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Really Solid: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS

Although RS doesn’t actually stand for “Really Solid,” this Camaro is indeed a solid car! Due to the presence of California Smog equipment, it can be assumed this was a California car before it spent the last 25 years in a field in Arizona. Still wearing what is left of its original paint, this car has had no body work done to it and the vinyl top has disintegrated revealing a rot-free roof. While this car isn’t totally rust free, it doesn’t have any rust that is very concerning. Find this 1967 Camaro Rally Sport here on eBay in California with bidding at $9,600 and reserve not met. 

The interior is pretty rough on this Camaro and shows evidence of its time spent in the sun. The bleached and brittle seats and the heavily cracked dash are all sure since of prolonged exposure to serious sun. Though not all of Arizona is desert, much of it is and the sun is known for being brutal. The same dry heat that keeps through rust away is what burns the paint and vinyl tops off of cars and turns the interiors to dust. Although almost everything vinyl or plastic inside this Camaro will need to be replaced, it looks like all of the metal fixtures are still in place and maybe even in usable condition.

Under the hood is the original 327 Chevrolet V8 hooked up to an automatic transmission (likely a 2-speed Powerglide) and a 10-bolt rear end. Although having complete drivetrain is a plus, if you look closely you’ll notice that the air cleaner, carburetor, and valve covers are off and have been off for quite some time. This is scary to any knowledgeable buyer, as there is no telling what has crawled and fallen into the engine over time. The seller is the third owner and states that the second owner reported that the original owner rebuilt the carburetor and heads. Unfortunately, it looks like the carb and valve covers never made it back onto the car which means this engine has been sitting open and outdoors for at least 25 years. A full rebuild will be necessary to ensure the integrity of this engine.

Finding a 1967 Camaro in original condition is a rarity, regardless of condition. Though this car is not quite nice enough to be considered a survivor, it looks to be a fairly straight car that would be an excellent restoration candidate. This looks like a straightforward project that when done could be a really nice, original sheet metal example. Would you do a full restoration, or keep the exterior looking like this?


  1. Fred W.

    I’ll take the toasty interior as opposed to rusty, crusty exterior metal. Much interior work can be done by the home restorer, but metal work is pricey.

    • JamestownMike

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Andrew Tanner Member

      We think alike!

  2. jdjonesdr

    I wish I still had my 67 Camero Convertible. Mine was the same color with an I6 and 3 speed manual. Had I knew then what I know now…….

    • Rabbit

      I had a 69 RS 396-4speed… 1982. At the time, it was a 13 year old Camaro. Whooda thunk? Also, (I’m sure everyone’s already noticed..) this car has A/C. A big plus in my book. No room for a project here, but hey, a guy can dream. I’m actually more interested in the 65 Impala in the garage……

    • al8apex

      I’ve owned dozens and dozens and dozens (and more) of 1st gen Camaros, but I’ve never owned a Camero …

    • LAB3

      My first car was a 68 with a 327 2bbl and a two speed slush box. Saved up money from mowing lawns and other odd jobs and bought it for $300 when I was 15. My dad insisted that I put on new valve cover gaskets so it wouldn’t leak on the driveway which was my first “project” on it. Swapped plugs, points, condenser, rotor and cap then set the timing. Next came the five gallon bucket of Bondo and an Earl Schieb paint job. It wasn’t pretty but I drove it to school as soon as I got my license and it helped get me a job at an auto parts store a few days later since I had SOME experience working on cars.

    • slickb

      We still own our 67 RS/SS and it was all gold originally but was painted over baby blue.

      • lawyer George

        Good Choice. Gold cars:ugly; baby blue cars:sexy/cool.

    • Rick pyle

      Camaro not camero

      • lawyer George

        Spelling Camaro “Camero” makes my teeth ache.

    • jerry z

      Had a 68 conv’t also 6cyl/3spd manual. Wasn’t sorry selling it back in ’83 since it was a complete rust bucket.

  3. JamestownMike

    I really wish more owners of classic cars would REMOVE the NASTY carpet and padding from these cars while their sitting for sooooo long! They only trap water/moisture and odors! Floor pans are FAR more valuable than old carpet and padding!

    • waldon herdman

      No one gets it. What WAS a solid car or tuck have been ruined by nasty water soaked carpet. The jute backing is just basically cotton. I never understood this either.

      • Clinton

        Seller is clearly being disingenuous . The carpet is being kept in an untouched condition to hide Flintstone floor pan. Even mentions “photos on request ”
        If this isn’t a giant red flag I don’t know what is.

  4. gbvette62

    The seller claims that it has it’s original 350, but the fender badges and “MF” engine suffix code, indicates it’s a 327 2bbl, backed up by a Powerglide, and fitted with A.I.R. (air injection reactor pollution controls).

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about the engine sitting without valve covers or carb. Most people aren’t going to sink a lot of money in a project car, and not go through the engine too. I’m more concerned about an ad that the seller only puts one lousy picture of the engine in, taken from 10 feet away.

    Overall, it looks like a nice little Camaro, and potentially a good project for someone, though like most projects, one you’ll likely be upside down in.

  5. Gbauer

    $7,500. No more. Needs just about everything but sheet metal. It’ll cost 20k to make this one right.

    I sold a pristine 68 with a hopped up 250 for 15k just last spring. Needed to move it do we could buy a new house.

    Album of mine:

  6. Boss351

    Owner corrected the eBay ad to the correct 327 motor. The little stuff to fix this will probably be $10K before any paint or body work. This assumes no major motor issues.

    Good project for a beginner as no major body work on this one.

  7. Nrg8

    What is that big crack a part of?

  8. Rock On Member

    Plumber’s crack?

  9. James smiley

    Definitely a good car for anyone sure you would be able to get it right for less than 20000. And still not be upside down in this car this car once done right is gonna make a someone some really good cash or just a valuable piece of history for their collection

  10. Tort Member

    Solid body from a dry climate and being a RS helps the value but reserve 10k should be high enough but who knows? There are numerous ways to go with the engine, trans, and rear end but I would guess the 327 is toast. Additional 20k to do it right at least and it would be a great car.

  11. Maestro1 Member

    I think about $8000.00 to make this a presentable driver. The only thing I didn’t like about my 67 was the two speed automatic and the fact that in Camaros you feel like you are sitting in a hole. I’ll pass.

  12. Edward

    What is wrong with a 2 speed powerglide, great tranny. Bore out the 327 add vortec heads edelbrock intake etc. and restore int. and paint and have a nice car. Except I think the price is too high even if body is in good shape. Also love the hubcaps.

  13. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Looks like he has a nice stable of bow ties……

  14. CaCarDude

    Forget the bow ties I would be a player for the ’66 Goat sitting in the garage, a much better investment IMO, Camaros are nice but give me a nice GTO with a 389 3 deuce 4 spd any day I will be one happy man!

  15. lawyer George

    The seats, the rug, the padding on dash have to go anyway and my opinion is that skinning the seats of the covering and foam, removing the dash padding and ripping out the rugs and noise deadening material would present a more pleasant “eyeball” effect thereby making potential buyers more likely to bid. Less eyeball trash, higher the bid. But I could be wrong.

    Not applicable here but when I see a car detailed outside and in and looking like a 10 until one lifts the hood to find a filthy engine and compartment my reaction is the car is a polished turd rather than as good as it looks. But that might just be me.

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