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Seeing Double: 1961 Chevrolet C10 Crew Cab

Maybe you have seen one of these before, and maybe you haven’t. Regardless, the important thing is that they exist! The holy grail for some and the ugly duckling for others, crew cab C10s of this generation are not a common sight, especially one that was built this way when it was new. There have been several enthusiast-built customs over the years, but this one was converted to a crew cab when it was new for a railroad company.They were primarily built for forestry service, railroads, etc.  Though not factory built, this is as close to factory as these crew cabs get! Find it here on Chicago Craigslist with a price tag of $9,950. Thanks to Pat L. for sending this in! 

Inside and out, this truck is fairly rough though complete. Not only is this C10 56 years old, but it saw a long life of service. You’ll notice that there is almost nothing on the rear doors, floors, or pillars. This truck was built purely for utility, and nothing else!Though it is hard to tell from this picture, in other photos the rear floor can be seen. It is made of diamond plate, and was either done when this truck was converted or was done as floor replacement at some point. If anyone has a definitive answer on this, please let us know in the comments!

The engine is a 235 cubic inch Chevrolet inline six cylinder. A staple in old Chevrolet trucks, this engine can put out more than enough power to haul the whole crew and some items in the bed. It’ll be slow going, but going nonetheless! The seller intends to put an LS engine and a 4L60e transmission in it if it does not sell as it is. Because this truck is a floor shift, that means it could be one of several different transmission offered and not the standard three-speed column shift.

Most of these converted trucks were long beds and were also 3/4 or 1 ton trucks. This already uncommon pickup is made even more special in that it is a 1/2 ton and a short bed! I’m not a big patina fan, but given the history and rarity of this truck, I would leave the paint alone. What would you do with it?


  1. jw454

    That motor should be a 235 cu. in. The 250 wouldn’t be around for a few years.

    Cool truck either way.

    • Andrew Tanner Member

      Whoops! I’ll correct that, thanks.

    • rob

      could be a 230…..I thought in 63 the 235 was only for the k series truck? too small for a 292

  2. Vegaman_Dan

    The colors suggest it was a Great Northern Railway (now part of Burlington Northern ) maintenace of way truck. Not positive, but were the colors for GN in those years.

    Like 1
  3. packrat

    inside the top back of the cab on the driver’s side: He’s left a *wasp nest* in place? Too much authenticity for me.

  4. JW


  5. Curtis

    This could be one fun project with a pile of $$$

  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’ll have to agree with Vegaman. Great Northern is a likely former owner. I would also suggest Montana Highway Department although I didn’t think there was any black to go with the orange on those trucks. Definitely a 235 engine. It was a lot bulkier than the 230/292 series that came out in ’63. The 250 came out late in ’65 although it was officially listed in ’66.

    Being a hopeless Eyebrow Chevy fan this truck would be something I’d be interested in, although it’s well out of my budget. I don’t know if I’d restore it right down to the orange and black livery but I WOULD consider just the orange. Could have a lot of fun with this truck…

  7. Madmatt

    These are super cool,and super rare,but I just don’t see$10g?
    This seems overpriced,but how many of these
    are out there selling,to base a price on?
    I would love to turn that into a modern luxury crew cab
    with power everything,leather seats,full
    carpeting/headliner,a/c,but with a nice mid 70’s
    350/350 combo so it would be a reliable driver.
    This is also a “stepside” bed,….with no step!
    LOL,cool how they chopped the bed fronts on these!
    Really nice find,I’ve only seen 3 in my life,
    and 2 were on here! I hope it gets the
    “full treatment” from a new owner.

    • John

      “I would love to turn that into a modern luxury crew cab
      with power everything …”

      Calling I’d love to see what they’d do with it. Bring a fat wallet.

  8. Mark S.

    I’d restore the body then transplant it on to a modern truck chassie and drive train. I’d also up date the interior with modern leather truck seats and custom door panals, I’d repaint the exterior red just because I like red. I think you’d have to look for a modern low mileage donor truck possibly a wreck and build on that. I’d keep everything looking as stock as possible.

    • Poppapork

      100% this, get a a 5yo rolled over diesel truck, like a 2500hd and swap the bodies…

  9. Jim

    If it were mine I would make sure all the mechanicals , electricals, and everything else-ical was fine and would drive it as is. I would also park it in a dry garage when not using it.
    The simplicity of this truck is refreshing.

  10. john brubaker

    4×4 conversion would be sick

  11. Gaspumpchas

    Would love to see this truck brought back to the railroad paint job. On a modern chassis and some creature comforts would be a great cruiser. I guess its worth what someone will pay for it,but 10 large seems expensive.Great project!!

  12. Jay

    Way to expensive for Chopper Customs JC.

  13. Vegaman_Dan

    I finally saw the other pictures of the truck. The front doors both have the Great Northern Railway logo complete with Rocky, the Goat mascot.

  14. Mountainwoodie

    Some of the guys had some time on their hands one day down at the machine shop! Take a gander at the inside skin on back seat door ( where it would be) drivers side. Look at the roof where it was sectioned in. A little diamond plate laying around from some locomotive walkways for the rear floor, a cutting torch…a few six packs………..and shazaam! A crew cab………..

    I never fail to be impressed by ‘Merican know-how. If it can be done we can do it! Even if its just stretching out the cab of a pick me up.

    By the way…..unless they found another chassis sitting around, I’m wondering ( not being able to tell the dimensions, if the back seat is sitting where the front of what was a long bed once was?

  15. mars2878

    champagne thoughts w/ beer money says modern frame & drivetrain. repair body as needed for safety, Rock the paint as is. If stock rims no longer fit, find suitable crusty replacements. you’ll get plenty of looks, w/ reliability & no cares about getting a scratch in the paint.

  16. Mark-A

    I’m not trying to cause a row but considering this is a site that caters to Car/Vehicle addicts I’m seriously surprised to see the amount of times that CHASSIS is misspelled! I’ve bitten my tongue long enough but I’ve finally reached the end of the road with this gripe. Sorry guys but it’s not directed at anyone specifically so please don’t think I’m singling anyone out!

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