Ready To Restore: 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI

There always seems to be that air of inevitability surrounding 50-year-old Alfa Romeo project cars, and that is that it seems inevitable that there will be major rust issues to address before the car can be pointed anywhere near a road. This 1967 Giulia TI is slightly different. Yes, it does have some rust, but it really doesn’t appear to be extensive, and it appears that the most notorious areas have been spared the worst of it. Located in Flanders, New Jersey, you will find the Alfa listed for sale here on eBay. At the time of writing, bidding has reached $3,383, although the reserve has not been met.

Scouting around the Alfa gives cause for some optimism. The floors are said to be solid, while a photo of the trunk floor looks really good. The battery tray and its surrounds look clean, as do the rockers, and the quarter panels. There is some rust visible around the lips of the wheel arches, but even that doesn’t look bad. It also looks like there might be some rust in some of the doors, but apart from the driver’s door which has a large weird spot, even those spots look small. We’ve seen a few different Alfa project cars here at Barn Finds in recent times, and this one really does appear to be one of the most solid.

The owner describes the seats and the door panels as being mint, and while the condition does appear to be good, mint might be stretching the friendship just a bit. There is no doubt that the upholstery looks good, but it is stretched on the driver’s seat, while the front door trims have been cut to fit speakers. The dash and pad will need some restoration work, and new carpet will need to go on the shopping list. Having said all of that, the interior would be quite serviceable as it is.

Under the hood is where things start to get interesting for me. The owner says that this is the wonderful little 1,570cc twin-cam engine that is such a desirable little unit. However, in a standard TI, this should be fitted with a single, twin-choke, down-draft Solex carburetor. This one looks like it has been fitted with a pair of twin-choke, side-draft Webber carbs. This would be what you would expect to find in the more powerful Giulia Super, or TI Super. So there’s a bit of a mystery for you. Backing the twin-cam is a 5-speed manual transmission. The owner says that the engine doesn’t run, but that it does turn freely. However, I would be very inclined to give that engine a really thorough check before I was tempted to kick it into life.

Older Alfa Romeos have gotten some bad press, mainly due to their propensity to dissolve before your very eyes. I look at things differently. I believe that any classic Alfa that has lasted for more than 50-years without biodegrading must be a good one, and these are the cars that deserve to be restored and enjoyed. On the face of it, this Giulia TI seems to fit that description, and I suspect that someone will finally return it to its former glory.

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  1. JP

    These cars came from the factory with a case of Rustoleum. I had one in Europe – great fun till it literally rusted out beneath me. If this car were from CA I’d consider it, even though the restoration would be seriously pricey. But oh, that rust…

  2. Brakeservo

    Perhaps Alfa copied Fiat’s rust technology as Fiat had perfected the art of Rust (well in reality it was the cheap a$$ Russian steel.)

  3. t-bone Bob

    Looks like a good starting place for a refurb.

  4. John Bromer


  5. Rex Kahrs Member

    Hey, the Hofmeister kink is upside-down on this car!

  6. chrlsful

    like the Gulettia Sprint a lill more, 2 DOCEs are very fine (quite similar to FI). Wonder which 5 speed to mate?

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