Shady Lot Find: Preserved ’87 LeBaron

I don’t know why, but I’m always enamored by those corner used car lots where the interest rates are through the roof and the salesman looks like he’s on work release. It’s almost as if being blatantly disreputable doesn’t count in that environment – think Rudolph Russo in Used Cars. Well, every now and again these hucksters end up with a survivor car like this 1987 Chrysler LeBaron here on craigslist and you just pray it finds a good home. 

As a vehicle that was somewhat disposable even when new, seeing a LeBaron of this vintage in such clean condition spells just one thing to me: grandma-owned vehicle. Those seats, steering wheel and wood trim details are far too clean for a corner lot fluff and buff. Plus, the carpets appear to be stain-free and those guys don’t want to take the time to expunge two decades’ worth of coffee spillage.

This is definitely a bargain basement LeBaron, complete with a naturally-aspirated four-cylinder and crank windows inside. Up front, you’ll notice the headlights are exposed, which may mean the retractable doors are jammed. No matter – this one is all about the preservation factor, and I haven’t seen a LeBaron this clean in years. The seller says the odometer reading is 27,960, and while I don’t necessarily trust that figure, the engine bay looks clean enough to possibly be accurate.

Out back, the still-shiny chrome and un-tinted glass are other details you rarely see on any LeBarons still on the road. There’s so many reasons to buy this car, but let’s not forget the seller’s primary reason for putting you in the driver’s seat TODAY: Why Buy From Breithaupt Auto Sales??? Breithaupt Means More! More savings, more value and more peace of mind. Well, then. There you have it. If you can get past the sales vomit, you could be driving off in one of the cleanest LeBarons on the planet.


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  1. Billy

    These drove really nice. Too bad its not a five speed. Don’t discount the trusty 2.5 litre engine, great mileage, reliable, plenty of torque. Caroll Shelby once said that engine with a 16 valve head (with out even a turbo) would be the “perfect engine”.

  2. Tonyf

    This does have retractable headlamp covers . Look closely you can see them. They all came with them.

    • Jeff Staff

      Shoot, you’re right – I just figured there was a “stripper” option!

    • Dennis

      The last year of this Le Baron Did not have hidden headlights !
      Also where is this located at?

  3. Christopher Muse

    Unfortunately there is a dealer like that on every corner in PA.

  4. MM

    Is it just an optical illusion or is that tach red-lining in the photo?

  5. John D

    No turbo = No fun! I enjoyed the ride and handling of these coupes, with both automatics and manual transmissions. By this time, I was ordering my demos with power windows and locks as well as the Infinity Sound System and maybe a sunroof. The 2.5 was a good engine but the turbos were. I have hired the shady lot type for the lot, even one killer and some Viet Nam Vets with interesting stories and hundreds of nervous tics.

  6. Wolfie

    Tach red lined, motor cold not so smart…just sayin.


    I bought an 88 at the same lot in the late 1990’s haha! It had a ton of miles. It was black with the clear coat missing on all of the top surfaces. It was under $400. I bought it to flip but then started driving it and well started liking it. Painted it changed all the fluids. The 2.5 was noisy and fixed it with a cam and lifter kit. Amazing with 200K and no service history to speak of ran and handled well. It fit me very well as I am over 6′ and felt right. It had no rattles. Read a Consumer Used Car Report at the time and they slammed the Lebaron in almost all areas. Couldn’t understand it. I kept it for 6 years and was hard pressed to find something to replace it. Nice find.

  8. Rustytech Member

    It’s north of Philadelphia, near NJ border, an area that is known for the speed at which cars rust. I don’t know about mileage, but this car was definitely garaged, and used sparingly if at all in winter. Rare to see one this nice today!

  9. m power

    Had one of these as my first car, but mine was a turbo. It barely lasted 6 months before I blew the motor, lesson learned!

  10. Mike Williams

    Dam, I thought it was like my old Turbo Coupe.

  11. Rex Kahrs Member

    Wow I must be getting old, because any car newer than maybe 1980 doesn’t interest me in the least. 1970 I mean.

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