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Sighting At An Abandoned Home In Dallas

While driving around in Dallas, Texas, reader Brian S spotted something interesting parked at an abandoned house. He thought everyone would enjoy seeing it, so he snapped a couple photos from the street for us to have a look at. Well, I’ll let him tell you a bit more about his sighting. From Brian – I found this at an abandoned home in South Dallas. It looks like it was in the garage for some time and also appears somebody is about to take it away. Many old letters on the front porch…the house has been empty for some time.

It’s too bad that this Mopar has been left out in the elements, hopefully Brian is right and it’s been parked in the garage until recently. It’s hard to tell for sure, but it looks solid. He didn’t venture in to close, there’s this thing called trespassing, so we can’t see the front. It looks like a 1972 Plymouth Barracuda to me, but I will leave it up to the Mopar experts out there to let us know exactly what it is. Our special thanks to Brian for sharing his sightings with us and if you see anything cool parked along the road, be sure to snap a photo and send it over!


  1. Wade Anderson

    It’s a 73or74the stripe on the 72 went up in the curve not straight at the bottom

  2. SnuffySmiff

    My best friend in HS had a green ’72 exactly like this. It had a supposed stock 318 with headers, a Holley 780 w/hi-rise manifold and dog dish hubcaps. And you’d be shocked at just how fast it was. A LOT of people were shocked by it back then! To this day he still regrets ever letting it go…

  3. Doyler

    California plate too. I’d love to know the story.

  4. Jody

    Trespassing…lmao…if nobody lives there, it’s not trespassing….

    If I was thrown in jail for everytime I walked up to a house, and asked about a vehicle, I would be in jail for life. Grow some balls you pushover.

    • ROAR

      I think that in Texas it’s considered OK to shoot people on your property!

      • PAW

        Truly sad that people have to live in a place where this is possible.

        I am proud to be able to live in free world

    • Mountainwoodie

      If it’s not your house and you enter the ‘curtilage, univited, you are trespassing. Occupancy is irrelevant. Its not your house. Period.

      • Scooter Joe

        Trespassing can be a bit tricky. May I educate you street lawyers. If there are any signs within a designated distance from property(varies state to state and maybe even county to county) and you deface them or remove them that can be a Felony. If you violate the signs warning it’s a misdemeanor in most cases. Same with any type of enclosure or fence. That is designed to keep people out. If there are no signs or fence then you are not sure if it’s private or can be used to access a public road or sidewalk. Most prosecutors or district attorney’s will tell you as long as no one objects to your presence and you do not intend to commit a crime you can look or ask a reasonable question. How much is that car? is this your property? Do you know how to reach owner etc. If owner,tenant or other responsible person tells you “this is private property” then you have to leave. Staying after notification is Criminal trespass. Some jurisdictions have a lower standard of trespass and that would be a”Violation”, where like a speeding ticket/summons you would get a notice to appear in court to plea not guilty or send in the ticket with a “guilty” with a fine. Sometimes you have to show up in court mandatory. So there you have it. No further discussion is required. PS in Texas you can get shot by owner, because even owners can do stupid things.

      • sluggo

        Scooter Joe is spot on. In my state it can be helpful to your situation if you also VERBALLY and very loudly state 3 times, “Leave my property NOW! You are trespassing” (3x just like Beetlejuice).

        As a kid I used to sell greeting cards, and seed catalog sales, walked for miles door to door,,(Got bit once by a mean German Shepard). At my old job we often were dispatched to public housing site(s) and I ALWAYS made sure I had cash or ordered from the kids peddling candy, jerky, books or other fundraiser schemes, also several who would set up lemonade stands. (I didnt trust the stuff and poured it out later) But I wanted to support any kid there who was out learning how to work and make money. I had a few guys who were not nice people on our crew so I would pay extra and tell the kids…”I am buying for those guys too, make sure they drink up!” It was funny as they would yell at me later about the kids.
        So ease up you guys on the bunker mentality,,, could be just some kid trying pay for a school trip or music gear.

