly, be great. Anything over 40 mph, you better update the chassis. These were not fun to drive, strictly utilitarian in nature, and there should be a disclaimer sticker on the dash, “Do not operate on public roads”. Dodge was one of the 1st with 4 wheel drive offered from “in house”, even though, I believe they used a Dana driveline. It took a few years for the others to catch up, but Dodge was still #3, no matter what they offered. Saw very few of these, and almost no 4×4’s.

  3. Jeffro

    Everytime I hear “Power Wagon”, I think of the TV show Simon & Simon.

  4. Dave Wright

    Andrew……..this is not a redesign, they built the W300 Powerwagons until the early 70’s. That doesn’t even count the Dodge M37/43 series that were also built at the same time and into the 70’s. They were not offered to the general public but if you were a commercial operator, utility company or a government agency you could get all that you wanted. This was simply an upgrade to a normal 50’s Dodge pickup. They changed a little every year, the same cab was used from the mid 50’s on civilian trucks, the drivetrain on this one is very similar to my buddies brand new 68 crew cab Powerwagon that was also popular in the military.

  5. Clinton

    Absolutely love this thing and I’m not a Mopar guy. First order would be a tune up and mechanical refresh. Then I’d get to work with some thinner and get rid of the god awful black paint. Probably POR 15 the chassis and drive it as is!

  6. JW

    As a lover of any older 4x4s I can dig this one just because it’s a power wagon.

  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    This would be a good project for anyone who has the time and determination. That Poly 318 is about as reliable and durable as a motor can get. Easy to get parts for. The truck would look great in that Teal/White paint scheme. Major drawback would be the ride; akin to driving down railroad ties. Might want to take out some spring leaves, or maybe see a specialist who can build up a set that will provide a reasonable ride yet still carry the load. But don’t kid yourself; driving this down a washboard will still rattle the fillings out of your teeth.

  8. Pa Tina

    clearcoat coming right up!

  9. JimmyJ

    If the wheelbase works drop it on a later model one ton cummins

    • LAB3

      A cutting torch and arc welder can take care of that!

  10. M1008

    NOT a Dodge person. But this is a blank canvas, you
    could do anything with this. Body and paint, or just mechanical.
    I would put sweet van seats in it, a nice stereo, HEI ignition
    (someone has to make it), and drive it. And haul junk. And
    drive it to work and offer to hook it up to the kid with the PowerChoke
    Ford that thinks its a Peterbilt

    Like 1

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