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Soft Window Project: 1968 Porsche 912 Targa

Although the Targa models of the 911 lineup are sometimes considered less desirable compared to their hardtop counterparts, soft-window models will always be prized by collectors. Although this example will need everything, its soft-window orientation almost ensures it will get the attention it deserves – especially if the seller’s claim about matching numbers holds up. Find the 912 Targa here on eBay in Lakeville, Connecticut, home of Lime Rock Park. 

I used to visit Lime Rock quite a bit growing up, as it was a 50 minute drive from my parents’ house. There were always interesting cars hiding in driveways and the woods surrounding the track, so your senses definitely started tingling as you got closer. I have no doubt cars like this 912 were nearby for reasons beyond coincidence, as race tracks tend to attract folks who want to be in close proximity to the noises, sounds and smells of racing.

This Targa was previously owned by a Vietnam Veteran, whom the seller says enjoyed this car thoroughly. Unfortunately, he may have enjoyed it in New England’s harsh winters, resulting in the substantial corrosion you can see here. The fact that the engine is still attached is a bit of a surprise, to be honest, considering the glass is missing, most of the interior is gone and the floor has clearly seen better days. Wait for the COA to verify that the numbers do match.

As mentioned, you’ll have your work cut out for you insider the car, not to mention everywhere else. The seller has opened bidding up at a low number, but there is a reserve price that hasn’t been cleared yet. Soft windows are absolutely more rare and potentially valued higher, but it does take a special kind of buyer to appreciate a Targa top. Perfect cars command big money; this example is a long way from perfect but could be worthwhile if bidding stays below $5K.


  1. Classic Steel

    Nice lawn art or flower pot 🤡

    I am always amazed of how much throw away cash people have on purchasing a parts car left out in elements. Reserve not met ? really?????m
    Sorry maybe i from another planet when I see a beater hoping for millions! Where’s the barn? Please rent one at least and spin a big yarn on pedigrees of ownership 😎

    Steve McQueen once leaned on this car 🚗 example or this engine is from James Dean lil b@stard car 🤓😛🤑

    Like 1
    • Chuck Sibio

      Love that history part !

    • grant

      So, you’d prefer to be insulted by an obviously BS story instead of the seller presenting the vehicle honestly?

      • Classic Steel

        No absolutely not but if am seeing spam sold as steak why not! One likes a lil bit of docudrama BS as I laugh! I see a Porsche with no wheels,locked engine, potential frame rott and weather torn seats netting5000 and climbing and reserve not met its needed !

        When it’s s rare car one knows they are just buying the vin numbers or drive train 😛😎

      • Classic Steels


      • Grant Flennoy

        Look like a lot of work I’ll pass how much?

    • Billy 007

      And to think, his wife nagged at him to call the crusher about this for years! Will he share the profits with all the people who lost property values living near this eyesore?

    • Whippeteer

      Nah, it wouldn’t make a good flower pot. With the floors gone, there’s nothing to hold the dirt in.

  2. Derek F

    I always prefer my project cars be palletized.

    I just hope it remains in one piece when removed from the pallet, but that may be wishful thinking.

    I think I’d need a Carfax on this one…

    • RichS

      Pallet of Porsche – you can get ANYTHING at those membership clubs!

  3. michael h streuly

    Another piece of crap that someone wants big money for.

  4. Madmatt

    Boy..! I’ve never seen so many JUNK Porsches,as on Barn finds.
    These cars must not have held up very well anywhere?
    This car is parts…,unless you just couldn’t live without it..I can..!
    Is there someone who can explain how a Porsche ends up in this shape ?…
    and please don’t say…”well…one day the battery was dead”
    so we rolled it into the barn…and well,…after a case of beer,
    we decided that it needed some more work…..LOL…..

