Recovered Theft: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner


This 1969 Plymouth Road Runner is a recent theft recovery that thankfully was not damaged while being stolen. It’s now under lock and key in Fort Wayne, Indiana and is listed for sale here on eBay. There’s no reserve on the auction and current bidding is at $4,000 as I write.


The car looks to be in pretty decent cosmetic shape, but the seller mentions that it does have a small dent on the top of the right quarter panel, and that they are not sure of what (if any) body work may have been done over the years. The car has a mildly interesting history of having been used as a vehicle for a filming company until it was sold off about 3 years ago.


By the way, the seller doesn’t own any of the other vehicles in the pictures, so don’t get your hopes up as you look around. There are some interesting ones, aren’t there? Anyway, I like the color combination and wheels, and the body appears pretty straight, especially for the price.


Although the interior pictures aren’t the best, what we can see of it looks pretty good as well. Nice to see buckets, especially if they are original.


The engine, which is a 383 cubic inch V8, is said to be in good shape, but isn’t running at the moment. The seller claims to not know a lot about old cars–the non-running problem may have a simple solution, but the lack of information in the auction listing is more than a little puzzling. The seller also states that there were problems with the transmission when the car was put into storage. According to the seller both engine and transmission are original to the car, although how they have determined that we don’t know. All in all, there are a lot of questions here, but due to the potential bargain, if you are interested in a Mopar muscle car and relatively close, it might be worth checking out. And if you do, be sure to let us know!




  1. Len

    I see 3 sets of odd looking police red and blue lights on the roofs of some odd looking police cars. Movie vehicles perhaps? Very Interesting…..

  2. Rick

    Back in spring of ’74, buddy of mine bought a ’70 RR, Sublime in color, 383 Air Grabber, Pistol Grip 4 speed, posi, think it had about 40K on it, was tight like a new car, anyhow he to the drags and he let me drive it, man what a beast, did it smoke the tires, ran high 13s, can’t imagine what a 440 or Hemi woulda been like, those must have been totally out of contriol

  3. Blindmarc

    It should go for around $10k. That would leave room to improve and drive.

    • GOPAR

      A ’69 Road Runner in this condition for 10 grand? Probably not. I’ve seen a whole lot worse sell for a lot more.

      • Blindmarc

        That was all the money I have…..

  4. JW

    13K as of this moment. Nice car should bring between 15 & 20K as it’s a Mopar.

  5. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    A kinda a buddy from here – Dallas – had his high school 1970 orange RR stolen from his old house’s garage – which was an un-occupied rent house at the time – go figure – it was in-op but still made it’s way down to Houston where he was lucky to get it back before it was on a boat – this in the 1990’s when they were getting hot….he did have some cop connections which I think helped fer sure….think it’s still sitting/rotting….

  6. roselandpete

    Well, the seller says he is an honest man of business so that should allay any fears.

  7. Rando

    There is a 67 Belvedere II up the street from me for 9500. It’s way worse than this. It’s a 318 car. non original color (dark teal metallic – totally 80s), black painted wavy bumpers. Runs though. But I think this is better car than that for the money so far – 10,600 right now. of course, the Belvedere is asking price. Not sure how firm it is. I wasn’t interested in even talking when he told me the price. too far apart for the condition of the Belvedere.

  8. Angrymike

    It has to be an early 69, if the buckets are correct, gov mandated head rests for 69. I grew up in one of these, black on black with blue bucket int with an auto. I was 4 when my father and I picked it up, still sorta remember, loved that car ! Ended up owning 3, a 69 rust bucket , a 70 from New Mexico that’s still around and still being restored and a 73 340, great cars !

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