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Ready for Assembly: 1958 MGA Coupe

This handsome MGA coupe just popped up on craigslist in northern Kentucky, and it seems like a compelling opportunity to finish a ready-to-assemble project. The seller says all of the major components are included for $4,450, but he will sell the body only for $3,000. There’s some rust and it will need floors, but this is likely a straightforward project for an MGA enthusiast. Find it here on craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

The seller notes the MGA has been in storage for many years, but that it isn’t terribly rusty. He does have a clear title for the car, which will need new rear doglegs and floors. The trunk floor is said to be solid, and new rockers have already been installed. Not much is said about its history up until this point, but it’s clear someone took the time to disassemble the car and tackle some of the rust issues. Chrome pieces like the grill and front bumper still present well and the rear bumper is included.

The seller notes that replacement floors can be found easily on eBay. The dash is intact and a working transmission is included. Interior-wise, usable seats are included but the seller notes that the door panels and kick panels are useful only as templates. Side glass is also included along with the headliner bows (but no material on those). These pretty MGA coupes have been appreciating nicely over the years, but you can still buy a decent one for reasonable amounts; this one is worthy of a DIY restoration, in my opinion.

That said, there’s still a fair amount of work yet needed to make this into a complete car. Fortunately, the 1500 engine still turns freely but hasn’t been run in a few years; reconditioning may be required. Overall, we get a good feeling about the seller’s level of organization, but handing it over to a shop for completion won’t make much sense considering you can buy one already finished for less than what a vintage specialist would charge to complete a car like this.


  1. Andy

    I bet a Buick/Rover V8 would fit great under that hood. The MGA was so pretty, that to me, the B was a huge letdown in comparison.

  2. G Keller

    Drop a slant 6 in there! 😂
    Just wanted to beat the ones saying SBC! LOL

  3. OhU8one2

    Since the coupes were so limited compared to the roadsters, trim items only used on the hardtops can be difficult to locate. It can be done but expect to pay a little more than one would think a reasonable price should be. But all done up,they can be lavish little cars with a sporty drivetrain.

  4. Crazyhawk

    I had a roadster. That was the best part about it. It was a roadster. Can’t imagine being stuck inside a coupe in the summer.

  5. Mike

    I had a few of these pretty babies.
    Drove them , raced them, drag raced them
    all kinds of fun stuff. I was soo good at pulling engine and trans that I had it down to 20 minutes.
    Handled better than any Slot car with 0 roll through turns and stuck to the road.
    Old tricks back in the days was STP in the hydraulic shocks and Michelin XAS tires , homemade tube hi rise manifolds for the SUV carbs… just to name a few.
    Really fun Toy to play with.

  6. Karl Kretschmar

    No back glass. That could be hard to find…And pricey.

  7. DRV

    I like the coupes of A’s and 120,140, and 150’s over their roadster versions.These coupes remind me of a mini 120 coupe and much more manageable cash and maintenance wise. They can also be used as a driver more easily.

  8. Oldgtracer

    @Crazyhawk…you are so right! I have owned many roadsters and the coupes are much warmer. That said, there are ways to make them cooler and not having to fiddle with windows and tops is a plus…and you won’t see a lot of these coupes coming down the road at you.
    The rear window chrome molding strips are now unobtainium and the rear window glass is also likely just as difficult to come across. I have an MGA coupe race car which can hold it’s own against most A roadsters, but gets lots of thumbs up because it looks so different. Door handles are also beautiful hardware touches and unique to this car.
    Reviving this will require a lot of time, but most of the parts are available and work is pretty straightforward. If someone here buys it, I happen to have an extra set of rear window glass I was keeping as a spare for my racecar, but haven’t needed it in over 10 years so would be willing to help someone here with a major step towards gathering what’s needed to put it back on the road.
    By the way, a number of fellows I know have moved MGB motors into these for more oomph and I’ve seen other motors used with great results. The Rover/BOP aluminum block (215) can be wedged in there without a lot of difficulty and weighs 30-40lbs less than the original cast block A or B motors resulting in more go, better balance and great sound…happen to have a built out one of these in the shop too (don’t ask, it’s a sad story). By the way, Miata seats fit very well in these and if you get a set with the speakers in the headrest, you’ll actually be able to hear music…other than the motor. Vintage Air makes units that will also keep you cool and extend your driving season…have seen a number of these installed in restored cars too.
    I don’t need another project, but these are lovely cars and if someone here goes for it, maybe I can help with some bits if someone here needs them.

  9. matt

    I have seen his ads before. He seems to buy a lot of morris, then keeps the good stuff, and offers cars up with missing parts, but happens to have extras that he will throw in with the deals. So, the engine in this ad was bought where? And in what condition?

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