    • Dovi65

      It most certainly IS trespassing, and you can most certainly be arrested for such. Be respectful of other’s rights, & property [be it a home, shack, or vehicle]. Just because the home is unoccupied, doesn’t mean someone doesn’t have claim to it, or items therein. Bottom line? Tread lightly.

      • PAR

        So…. how are you supposed to knock on someones door if you have a legitimate enquiry?? Do you post them a letter first?!! Can they shoot you even if you have a perfectly reasonable reason for approaching the front door?? So glad I dont live somewhere like that.

    • Will Fox

      Jody, that ‘click’ you might hear over your shoulder might not be a BIC lighter. Think about THAT.

    • Jay E.

      Jody, I hope you are joking, if so it is a bad joke. I own a piece of rural property, the most common excuse I get for trespassing from vagrants, vandals, thieves and tweakers is that “my buddy told me it was abandoned and that it was Ok to take whatever I wanted”. I HATE that excuse, it makes my blood boil. A very mean dog and shotgun finally put an end to that crap.

      • Martin Marshal

        I think your anger is misdirected Jay. I hear you and agree- the lower parts of society invade my space from time to time and give pathetic reasons.

        We are talking about knocking on a door and asking about a great car, not stealing from anyone.

    • audifan

      I have not read such a stupid statement like Jody’s in a long time. In a “free” country where every dumb redneck can buy a gun I would never walk into somebody’s property just to look at a car. Inscription on Jody’s tombstone : I thought the house was abandoned and I only wanted to look at a car.
      Get a life and start dealing with reality.

      • Martin Marshal

        Wow. What friendly bunch.

  5. Freddy

    No doubt. Ya dont know if you dont ask. Ar ya gulity of somthin.

  6. john hetlage

    No baby bumpers required on 73 and later

  7. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Yep….it’s around the corner from me….not for sale…..

    • Jacob

      What’s the story?

    • Glen

      So, who owns it? Is there someone to inquire about it? What’s the story? Sorry about all the ( I think valid) questions.

  8. Van Vandenbosch

    Not sure of the year but take notice to size of the back window not the normal small window that they had

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I don’t know about that. This picture I grabbed off of the internet shows a rear window pretty much the same size as the featured car.
      This picture also shows the rubber bumperettes that I mentioned are on the 73 and 74 model. 72 was the only year with the round tail lights and no rubber bumperettes.

  9. Peter

    I doubt very much if it is an abandoned home ?

    • Brian

      I agree. “Abandoned” has become the catch phrase of the day describing anything that doesn’t have a live owner standing in the front yard.

    • Brian

      Howdy Peter, yes you are more accurate than I on my own description. The South side neighborhood is run down, there was a contractor permit taped to a front window. Same window looks like an empty jnterior. Large pile of old mail (with names) on the front porch. The house most likely belonged to the cotractor so I just left after a quick pic through a wrought iron gate. I’m a Texas and respect folks privacy so I won’t be sharing address and names…sorry. Hey ya’ll, it was about a cool car pic nothing else.

  10. Damian Campisi

    Maybe its getting ready to be moved? doesnt look like its been outside forever and there is also a trailer parked behind it.

  11. Vegaman_Dan

    Short block something sitting upside down in front of the left side garage door.

  12. NSGray

    I don’t believe this car has been in a garage for all THAT long… the “6” series California license plate would have been issued in 2013…

  13. gerry Member

    could be the trailer and car are stolen and someone interrupted the thieves who were trying to hide it at the abandoned house


    I’m more interested in the trailer.

  15. Bo

    So go to the county tax records and find out current home owner; reach out to them and see what you can find out (e.g. what’s the price–house/car/trailer?

  16. George

    Lived in Texas most of my life, not too far from where this car is located. That part of town is NOT where you want to go poking around. So Jody, if you want to keep them, best not go strutting up to a house you think is abandoned. Try walking up to my barn and I’ll introduce you to two sweet puppies and a 12 ga pump.

