Rare Canadian Farm Truck: 1954 Mercury M100

It really is mind-blowing that there are any ’50s farm trucks still around up in Canada. Between the hard life of being a farm or ranch truck and the harsh climate of parts of Canada, it’s amazing they haven’t all return to the earth. That being said, there really can’t be too many of these Mercury M100s left in any condition. This one can be found here on eBay in Sweet Grass, Montana with a current bid of $3,050.

Ford of Canada built just a fraction of the trucks that Ford America did and just a small percentage of those were the Mercury variant. For the most part, they were the same as the F100, but the slight differences make this M100 a nice change from the usual Ford. There’s a lot of work to be done here, but it looks like all the Mercury specific bits are present. The seller states that the previous owner’s sons were going to restore it, but thankfully didn’t get much further than unbolting a few pieces. Someone also threw the seat away and scrapped the engine (more on that in a moment). Since the seat is the same as the Ford variant, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a replacement.

In hopes of making this a viable project, the seller has a running flathead V8 with a transmission that they are willing to part ways with that would go into this truck nicely. It isn’t the correct year but is the correct 255 engine and 3-speed, which is what this truck would have been equipped with. According to the seller, Mercury continued to install the flathead 255 in their trucks into ’54, while Ford US stopped in ’53, so finding a year correct engine would be a major challenge. I’d either buy this one or find a more modern V8 for it, a Coyote swap could be fun!

This truck really could be a fun project and it might not actually be that expensive to get going again! Since this is a no reserve auction, you might be able to snag it cheap and depending on what the seller is asking for the flathead it might be a good option. Of course, how affordable it ends up being is based on what you decide to do with it and whether you are into patina. So, would give this Mercury a full restoration or would you just do what it takes to make it a fun driver?


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  1. TimM

    Nice looking truck!! Definitely needs some TLC!! But a good starting point!!!

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  2. CanuckCarGuy

    If a true farm truck, many survive despite our harsh winters, as they don’t see much use in those elements…snow puts a damper on most crops 😁. Keep in mind the farm truck isn’t always the same one used for going to town…some in fact rarely leave the farm, unless it’s to travel between acreage.

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    • JerryDeeWrench Member

      Put the flat head in it make it run turn and stop and enjoy the hell out of i. 😀😃😆😂🤣😉😋😛

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  3. Chebby Staff

    So these guys towed an engineless truck out into the fields so it would photograph nicely, and some sellers can’t even turn on a hose….

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    • Fred Alexander

      and put on a new set ow WW boots all shiny too – – – yup – – some guys with barn finds just don’t get it when it comes to the initial presentation.
      Cool to have a pic of the found condition but thats it – – -clean it up – – at least hose it off – – –

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    • njohnb

      And not only that. They also managed to park it within about a foot of where that Ford F68 was parked earlier this week! They must have a very good towtruck driver, or photoshopper…

      Perfect location for a farm truck photo though. That’s why I saved the first shot.

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  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    The hits just keep on coming. Interesting, Hallmark brings out a commemorative vintage truck tree decoration every Christmas. I always stay on the lookout for the new ones because they are nearly perfect to use in the Christmas village that my wife and I set up each year. Last Christmas I was very surprised to see Hallmark come out with a red ’54 Mercury pickup. That, along with a teardrop trailer parked along the ‘snowy’ street added to the display. Pic enclosed although it doesn’t do the truck much justice. Now for this one. A good project to tackle and the price isn’t too bad–yet. The 255 flathead will take this truck anywhere you want to go and bring you back. Of course a Y-block might do it faster. I’d still use the flathead. The casting on the heads for the designated engine shows that to be a ’51. The later one would likely have an EAC on the heads (’52 and up 239 has EAB). I understand there’s about half a point in compression between the two so make sure you use them in pairs.

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  5. bobhess bobhess Member

    At least it isn’t 30K plus. Could be a good one… and yes I’d paint it.. in a color…

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  6. James Martin

    Better than that 35000 dollar long bed. Atleast they are realistic on price. Refreshing to see.

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  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    Looks like an SBC Targetmaster/Goodwrench engine sitting on the floor. Best get that out of the way in case someone gets some silly ideas…

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  8. Del

    Whats with the negative comments about the sellers and the presentation?

    These sellers are pros and we see many of their offerings here.All very good.

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  9. Ken Heshka

    This one gets the memories flowing! My Dad bought one of these in’64 to use on the hobby farm he owned in Saskatchewan. I learned to drive in it down the back roads to the farm when I was 14. The 20 mile drive was great – picking stones all day not so much.

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  10. Gaspumpchas

    Yes Del is right- the guys in sweet grass keep bringing this great tin to market, I love to look at it and wish I could get one. maybe someday. I too would go with the flatty, but this is a clean slate for someone! The right rear fender actually shows some shine in the old paint. Looks cool with the whitewalls! Good luck to the new owner!

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  11. Dave

    Don’t touch the body, but ditch the worthless chassis and garbage drivetrain. You’d be stupid to “restore” this classic and then do what with it? Crawl it to a car show at 45 MPH? Leave that beautiful PATINA! Bring the chassis into the modern era so you can at least keep up with traffic. Fools would restore this. Plenty of these old vehicles at museums, go to a museum to see what they used to look like when they were new. Don’t be a fool, be a hot rodder.

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  12. Joe Haska

    Dave, I have to agree with you, and its from experience ,I have built 5 and the current one, I think is going to be the best. Mustang 11 with rack and pinion, new 390 and C-6, custom drive shaft , new 9 inch with coil overs, 4 wheel disc brakes, vintage air , stereo and updated gauges. No body mods ,other than rolled pans, and agressive stance from the suspension. I am just finishing paint and final assembly and it will be my everyday driver. I love these trucks, I have had 3 with late model drive train and believe me if you want to drive them and enjoy it. it is the best of both worlds

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