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Slick Conversion: 1934 Oldsmobile Henney Hearse

We have featured some unique and interesting Henney conversions but this 1934 Oldsmobile takes the cake. With great styling and lines, this conversion almost looks more like a gangsters limousine than a hearse. Very complete, but in need of some attention this Oldsmobile could be made into an awesome classic that could serve many purposes. For $7,900 you could bring this massive Olds home. Check it out here on craigslist out of Ringgold, Georgia. Reader Rocco B. turned up yet another great submission. Thanks Rocco!

The original engine has been pulled and replaced with a GM overhead valve inline 6 engine. The current transplant is not running, but the seller does have the original engine to this Olds. The engine compartment is dusty and dirty, but the sheet metal is nice and remarkably rust free.

Examining the interior you can see that it is a bit tattered, but appears to be complete for the most part. The door hardware is in place, and the door panels are rough needing to be rebuild/reupholstered. Still tufted, the bench looks to have held on well, even though it may have been reupholstered in its past. The wooden floor is broken in the driver floor, and the dash has surface rust. Checking out the rear cargo area, there are a few missing panels below the rear windows, but the door panels and door hardware are in place.

Remarkably solid, the exterior is quite complete minus the original roof panel, the rear door glass, the rear window, and the original front bumper. While not perfect, there is still a lot here to work with. Rot looks to be minimal concern, and the body appears straight overall with some dings to be found in a few areas. The driver side running board had a rough experience with a big foot, and the driver door likely has a worn hinge. Below the tomato red paint is some lettering that likely indicates where this Hearse is from and what funeral home it operated out of. Certainly a unique machine, there can’t be many of these Oldsmobile Henneys remaining. It would be fabulous to see this one restored as it could serve so many different purposes today. Or this could certainly be a unique rat for someone to preserve as is and get running. If you were to re-purpose this Olds, what would you do with it?


  1. TR

    One of the coolest BF’s yet👍🏿

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    • Rodney

      My sentiments exactly!
      Love at first sight for me. I prefer not to examine what that says about me…..

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      • Rodney

        We seem to have two different Rodneys writing comments…….

  2. Derek

    Anthill Mob…

  3. Ohio Rick

    This must be one of the first Hursts.

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  4. Fred W.

    Looks like house paint. Might be possible to carefully remove it to reveal the original paint and lettering.

  5. Rock On

    Hurst Olds! That’s a good one. Hurst Performance wasn’t founded until 1958.

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  6. Dirk

    That’s a neat old meat wagon. Wonder if it still smells of formaldehyde.

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  7. EHide Behind

    I wonder what money could be made in restoring this.
    Add some bling, inside and out, blower atop a big block sticking through hood, fat meats all around on nice wheels.
    Who knows, might be enough old car nuts and roddlers who might like taking a last RIP ride to final resting spot.

  8. EHide Behind

    A guy could buy it, fix it up, buy own casket and store in back.
    Drive to friends and neighbors BBQ, or tailgates at football or NASCAR. Caskets are insulated, keep the beer cool.
    And when needed, save money your decendent, would of had pay undertaker.
    They can use savings for a good ol’ Irish style wake.

  9. Andre

    That’s slick. I’d drive it daily to the office and back. Very cool car.

  10. Ming-A-Trailer

    I had a ’48 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith “Woodie” hearse – the coolest car I ever made a dump run with or hauled a Christmas tree home with!

  11. Coventrycat

    Love it.

  12. Speedo

    I have great respect for ’34 Oldsmobiles. My father-in-law regularly drove a well used sedan from western Minnesota to Washington State in Spokane Washington, about 1300 miles non-stop with no super highways. He drove home every vacation. He said at night the manifold would start to glow red after 8 hours of flat out driving. The car never broke down in all those trips. He said he always timed his travel to do the mountains in the daylight as they were scary at night. His best time was about 26 hours but it was much slower in December and January. Tough cars (and drivers).

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  13. Brad

    I’d do that thing up right… put all the windows back in to get back to the station wagon look, and then build a long, low teardrop trailer with a matching rear end to the hearse. What a great car.

  14. Rube Goldberg Member

    This is a cool find. Normally, I steer clear of hearses (that ride will come soon enough) but this really doesn’t look like a traditional hearse, just a big station wagon. Neat 30’s styling. I know I’ll get a stern look from geomechs, but I’d resto-mod the heck out of this thing! ( keeping it’s original looks outside, tho)

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  15. RunninShine

    I’m seeing a hot rod beach/tailgating wagon. Adjust the stance giving it a car look. Put the glass back in the doors and add a backseat. Add a Studebaker-style sliding roof over the “cargo” area and a slide out table under the casket deck.

    Lot’s of ideas and not enough $$$

  16. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Too bad about the fabricated front bumper instead of a chrome one. Perhaps done at the same time as the metal roof insert. Great find and a decent price.

  17. pete

    It would make a cool camper to explore old ghost towns

  18. Deadman Rising Member

    I am a lover of station wagons and Oldsmobiles. I would as suggested above, put the windows back in it, get a front bumper made to duplicate the original, put a backset in it and haul the groceries and grandkids. Love this thing.

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  19. Carguy

    Hearsed Olds!

  20. Alford Pouse Member

    Couple of hearse clubs out there, don’t think this will last long.

  21. Bab

    I like the way it looks as is, I mean this is high quality rat rod material

    Do the interior, original and nice, repower with something like a 3 liter BMW straight six.

    The closer to original the better, it’s mean enough as it sits.

    • Charlie Gilg

      Bab. …. I agree, rat rod material for sure. 3 rows of seats, or a 2nd row of lounge recliners. Big block with a blower of course. Viper V-10? There’s room for it. Maybe a rat version of the Munster Mobile?

  22. Lance L Walker

    This vehicle could be shortened to make a panel van. A lot of work but possible. Hearses are fine as far as that goes but it will still be an Olds hearse. When you go for a hearse go big. Go Caddy or Packard. How many Olds panel trucks do you ever see? My vote would be for a van conversion. This hearse surprises me as Henny did mostly Packard hearse jobs.

  23. David Conwill

    I don’t recall if mid-’30s Oldsmobiles are open driveline or not, but I see this with an overdrive, hauling another car or a pair of vintage motorcycles to The Race of Gentlemen. Got your transport and your hotel room all in one.

  24. Dray

    Believe it or not, I just got the chance to see this close up! I also was able to speak with the car hauler taking it to its new home. Paying $7900 was a felony! The drivers side rear door fell into the interior as soon as it was put onto the flat bed. Seeing this in person knowing someone overpaid for it was a huge let down.

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    • Butchb

      thanks for the update. One has to be soooo conservative when buying off pictures alone. Dray’s right and I’d say it is more the rule than the exception when buying online (which I have done, more than once). But, deduct at least 25% off asking price for the sellers nondisclosure’s and over descriptions. Do the math and buyer beware. Looks like a Dodge truck rear axle in this Olds to boot.

  25. Dustin

    Either restore it as a hearse or an ambulance.

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