    • Billy 007

      Because many Porsche buyers have too much money and treat them like a Pinto. I had a prof in college whose parents bought him a new 930 and he ran it in the slush and salt of Minnesota winters. He let it get full of door dings, he scratched the fender badly when he was drunk. He never washed or waxed it and a few years later I saw it, it was starting to rust. Did I mention that his folks were quite wealthy and he grew up wanting for nothing? That’s one of my major gripes about Porches, they are marketed at the 1%, not necessarily car people. A lot of what they are about is hype and prestige. Yes, they had more sportiness back in the day over domestic cars, but today that is certainly not the case. I can see no reason to buy one now except for showing off your wallet, and that is childish.

      • Mountainwoodie

        Having sold my pedestrian Cali original ’70 911 T last year, which I bought back in 2001, I feel the need to pipe up in defense of the much maligned early 901’s.
        I am no one’s idea of the top 1% or even the top 97% (lol). I’m just a car guy who looks for cars that I want. Serially I might add.

        I ve had 2 P cars, the first an early soft window Targa in the late nineties that was faster than snot. Of course it was an S. Today that car would cost a hundred grand.

        Early P cars while not fast are aesthetically beautiful to me. So I would be happy to stumble on another cheap one……good luck I can hear you say ! Still there is something about them.
        The good news is that we can still find cars we can afford…like the Rambler 770 from the other day. Some of us just have to adjust our sights sometimes.

  5. Lawyer George

    “Project car in need of restoration.” is the first clue that seller is assuming the prospective buyer is not too bright. Telling prospective buyers that this car needs restoration is an insult to their intelligence. “Long term ownership by a Vietnam Veteran who who bought it at a young age and enjoyed it for many years. ” What did he do with it? Use it in an aquatic garden as an electric eel house? “In need of extensive structural repairs.” Thanks for pointing that out. I did not notice. Regarding the question of numbers matching–I was unaware that pieces of rust precariously attached to other pieces of rust by spidery appendages are numbered.

  6. Dick Johnson

    You could attach chains to the pallet and use it on your porch as a swing. Front Por’che or back Por’che, doesn’t matter. Just don’t use it for a dog house… the dog won’t go in it.

  7. TCOPPS Tyler Member

    Literally drove it till the wheels fell off.

  8. Jack Quantrill

    Don’t laugh! I bought a 1966 912, complete, less motor, no rust AZ car for $1000 a few years ago. Messed-up and decided to part it out. Sold every nut and bolt!

    • Dan in Texas

      Just to clarify…do you not want us to laugh at this listing, or your story? Or both?

  9. ccrvtt

    Reminds me of the Targa featured in the movie The Big Chill. In fact, that Porsche was my favorite part of the movie.

    As I recall, that car actually had 4 wheels and ran.

  10. sir mike

    The Big Chill was and still is a great movie….this poor car isn’t.

  11. Mike W H

    Hagerty says this car is worth 41k as a running driver. I have seen #1 condition soft windows go for upwards of 90k. So if you can get this thing and spend about 30k on the restoration, (the wild card) you’d be sitting pretty. Well, maybe not sitting, because of the pain in your ass.

  12. Beatnik Bedouin

    After seeing the other high-priced Stuttgart rust-buckets posted, lately, I’m seriously wondering what the sellers have been medicating themselves with?

  13. Jubjub

    We have survivors, barn finds, etc. We need to coin the term “former parts car”.

  14. LD71

    I understand what you guys are saying, seems like throwing away $ to tackle this But the market has created some incredible resources for Porsche restoration, I love to see this. Runge in Salisbury ct has complete floor assembly s that can jumpstart the work here. They are a couple of miles from this car, maybe a tow rope & slide the pallet over there!
    Interesting work shown here
    LD71 😁

    Btw I live 20 miles from car & shop but no affiliation w either!

  15. JimmyJ

    As a 4 banger u could probably do better with an 1800 dual port in a beetle?
    I had a built 70 beetle that I’m sure woulda smoked it. Too bad I got sandwiched at a 4way stop by a bronco first day it snowed😩

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