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A Round About? 1947 Crosley Suni

Ok, well, just for fun, it’s titled as a Crosley but it looks nothing like a Crosley and I didn’t see any Crosley parts mentioned in its construction. It has a Mustang II front end and brakes from a Ford Ranger. Whatever it is, it’s listed on eBay in Vineland, New Jersey for $15,000.  Is there someone out there willing to spend $15,000 for a giant golf cart? I doubt it would be allowed on your local golf course and with a top speed of 50 MPH you won’t get very far very fast. Perhaps it might find a home on a big estate or a very fancy ranch.

It has a full instrument panel and is street legal although it would be a long drive home to California. At least you would have Betty to keep you company!

That’s the little 28 HP Subaru engine. The Subaru Robin is a line of inexpensive industrial engines. This one is a 2 stroke V twin, much unlike a Harley. It appears to be propane or LNG fueled. The transmission is a three speed from a Jeep.

Doesn’t this little cutie make you want to jump in and head off on your next adventure? If they would let you drive this on your favorite golf course, you could drive straight from home to your first tee without reloading your clubs. Then you could head straight home from the nineteenth hole. It would get attention at cars shows and stand out among all the quads and golf carts.


  1. JW

    It would be fun for local runs to Ace Hardware or Autozone in my small town but otherwise useless. 15K I could get a used Ranger or S10 with more hauling capacity.

  2. jdjonesdr

    It’s amazing what some people will throw together. This is a great example.

    Just enough power to get you in trouble very quick.

    • Metoo

      Yep. Too speed of 50 mph? It should never be driven outside of a retirement community. Buy it and ship it directly to Sun City.

  3. Mike H. Mike H

    “Doesn’t this little cutie make you want to jump in and head off on your next adventure?”


  4. LAB3

    The laws of physics suggest that as you accelerate through space the apparent size of your ship becomes shorter the closer you come to reaching the speed of light. One thing for sure, that’s not the case here!

  5. Milt

    Looks like something cheap from India or China. I personally would not be caught dead in this tacky carnival ride.

    • HJ Huey

      You are dead wrong. My father Jim Housel built them in Madison, Ne in the 70’s. It is not a tacky carnival ride.

  6. Joe Haska

    Could be one of the fastest Golf Karts in Sun City!

  7. HJ Huey

    It isn’t a crosley. It was made by my father Jim Housel in Madison, Ne. It also isn’t from 1947. He didn’t start making them until around 1970. Grew up driving it around our property. We had hours of fun on them. He sold quite a few of them to people that lived in Hot Springs Village in Arkansas. It was a retirement place where tons of people golfed. They liked them because they could drive them from their homes to the golf course.

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