Restored: 1980 Chevy Luv

This is a great chance to own a small, useful, and noticeable truck. For sale is a 1980 Chevy Luv that has a current bid price of $6,200 with the reserve not yet met. It is located in Lake Oswego, Oregon and has 93,624 miles. The title is listed as rebuilt. You can view many detailed photos and place a bid on eBay.

Under the hood is a 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine connected to a 4-speed manual transmission with four-wheel drive. Other mechanical details listed include receipts for work done to rebuild the suspension, shocks, rear axle seals, and brakes. The tires are all-terrain BF Goodrich TA Radials. There is a thick pad protecting the bed.

Inside is a completely restored Mikado interior. There is a badge indicating that on the passenger side dashboard. If cruising to tunes is your jam, tunes are delivered through an aftermarket Kenwood CD stereo. This truck can fit into many types of music genera so it should please the next owner well.

The truck was repainted and graphics were added over a 4 year restoration period from 2011 to 2017. It had been with that owner from 1984 up until currently. There is no word on why the owner is parting with it. You can tell from the pictures that this truck has received a lot of love both inside and out.


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  1. Mountainwoodie
  2. Miguel

    You can find some nice vehicles in Oregon.

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    • The Walrus

      The best cars are in the Northwest… no salt for the bodies, no baking sun for the interiors…

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      • Uncle Bob

        The folks east of the Cascades might disagree with your sun comment…..

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      • TreDeuce

        Eastern and southern Oregon are hot and sunny. Only the NW corner of the state is wet and cloudy, but still has decent to great weather compared to a lot of the rest of the country.

  3. Marty

    Nice! I have an 80 as well… but it is slighy modified as it sits atop a 78 Wagoneer chassis with a 5 speed, power steering, 33’s, and 4.56 gears. It is still under construction but it runs and everything works.

    Oregon weather for the most part is kind to old iron… which is why on CL a guy has acres of WWII and later Dodges for sale.

    Yeah they’re a little green and some have some rust but are entirely restorable. Not bad for 75 year old rigs.

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  4. Jeff

    My nightmare is back, that was a total pos. Wow same color. I hope I can sleep.

  5. Superdessucke

    Over 7k. At least a few people love this Luv!

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  6. Gay Car Nut

    Sweet looking Chevy LUV. I remember when compact trucks were hot sellers. My stepdad had a 1978 Toyota Truck. My aunt and uncle had a Chevy LUV 2wd truck.

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  7. James Smiley

    My dad had one when I was a kid I love these trucks they are just cool little trucks

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  8. Steve S

    I have a friend that told me he had a Chevy luv the person he bought it from swapped the 4 cylinder engine for a V8 with a 4 speed manual transmission and he cut the roof out and put in a removable sunroof for a full size truck and it didn’t have any speakers for the stereo and he made home made head rests and put speakers in them

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  9. Gay Car Nut

    That’s crazy! Who’d put a V8 engine where there was once an inline 4 cylinder engine?

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    • Miguel

      Gay Car Nut, a lot, and I mean a lot, of the LUVs and Vegas were converted to V8s.

      The Pinto was also used for the 4-8 swap.

      It makes for a wild ride.

      That is why it is so hard to find an original car these days.

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      • Gay Car Nut

        I can imagine a V6 engine transplanted into the LUV, and being successful. But a V8?

  10. Steve S

    I don’t know who my buddy bought the truck from that did the engine and tranny swap but my buddy had the rest done and was a 2 wheel drive

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  11. Steve S

    I don’t know who did the engine and transmission swap and who ever it was probably had to change part of the firewall to make it fit to make it right some time before he sold the truck to my buddy and my buddy had the roof thing done and the custom headrests done

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  12. Chad

    this is a Mitsu? Isusu? Can’t remember
    who actually made them for chebby back then.
    The 4WD is rare, no? Buddy, Rainy BlackMoon had
    one when he worked at the GM plant, Framingham, MA.

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    • William Denny

      Isuzu for Chevy and Mazda for the Ford Courier.

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  13. dr fine

    A co-worker bought one in the late seventies and loved it. He soon realized the top speed was 65 and got rid of it at two months old.

    • TreDeuce

      Was he dragging an anchor. My 80′ 4×4 Mikado would do almost 100 mph.

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  14. TreDeuce

    I bought an 80′ new from Wentworth Chevrolet in Portland OR. It was
    Black with bucket seats in red check fabric. One of the best vehicles I ever owned. Never should have sold it.

  15. Leon Labuschagne

    In Australia and New Zealand these were called “Isuzu KB” until 1980 and then became “Holden Rodeo” which was the nameplate for all the future Isuzu imports of the same until 2008. All GM vehicles Downunder (Opel, Daewoo, Isuzu) had a turn at being badged as a “Holden” eventually, except Isuzu trucks which for some reason were always “Isuzu.” …. Completely disrelated: Holden’s brand loyalty has taken a massive dive in Australia since they ceased manufacturing in 2017 and became merely an import company. GM Australia has fallen a long way down since the days of the Chevy LUV/Isuzu KB era.

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    • Gay Car Nut

      I’ve heard of the Isuzu KB, but because I’m not from Australia or New Zealand, I’ve never seen their version of the truck. Sadly, compact trucks from both of our countries seems to have ceased to be offered. The last truly “compact” truck that I remember was the early Toyota Tacoma (American Hilux).

  16. Ryan Whinery

    I just found this way late for the ebay auction. Does anyone know if it sold or the ebay user to contact about its current availability?

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