Reader Find: 1,200 Mile Monte Carlo

1972 Monte Carlo

One of our readers, Jim P., just sent in some photos of a friend’s Monte Carlo. Apparently, his buddy found the car when he went to look at a 1954 Pontiac that he was considering buying. When he got to the owner’s place though, something back in the corner of the shop caught his eye instead. It was a 1972 Monte Carlo. That might not normally excite too many people, but this one only had 1,200 miles on the odometer! So, he forgot about the Pontiac and trailered this home instead. It’s in good original condition and the new owner is trying to decide what to do with it. He may keep it or he may sell it, but either way he wants to make sure it’s preserved as-is. This was a great find Jim and thanks for sharing it with us! Please keep us updated on what your friend decides to do with the car. We would love to give our readers first dibs, as long as the asking price is reasonable, if he does decide to sell.


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  1. Nova

    Wow! What an un-Barnfinds typical find! And a less commonly desired vehicle…Yet truly an example, perhaps needed to be a benchmark car that could be an integral part which is important to the accurate history of these and related fat Chevy’s…(assuming it can be accepted as described )
    A 402 4spd or SS454 T-400 with a 12bolt would give it some additional swagger… Cool car…What’s it worth? Nova

  2. anthony

    Not desirable?! Its more desirable than alot of the cars featured here. I wish I stumbled on this.

    • Mike D

      I agree, Anthony, tho nothing is said how this is optioned I would guess this is well optioned , most likely has the 350. this is a super find!

  3. Charles

    This is definitely a find! MC’s are not as popular as a Chevele, but they have a following.

  4. redwagon

    every car has a story. would love to know what this one’s is.

    good color combo, typical vinyl, landau, broughmish roof.

  5. John

    I have always loved this style of Monte Carlo, and would buy it if the price was right!!


  6. Frank

    Nice find. I’ve owned several of these. One was a ’72 w/454 and loaded to the hilt. Wish I kept that one. This one has had a rust proof job. Those yellow plugs are where they drilled to insert the wand. With those miles, we know rust isn’t a concern.

    • Alan (Michigan)

      Yep, you can even see the Ziebart logo on the plugs. The quality of the coating could depend on the person doing the application, but I think most were done fairly well.

      Rust can creep in via atmospheric moisture with temperature changes in a colder climate in particular. Much of that depends on the building it was stored in. But looking at the car… Gee, a time warp! Hard to imagine that it was built 43 years ago! Heluva find, I say!

  7. jim s

    i hope this car gets driven. the story on why it only has 1200 miles would be interesting. great find.

  8. Moparmann Member


  9. blindmarc

    Wish we knew more of the story. Nice find!

  10. Ian

    To my mind there are few things more useless than an older car with no miles unless of course you happen to own a museum. Once you start driving it and accruing miles it becomes just another old car.

  11. fred

    It’s amazing how many low mileage vehicles there are now with 5 digit odometers. In the days when everybody knew the odo had probably turned over once or twice, they were nearly non existent. Would love to verify the brake pedal wear on some of them.

  12. Fogline

    I have been thinking about adding one of these to my stable. Wondering about pricing. I know they are quite a bit behind but think it would actually be a nicer car to drive and own.

    I do wonder about pic 3 and what is going on just in front of that joint. Someone said rust isn’t a concern, but I guess that depends on how it was kept and where it is from.

    I would be interested in getting a response if he decides to sell it.

    • Alan (Michigan)

      What do you see in the photo that concerns you? I see pretty much an as-new lower door opening structure…

      What else I see is the remnants of plastic sheeting which was put on to cover/protect the carpets during shipment, and which was held down by the sill plate. During a proper car prep at the dealership, the plates would have been unscrewed to remove all of the plastic, then reinstalled. Here it appears as though the plastic was trimmed away by a knife or scissors.

  13. Barzini

    I also owned several Montes back in the 70s and always liked this year the best.

    It amazes me that cars like this are still out there. What a great find.

  14. Graham Lloyd

    It was listed on kijiji about 3 weeks ago. Halton Hills Ont (just west of Toronto). Didn’t have a price or much info about it in that listing.

  15. pontiactivist

    I don’t understand why these don’t have a stronger following. I love these. Prefer the grand prix that this was based off of. But still don’t know why these aren’t more desirable. Basically a lil oversized chevelle. Based on a 4Dr chevelle frame with new sheet metal. Have chevelle gauges in the dash. Can be optioned just about the same as a chevelle. Take basically the same mods. Usually better optioned. Yeah so it’s a bit bigger and heavier but if you ask me it’s the better car. Comfort convenience class even possible performance. Seems like the perfect cruiser alternative at less cost than a comparable chevelle. I see the grand prix’s of this generation are under appreciated too. Compare one to a gto from the same era. Not all out performance wise. Ram airs and ls6 weren’t available in the g-bodies.

  16. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    They are getting fairly hard to find, the top model to have to me would be a 1970 SS 454, I don’t remember ever seeing an SS model except in magazines. This one is quite a find, I had a 72 with a 350, it actually got 20 mpg and was a great ride.

  17. john

    Wish I had seen it I am only 15 minutes away. I like them I had a buddy who had a red one back in 1980. Nice cars. I would like to know the story on the low miles sounds to good to be true.

  18. John

    I want it. That’s a great car. Excellent find. Thanks for sharing it.

  19. '59FORDfan

    My favorite year, of the Monte Carlo and, I love the color combination!

  20. Rick

    Don’t let the Gas Monkey Garage near that one, or it’ll be wearing 20″ chromes.

  21. PKE

    As a teenager I never really understood the Monte Carlo following. Then, in about 1985, I bought a well worn 72 on impulse after seeing it for sale in front of the apartment building where I lived. I thought i could clean it up and make a buck on it.

    The car was blue like this one when I bought it but originally gold. It had a black interior with bucket seats that had been covered since new and a console with U-shifter. Also factory A/C. I drove it about 60 miles to a friend’s shop and pretty much fell in love with it, despite the clanking bad shock mount bushing.

    I thought about parting it out due to the pristine interior but quickly got offered a 72 Demon 340 3-speed as an even trade. As a Mopar guy I took that trade and watched the Monte drive away. I still wonder what that monte looked like when new. It must have been stunning.

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