Rare! But, Desirable? 1951 King Midget Series 2


We all know that just because something is rare doesn’t mean that it’s valuable, or even desirable. This l’il bugger is a 1951 King Midget Series 2 and it’s in Weirsdale, Florida, right in-between Orlando and Gainesville in central Florida. It’s on eBay with an opening bid of $999 and the reserve won’t even be met with that bid! This car is highly desirable to me, but we all know that I’m a couple’a spokes short of a wire wheel.


The King Midget was made from 1946 until 1970 when production stopped. These were originally sort of a kit car sold in magazines and eventually the company offered complete cars. The Series 2 cars, like the one shown here, were offered by 1951 as either a kit or a fully-assembled car. You can see an uber-rare Series 1 car in the background of the photo above! The seller says that the engine, a whopping 23 cubic inch, 7.5 hp one-cylinder, air-cooled Wisconsin, is out of the car but they don’t mention what condition it’s in. Expect to do a full restoration of everything here. You can see how small this car is (8.5-feet long), so it shouldn’t take up as much space as restoring that huge Crosley wagon will…


Dang, this is a rare car! These Series 2 cars hardly ever come up for sale and this one looks like it’s in pretty decent condition. The rear fenders are a little weird but the seller says that they have the correct rear fenders, as well as a new, right rocker panel, and some miscellaneous parts. “Miscellaneous parts” are always nice when a person is restoring an oddball, rare vehicle, as you all know. You never know what sort of miscellaneous part that you’ll need to bring this one back to like-new condition again. Of course, we all know that King Midgets were never meant for driving on the freeway, they were an around-town, inexpensive ($500 for a Series 2) car for post-war America and they were the only small car with a continuous production of almost a quarter-century.


At the time, Midget Motors Corporation was the sixth largest automobile manufacturer in the US! Here’s a great piece about the King Midget from MotorWeek on YouTube. What an interesting history. I absolutely love that there were vehicles like this at one time, and it’s great that a lot of them are still around to remind us of a simpler time in America. Or, at least these vehicles were simpler back then; it doesn’t get much more simple than the King Midget! Could you see yourself restoring and driving this car around the neighborhood or at car shows? I would sure love to have one!


  1. JW

    This would work great in my small town of 11K as the fastest speed limit in town is 45mph on the highway on the edge of town. I personally don’t think it would be too hard to get it road worthy again, if parts were not available just buy that neighbor kids go cart sitting in his back yard or fabricate your own parts. I have friends that are still running those Sears 2 seat go carts from the 60’s.

  2. Joe Haska

    Enjoyed your comments, I remember these when I was a youngster reading Popular Mechanics, and they were always advertised, even some stories on them. I never knew anyone who had one or saw one in person. But like you I can’t help but want it just because of the history.

  3. Coventrycat

    Really neat, though I couldn’t imagine actually driving something like that on the road, much less have it pass a state inspection. No wipers, windshield, or brake lights – and very few people other than bicyclists know hand signals to make up for the lack of turn signals. If I had a huge estate, I’d restore it and run it around on the grounds. But I don’t, so guess it’ll go to someone else.

  4. RicK

    I think you meant WEIRDSdale

  5. Dave Wright

    Shriner clown car………with 6 of them you can make a parade.

  6. rob pearcey

    Cut a hole in the floor was in production in 500BC I saw that Fred Flintstone had a series 1

  7. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Cute and luv it – hate the seller has to be a show off of what he has – see little racer behind it….and you can bet on a high reserve !

  8. JCW Jr. Member

    The area behind it is referred to as a type 1. I have a type 2 and type 3.Yes they are street legal. Do about 45mph. Hills are the biggest challenge. Guys in the club put all different engines in the. The club president has a 3cyl. Geo metro engine and transmission in his. My type 3 will have a 20hp. Kohler by spring. Fun cars and a strong club. Amazing how many parts are available.

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      You are correct, JCW Jr. I’ve seen it referred to as the Model 1/2/3 by the King Midget Club, but also as the Series 1/2/3 and the Type 1/2/3.

      I am so jealous of your collection of King Midgets!

  9. Ron

    My dad actually had a 1953, that we drove mostly around the farm and to the country store (about a1 1/2 miles ) but it was great. It is actually what I learned on. It got to where he couldn’t get parts, so it went for junk. In the 80s.

  10. JCW Jr. Member

    Is it gone or just sitting around as junk? I would be interested in anything left even just the title.

  11. KMW

    If anyone is interested I have been selling King Midget cars and parts going on 28 years now. I own the trademark, and I hope to resume production in the near future.
    It’s a shame so many people have repowered them. Correct originals are getting harder to find.

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