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Snagged, Then Stored: 1982 Maserati Quattroporte

Sadly, this Maserati Quattroporte is no longer safely garaged in a storage facility. For reasons not disclosed here, the big sedan has been removed from its dry parking spot and is now siting outside under a tarp – so you’ll want to move quickly to purchase this largely rust-free 1982 Quattroporte sedan here on eBay, where the seller is hoping for an opening bid of $10K. The car is located in Ontario, Canada. 

I know the consensus is these cars are not worth the heavy lifting they require, but I still think they are incredibly handsome. This example has under 40,000 original miles (don’t they all?) and only some surface rust to contend with for corrosion. The seller claims it ran and drove fine when it went into storage, which always makes me ask – well, why did you promptly stop driving it? Glass and trim all look good going down the sides.

The interior presents quite well, although pictures are limited. The Maserati’s last registration shows it spent time in New York State before coming north to Canada, so a thorough inspection for rust is a must-do given it’s clearly been a northern car most of its life. The upside to that is the interior has stayed mostly preserved, as the ones we’ve seen in dry, sun-heavy states inevitably look completely trashed inside.

Now it sits under a tarp in the seller’s backyard. I can certainly understand if storage fees got too high or the seller was booted from his facility, but what a shame to have this Quattroporte now subject to rain, snow and whatever else will sit on top of that tarp, pressed against the body for months at a time. Sellers of these cars always seem to want too much money for them, which is precisely the problem with this opening bid. Hopefully, it’s lowered before too long.


  1. Rock On Member

    I wouldn’t worry too much about what is sitting on top of the tarp. Moisture is going to come out of the ground and rust the car out from the bottom up. The non breathable tarp will hold all that moisture in beautifully.

    • Jeffro

      I agree. Better to leave it open to elements that wrap it up in a big blue sauna!

  2. michael roehrs

    its the least attractive quattroporte of all. bloated and not a beauty. who wants that???

  3. michael streuly

    I just sent him an email asking why it was put in storage. Also i let him know that wraping it in the blue tarp and parking it on the grass is a big no no. I will post his answers when he answers my email.

  4. alan

    Those blue tarps are for temporary use only. The flap themselves to pieces in continuous stiff breezes.

  5. George B Member

    They are beautiful.

    I would not want one that had been registered in upstate New York any Ontario

  6. JimmyJ

    Always hear about the unreliability of the biturbos but are these great looking 4 cam v8’s any good? BTW what’s the HP rating?

  7. Vince

    That blue tarp will soon wear out . Being
    an Italian car , rust soon to follow. How
    long has it been since the car ran. $10
    Grand is a little steep for question marks.

  8. Oingo

    The tarp would be better used under the vehicle.

  9. Jubjub

    Great colors. Like the idea of a Mopar 440 in one of these. Just call it a Monteverdi. Save the motor as an object de arte or use it in something more valuable.

  10. DayDreamBeliever Alan (Michigan)

    “the BIG sedan” (Emphasis is mine)

    Really? Have you ever seen one? These are definitely NOT big cars!
    More like a “small sports sedan”.

    And the hopeful entry price has been lowered by $2K to 8. Not enough though, no action yet.

  11. Larry B.

    @Alan Are you sure you’re not confusing this with a 430? The QP3 is more than 16′ long, 74″ wide and weighs 4190 lbs. Seems pretty big to me. The 430 is 2600 lbs, but with 225hp (250 Euro) is quite a lot faster than my big old boat.
    Here’s a picture of my QP3 and my son’s 430:

    • DayDreamBeliever Alan (Michigan)

      Ya know what?
      I was thinking of the Biturbo!

      Thanks for waking me up….

      • Bill C

        I recently saw a couple of these in N.C. that a guy wanted $10k for both of them, but they weren’t nearly in this good condition. They are really big. I’m 5’10” and the roof comes up to my shoulder. Comparable to a late ’90’s Mercedes S600 in size, but more square. The puffy leather inside make up for the sharp edges on the outside. Love ’em!

  12. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Sold @ 8K.

    That has to be the cheapest blue tarp I’ve ever seen.

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