Rolls-Royce Phantom Found In Norway!

1934 Rolls-Royce Sedanca

Our buddies over at Broom recently featured a story about a Rolls Royce that was found in a barn in Norway. When they sent me a link to the story, I quickly asked if they could get me a translation, as I don’t speak Norwegian. Well they finally got a translated copy of the story to me, so I thought I would share it with you guys (seeing as it isn’t everyday that a Rolls Royce Barn find surfaces and all)! You can find the original and untranslated version here on or continue reading below to find the translated version!

From Benny at Broom – A long time ago, there were ordinary cars, nice cars, even nicer cars and in a league of its own: Rolls-Royce. Nothing came even close to it.

There was something almost ghostly about these exclusive cars. There were rumours about hoods that could not be opened, engines your could not repair with normal tools, hood ornaments in real silver, and secret mechanics who were flown in, James Bond-style, and repaired the car during the night without owners knowing.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Sedanca

There is also something ghostly about the car in this picture. This Rolls-Royce has been hiding in a barn, in the small Norwegian coastal town of Molde. Few people, if any, knows exactly how long it’s been there. But somewhere around 20-30 years – perhaps. The story about the car and it’s destiny is somewhat blurry.

Rumour has it that it had been a part of a larger collection, some time in its past. And that it some point was advertised for sale without an asking price in a newspaper in Norway’s capital, Oslo. A Rolls-Royce without an asking price, usually means its a steep price. A very steep price. Allegedly very few made enquires about the Rolls. The car changed owners for a moderate price, and ended up in Molde. The long journey from Oslo was made on the back of a truck.

There was something wrong with the engine. It was supposed to be a minor detail, but enough to leave the car parked for a long time.

1934 Rolls-Royce GrilleTerje is the current owner. He acquired the car because it was stored in a building he took over from a relative.

He remembers the car from the time he, himself was a little boy:

– I don’t think it’s wrong to say it’s been stored for 25 years, says the new Rolls-Royce owner.

– He adds that the car was driven into the barn by its own power, despite engine-problems. And it was a very stately car back then too. It still definitely is, but many years in a barn leaves its mark.

-I don’t want to try starting up the enginge before it’s had a proper seeing to. That might cause major damages. Brakes and suspension also needs a proper check. My aim is to get it in a driveable condition during a few months, then I will most likely try to sell it, Terje says.

The chassis is made of aluminium, so you know its rust free. The floor is made of hardwood. It’s been repaired with some brown-ish stuff we probably wouldn’t use today, but it’s quite clearly well done!

1934 Rolls-Royce Dash

-The interior also has a few signs of the storage in the barn, but all in all this should be a rather manageable project, explains Terje.

-I believe this a 1934-model and that the model is called Sedanca, or something similar.

-It is a very classy car. Convertible, with a low roof. With the classic Rolls-Royce front, it looks very elegant and classy. You don’t have to know much about cars to see that this is a totally unique vehicle.

-I haven’t had time to look much into it’s history yet. But I do have a Norwegian numberplate, so it should be possible to find out what this car has been up to over the years, before it ended up in the barn, Terje says.

1934 Rolls-Royce Ad

This really is quite the amazing find, but I hope it goes to a collector with the means to fix it properly! I want to thank the guys at Broom for sharing this story with us and I wish the owner of this Rolls the best of luck finding a new home for it!


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  1. cory

    Wow. What a beautiful car. I would love to stumble upon that in a barn

    Like 1
  2. A.J.

    Unfortunately it has a home built body on it. Also, I think it might be a 20hp chassis which was the bottom end. You posted a picture at the end of a PII which is the top end chassis.

    • Mark R

      I agree. Not 20hp, but mid 30’s 20/25. Definitely worth saving though.

  3. Chris H.

    Wheels and paint are incorrect too. Rolls would never use this color on one of their cars unless it was specially ordered by a customer. Still, very neat to see, and it keeps the dream alive of finding an exclusive car tucked away in a sleepy little town.

  4. Jarod Rose

    What an extraordinary find and a great story. Glad to see the Rolls is coming out of her slumber.

  5. sunbeamdon

    The wire wheels are a puzzle – single laced, non-knock off.

    A.J.: the body sure looks to mimic, if not be, an original marque from RR with customer mods. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful rendition deserving perserving.

    • Rob

      Don, those rims ARE knock-offs, but I’ll agree with AJ, that bodies rear half looks strange, ‘n even more so, due to that amateurishly redo of its top in its past. But all in all, I wouldn’t let all that dissuade me, as it has its roots in a thoroughbred marque just the same.

  6. A.J.

    The tell tale signs of the amateur coachbuilder are there. I think the doors may have started with the original body but the back half has been crudely constructed. Note disjointed side trim, sharp end of the body before the rear wheels (a pre-1932 feature) with the full enclosed fender (a post-1934 feature). The shape of the boot (or top as we call it in the U.S.) is not something a period builder would do.

  7. Grr

    RR used aluminum for the chassis back then? Unlikely…

  8. Alan (Michigan)

    Strikingly beautiful from the front.
    Strikingly awkward from the rear.

    I think A.J. nails it, but the “customization” could have been done 40, 50, or more years ago?

  9. Alweeja

    Wow, you guys Really know RR history. Still a cool find..

  10. Lionel

    This is a late small horsepower Rolls Royce 20/25, judging from the 3 headlights, horns, carburetor and air filter. I just finished restoring one from 1935. The front seems correct, the rear maybe not.
    The wire wheels are correct with the center hub, but most likely they were black originally, as most likely the car itself, black or dark colors being a common color for those. Thousands were made.
    Could be worth up to $30-50K if it runs, in that condition….

    • Mark Roberts

      Hi Lionel,
      I have 1929 RR 20/25 GXO21.
      I need a rear shocker vertical link.
      Do you know anyone who may be able to help me source one?
      Up until about 10 years ago, parts seemed to be readily available.
      Not so much these days.
      Mark Roberts

  11. Woodie Man

    Maybe “Little Stevie ” Van Zandt could work it into an episode of Lillehamer.

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