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Rare Plum Mist Color: 1967 Pontiac GTO

Many consider that the Pontiac GTO started the muscle car movement of the 1960s, but there are other candidates to consider, like the 1950s Chrysler Letter-Series. Regardless, a ton of these autos were built before the craze waned in the 1970s. This 1967 GTO may be rare, if for no other reason than its color: the purple-like Plum Mist. While no hard production numbers are out there by color, some car aficionados have estimated fewer than two percent were built in that hue. This Pontiac is a roller as its engine and transmission have flown the coop, but it may be solid enough to begin reconstruction. Located in Jonesboro, Louisiana, the GTO is available here on Facebook Marketplace for $8,000.

For its first two years, the GTO was an option package on the mid-sized Pontiac LeMans. With demand exceeding expectations, Pontiac promoted the car to full series status from 1966-71. The cars were restyled for ’66, so the ’67 models differed little except for taillight and grille treatments. At 81,722 copies, the 1967 model year would be the car’s second most successful up to that point. We don’t know what engine was in the seller’s Pontiac although it was paired with a 4-speed, so the standard 400 cubic inch V8 that produced 335 hp was likely. That combination accounted for 39,128 copies or 44% of overall production.

According to one source, Plum Mist was the third least-used color on the GTO in 1967, only outranking Tiger Gold and Sunflower Yellow. The math suggests as few as 1,500-1,600 of those Pontiacs were painted in that color, but that’s only one guesstimate. It could be higher or lower, but I’m betting not by much as I don’t recall seeing one of these in ages. As the story goes, Plum Mist was originally slated as a standard color for the ’66 model year but was changed to special-order. In 1967, GM decided to make it a regular color for one year and it was gone by 1968.

This ’67 GOAT is described as a rusty roller and the buyer will have to go about obtaining their own drivetrain. With the dark color, dark lighting, and loads of surface rust, it’s hard to tell where any of the big corrosion problems may lie. The interior may be okay and the lack of carpet shows what may be solid floorboards. It was well-decked out well when new, with factory A/C, power steering, and power brakes, but with no underhood photos, we don’t know if any of that has survived. But if you’re looking for a GTO of this vintage in a rare color that can be verified by the cowl tag, maybe this one is for you.


  1. Big_Fun Member

    How do you define ‘Muscle Car’? One could say that:
    Rocket 88, in ’49, was the first with ‘bigger, more powerful engine in a smaller car….
    Chrysler 300, in ’55, was a big car with powerful engine…
    Pontiac GTO, in ’64, a big, powerful engine in intermediate car…
    Because the GTO was born to serve a need, marketed to the younger crowd, and had a specific mission, this would be the first Muscle Car. No 6 cylinders offered here..
    Think of that ’64 GTO as that guy at the gym who wears a ‘smedium’ shirt…

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    • LarryS

      1936 Buick Century. Shorter wheelbase Special body and larger Roadmaster engine.

    • robert semrad

      So, it came with a big block 400?

      • LarryS

        320 cu. in. Fireball I8 vs. the 230 cu. in. I8 in the Special. So, yeah, the Buick big block of the time.

  2. Big_Fun Member

    On another topic, I have a friend with ’67 SS427 in Royal Plum, with the vintage look of bigger meats and Torq Thrusts. The GTO could look like this restored – a rich looking ride…

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    • FireAxeGXP

      Thanks for the snap Big! That is a Niiice ride!

  3. Terrry

    Well, the plum may have “mist”, but the rust sure didn’t. I don’t understand the value of saying “this car is a rare color” when that color has been replaced by severe oxidation.

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    • Steveo

      Exactly. It has always struck me as somewhat disingenuous to say a car is it’s the original rare color when none of that original paint exists on the car. At best you have a beautiful expensive ‘original’ paint job and the tag proving it looks like it landed at Normandy.

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    • Steve Clinton

      “Rare Plum Mist Color”? You could have fooled me.

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      • LarryS

        The Plum Mist color seems to be pretty rare on this particular car. Mostly on the door jambs from the pictures.

  4. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    How many of you recall the GTO – shoe?

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    • robert semrad

      What is a GTO-shoe? Thanks

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