Short Take, Potential Bargain: 1967 Buick Skylark

Yes, that’s an awful picture, and that’s the best of the three that are included in this auction listing here on eBay. The car is located in Mount Washington, Kentucky and bidding is all the way up to $338 with no reserve as I write. How hard is it to take a picture of a 1967 Buick Skylark? It’s not running away from you! We don’t know much about the car, but let’s see what we can figure out. The one thing we can see from the written part of the ad is that it sports a 340 cubic inch V8!

I hope you are chuckling a little bit, because I was as I looked at the pictures and the lack of verbiage in the ad. Nonetheless, at less than $500, this would be a very low cost entry into the classic car world. So let’s try to take the lame selling effort (look at the ad if you wonder why I’m saying that) seriously and see what we can uncover from the pictures. Here, although the prow of the hood is slightly damaged, I don’t see much rust, and it’s possible that metallic green is the original paint. The chrome front bumper and grille look pretty nice as well. We can tell from the first picture that it’s a four-door, and while I realize that will rule it out for some of you, there are others of us that prefer it that way to easily take our families cruising with us.

Ok, even I admit that it’s hard to learn much from this shot. However, we do know the car has been off the road (no license plate) and that it has at least one of the neat fender skirts (see this picture for how sleek they make the car look). It’s also a safe bet that the fender skirt came off to get to a flat tire–which may mean the car has been stored for a while. Apart from the gouge on the left rear, it doesn’t look like this end has been in an accident either. Remember the price here–if it stays below $500, would you be willing to go through what it will take to get a title? One of our frequent commenters (hi, Dave!) tells us it’s not too hard. Have you ever done that with a car? Share your experiences with us in the comments


  1. Howard A Member

    You know, it’s not always the cars themselves, but the stories that go along with cars like these as well, that I enjoy. Back in the late ’70’s, me and several buddies were sitting in a bar in winter in Milwaukee, half baked, someone says, F this, let’s go to Florida. YEAH! I had my MGB and another guy had a car exactly like this. Change of clothes, quit our jobs, and off we go. The Buick was a beater, but only 10 years old, well, everything was fine until we crossed the Fla. line, literally just past the welcome sign, the right rear wheel bearing begins to come apart. Saturday aft. mind you, middle of nowhere, we jack up the car on the shoulder, the axle was so hot, it came right out with a tug, threw the axle in the MG and off we went. 1st exit I came to, got off, an auto parts store was just closing ( I know, like the Autozone commercial) we asked the guy if he had a bearing, yup, last one. Could you press that on for us? Sure, in 45 minutes, we went back, threw the axle back in ( the other guys were playing cards on the shoulder), a little oil, and trip resumed. They said a cop never stopped by. Try and do that today.
    Back to our regularly scheduled program.

    • S Ryan

      An axle from one of these fit in a MGB. Cleaver placement I assume.
      Add is terrible. eBay says clear title owner spells out on title. Not to mention no windshield.

      • Howard A Member

        Top down. It was Florida. :) ( actually, just the axle shaft, not the whole axle)

    • Jason T

      I had a rear wheel bearing go out on my 65 Skylark, it made a noise like one of those whistling fireworks when it failed.

  2. Fred W.

    Now how could someone thumbs down a great story like that? We all have them. Keep ’em coming, Howard!

  3. Steve H

    Those photos are bad. I couldn’t help myself, so I asked the seller this question:
    “Are those the best photos you could take? How about the engine bay and interior? You do realize people will bid more money if they see that your car is worth more than the three lousy pics you posted. I’m sorry you may not be much of a photographer but just sayin’… you’ll prolly get more bids with more photos. Good luck with your auction, I love ol’ Buicks!”

    –maybe he’ll post some more pics, but I’m not holding my breath lol.

  4. Steve H

    Oh well eBay just sent me a notice saying they did not send the seller my message. Maybe they were offended by my use of the word “lousy” comment.

  5. Jubjub

    I saw this on Craigslist. Think they were asking $1300.

    Be cooler if it was the color scheme like the one in Blood Simple.

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