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Real 1957 Lotus Eleven Club!

If you’ve never experienced a Lotus, you are missing out on one of the automotive world’s truly special driving experiences. They aren’t the fastest cars ever built, but their simplicity and lightness make for some incredibly fun driving. Of the models that Colin Chapman designed himself, the Eleven was one of the most elegant. The vast majority of these cars were built exclusively for racing, but a small handful were built for street use and this happens to be one of them. You can find it here on eBay in West Palm Beach, Florida with a $125,000 asking price and the option to make an offer.

While Chapman did the bulk of the design work for the Eleven, it was Frank Costin that gave the car its beautiful and aerodynamic looks. Much like the Lotus Seven, the aluminum body was wrapped around the tubular chassis to create both light and strong racer. With a weight of just 1,000 pounds, you can’t get much lighter than this.

Like most of their cars from this era, engine options ranged widely, but the Coventry Climax was the engine of choice for Lotus at the time. This one retains its original Coventry 1100 and is said to be in working order. While not a muscular engine by any means, with 75 horsepower and a rev-happy nature, this is the engine of choice to have in a Lotus like this.

This car has quite the history, having been converted for racing and then restored back to original. At one point the engine was removed and put in another Eleven race car but has made its way back to the car. The seller has owned this Lotus for nearly 50 years, which should tell you a lot about how fun and special these cars are. The asking price is certainly not cheap, but then again, this is about as special a car as it gets! If you looking for the ultimate driving experience, this might just be your chance to own a real Lotus Eleven Club.


  1. Terrry

    That looks like an XKE with kidney failure.

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  2. R Soul

    Meet George Jetson, his boy Elroy…

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  3. GARY L

    Beautiful and aerodynamic looks ?

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  4. SMS

    These are amazing. A 7 is light weight and have the aerodynamics of a brick. You lift at the end of a straight and it is as if you hit the brakes. They are drag limited.

    These are everything that you love about a 7 and more. Got to drive one and I swear you could floor it down the front straight of any track, lift and coast around the track twice. They are so slippery, light, and have the perfect motor.

    There has to be a picture of one next to an XKE. They are tiny

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  5. OldCarGuy

    Beauty! Way better than BHCC.

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  6. ChipsBee

    I still have my racing Lotus Super 7 and also have a Westfield Eleven, sporting a solid back-axle and a 1500cc Coventry Climax engine. It’s a lovely car to drive, high in spirit and handles quite well.

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  7. mike

    First Clubman I have ever seen,Top looks funny.All it needs is a set of Wobbly Web wheels.

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    • Martin Horrocks

      But then it wouldn´t be a Clubman! Clubman was a low bucks spec for the guy who could use the car as transport (of limited use, obviously, but that´s why the soft top is fitted) and race at the weekend. I think most Clubman 11s had an 1172 Sidevalve engine, so surprised to see this spec with a Coventry-Climax.

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  8. Steveo

    Looks home built and not in a good way. Garagiste

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  9. CCFisher

    Looks to be just about useless to anyone larger than a jockey.

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  10. Martin Horrocks

    I´d forgotten about these, as they have all been uprated into sexier spec as historic racers over the years. This spec was very much the entry level for a sports-racing Lotus of the time, only competitive in local events and often doubling as a road car So it´s great that the owner decided to keep the faith and the car would be a magnet for attention at any historic gathering.

    Given everything, the asking price seems reasonable. when you think about the hands which have been on this car in the early Lotus days (such as Chapman himself, both Mike and Frank Costin, maybe Graham Hill working as a mechanic to help fund his drives), you are buying history.

    So how much is a Tesla Roadster these days?

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  11. rodney trask

    These cars have gone up in value. My dad had 2 of theses back in the late 60″s & early 70’s one was chassis #230 that we still have the bill of sale for. he paid $750.00. The other was chassis #266 that may dad bought from Walter Cronkite the CBS anchor. My brother & have been looking for them for decades & found chassis #230 in Georgia for sale. It was fully restored & they were asking $125k also. So this seems to be in line. Chassis #266 still missing.

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    • Dave Peterson

      Rodney, good for you and your brother. My Dad taught me the mechanics of auto operation and I have also taken the cars he left us and kept them up with my son. I’m guessing the provenance of these is where the value lies as Martin has pointed out. I’m kind of surprised that the originator of the Cosworth engine company would oversee such a mundane powerplant. A Ford Cosworth DFV would improve the 0-60 times just a tad.

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  12. Joe Haska

    When I saw the first picture I had to see more. I honestly wasn’t sure what it was. Now I know. I am not sure what I think, but at least I learned something.

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  13. Steve Clinton

    This reminds me of the piece of ‘artwork’ that looked like a balloon on wheels.

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  14. Glenn C. Schwass Member

    Front end looks like Speed racer….wild as is the price but who knows

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  15. Howie Mueler

    Now that is a description!! Looks like a kit car.

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  16. John

    Wow. This one takes me back. As a boy of 14, I dreamed of the day when I could have one of my own. To find a pristine road-going variety with a Coventry Climax fire pump motor, intact headlight covers, and a soft top is beyond imagination.

    The pictures fail to give a true accounting of how small and spartan this car really is. Suffice it to say that owners of Europas would find their cars roomy and luxurious by comparison. Its speed and acceleration numbers would look disappointing in comparison to almost any contemporary car. It would lose a drag race to a Fiat 500. But put this car on a twisty road course and try to stay with it and you will gain a new understanding of performance.

    Thank you for bringing us this almost forgotten gem.

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  17. FrankD Member

    so cool just like the other vintage race cars of that era. Lime Rock was buzzing with these cars years ago. When racing was affordable and fun.

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  18. John Walsh

    All this little gem requires is a fresh coat of paint in British racing Green completed with the Yellow flash up across the bonnet and boot lid to make it perfect. To me, it just does not suit the White. As for price. Check out prices on a Westfield 11 which is a kit car tribute to this beauty. The tell me this is over priced.

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