  17. Martin Marshal

    There is nothing wrong with knocking on someones door to ask a question. Not sure what type of paranoia/ bs y’all are drinking but if your first thought is to shoot someone who comes on your property to ask/ admire a car (no- we’re not talking vagrants squatting or criminals stealing) then maybe you should examine your life a little. If you call that trespassing perhaps you should move to where you don’t have to interact with other humans.

    A man with a great car doesnt mind you telling him he has a great car. Who knows, maybe they are looking for a buyer!

  18. jwinters

    wow you guys are so tough, while all safe sitting at your computer.

  19. sluggo

    So, I get pissed off at metal scrappers, unsolicited sales people, and aspiring pickers who spot vehicles at my place. Run them off all the time, but you guys are talking out your A** on some of this.

    For example, what about Mormons or Jehovah’s witnesses? Ever see or hear of one deterred by No trespassing signs or Doberman on duty? Not me….

    But I cant speak for Texas but brandishing a firearm is a criminal act in my state. The rule taught by any competent expert is never display a firearm unless you are prepared to fire and only as a last resort.. Most people are killed by their own guns. In my state you can be charged with Menacing and the rule of law is “In the opinion of the victim they were in danger” which is damn subjective. In modern days of cell phones and cameras any footage of you brandishing a firearm is going to be YOU going to jail and likely loss of ownership of firearms for life.

    I have some experience on both sides of this. But Also in my state, people can & do defend their property or person with firearms but be prepared for about $10k to $20k up front to an Atty to represent you. If it goes to trial,,, pony up more.

    I agree anyone should use common sense before you set foot on someone else’s property,, But all you quick draw johnnies are in for a painful education.

    I have used weapons both in the military and since. It is truly the last resort. Morally, ethically and legally. Educate yourselves about your rights and the law before you get in trouble and take training serious, and regularly.

    One last piece of advice on those who favor militarized and tactical gear. In the event you are in a trial over use of a firearm the prosecutor is likely to portray you as a deranged lunatic and menace to society and brandishing your tactical gear in front of a jury is very persuasive. If you actually intend to use a firearm against a person in a defensive gunfight in fear for YOUR life or safety then buy a pink gun and slap some Hannah Montana and Unicorn stickers on it. If you look like Genghis Khan no one will buy it, but otherwise you can save a lot of grief not being RAMBO. (Think Mr Rodgers or Burl Ives)

    • Jay E.

      Sluggo, You are right on almost every point. It is remarkable what it has come to. Shotgun stays out of sight unless needed, the dog doesn’t. A sign may not deter you, but a mean dog onsite seems to deter almost everyone. Somehow they seem to know when it is an intruder and when its not, I can’t figure it out.

  20. Pete

    There are any number of reasons why this property seems abandoned. The owner could have passed away and the property is in probate or the family hasn’t been able to bring themselves to deal with it yet, or there is a feud going on over the will. Then again the owner maybe a civilian contractor working abroad for the US military in some fashion, or a deployed single soldier. Maybe they have more than one residence or are stationed in california and chose to leave the car at their home in texas because it was safer there in regard to weather or natural disasters they thought. There is a home in my neighborhood where for the last year none of the vehicles has been moved in over a year. Someone was kind enough to remove a branch that had fallen beside one of the cars after the last storm. But it took them 3 months to get around to doing that. None of the vehicles on the property are special enough for me to go digging around to find out who owns the place. I just hope that thieves do not notice what I saw.

    One thing you can take to the bank though is you don’t mess with texas or texans. In most states if ya get mad at someone and say I am gonna kill you. Most of them will just blow you off unless your waving around a weapon. In texas they will just blow you away for saying that and be legal doing it. If the USA ever got invaded I would beat feet to texas cause the enemy wouldn’t stand a chance in that state. Their corpses would be stacked up like cord wood.

  21. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Now, back to the car in question: I think it is a ’72.

    That’s based on the rear bumperettes being metal and not covered with a large piece of rubber like my ’73 had.

  22. Fritz T.

    That’s not an old CA. blue tag or such. Not that long of a hibernation

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