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Solid Gold Classic! 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V

This artistic collection of rectangles, otherwise known as a 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V, weighs in at nearly 4700 lb of golden glimmer. While seemingly absurd, that portly-sounding number falls within 100 lb of a 2006 BMW 750Li or a 2018 Honda Odyssey mini-van, neither of which are available in gold inside and out or with a parchment vinyl top. Clearly this Lincoln represents a superior value per pound over many modern vehicles. A slight exaggeration, perhaps, but this opulent-looking Lincoln listed here on the Iowa City Garage Sale Facebook page, offers a stately presence few 21st-century cars can deliver.

The abundance of rectangles continues inside. Not even the upholstery buttons were spared from Lincoln’s late-’70s Rectangularism. Were it not for concerns about “safety,” the steering wheel might have been rendered as a stylish square as well. During the Era of Squares that continued well into the ’80s, if you liked circles on your cars, clearly you were clearly some kind of Square, though you might find some solace in the Mark V’s oval opera windows.

Only the license plate bracket shows the rust one might expect to see on a 40 year-old car from Iowa. Decades ago friends of mine in Pennsylvania sent a six year-old Delta 88 of this vintage to the junk yard;  it looked at least this good, but rust in the frame and floors had rendered it irreparable. Still, if this Mark V covered only 48,000 miles and otherwise lived a sheltered life, it may have avoided the worst of the tinworms. The “original 460 motor and trans[mission]” are said to run and drive properly. At $3900, even a non-collector might consider all the $3900 options in their area and consider it a decent used car, especially for relaxed driving to a regimented rotation of golf courses. Unlike most $3900 used cars, this one will be worth at least $3900 when you resell it. Simple logic demonstrates that this car more than holds its own when compared to many more modern options. Who is convinced and ready to pull the trigger on this uber-practical golden Continental?


  1. jdjonesdr

    What a beast!

    • Dovi65

      My first thought exactly! .. Look at the size of that beauty … she’s HUUUUUGE!!
      Hard to imagine gramma/grampa piloting that thru town
      That nose alone looks longer than my entire 2017 Ford Fusion!
      I love it, I want it. It wouldn’t fit my garage, but who cares!

      • DrinkinGasoline

        With that said… imagine piloting the ’77 Lincoln Town Car…..snicker

      • Solosolo Ken Tilly Member

        Hi Dovi. I’m a grampa and up to a couple of years back I had a 1951 Buick Super that I drove nearly every day in town traffic and you soon get used to the size. Back in the day I had a Lincoln Mk 4 and thought nothing of the size. On a different track, how do people manage to take pics of a car they are about to sell without seeing their own shadow in the viewfinder? Ruins the whole picture.

      • Bill Norman

        The dog in the shadow is a nice touch!

  2. DrinkinGasoline

    Shoe-In for “Pimp of The Year” ! Rolls grille, Velvet diamond tuck interior with Huggy Bear behind the wheel !
    “Wazz Up Baaby ??”

    • Mike

      It’s missing chandeliers on the front corners.

  3. Metoo

    Being a manual wheelchair user cars like this, with big wide doors are perfect. Especially since once I am in the driver’s seat and have taken the wheels off I have to them pass the wheelchair in front of me to the passenger seat. Modern two doors just don’t cut it.

  4. UK Paul

    What a thing, love it

  5. Jay Vette

    Holy overhang, Batman.

    This looks like the kind of car that would keep bouncing well after you hit a bump, yet you still wouldn’t feel anything.

  6. MRE2ME

    Didn’t know these were available without leather. Nice to see & so much more comfy.

  7. Midwest Jeff

    I hope Castiel reads Barnfinds.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Good Catch!

  8. Thomas

    A car that covers two time zones at once.

  9. Karo

    I had this same car except in cream instead of gold. This car has the “Gold/Cream Luxury Group” which came in cream or gold with a gold “Romano” cloth interior (or leather if you desired). Looked just like this but with the standard wheel covers instead of the turbines the photo car is sporting.

    The 460 was thirsty of course, but very smooth and the car just loved to cruise at about 75 with the A/C on and some tunes flowing out of the stereo. Gas mileage was discretely tolerated.

    These cars will make you a lot of friends. Their extreme vulgarity is rather disarming and everyone wants to go for a ride.

  10. SAM61

    Like it. A “squared off” Chrysler steering wheel from the early 60s would complete the angular look. The cloth interior looks very compfy.

    Great cruiser for minimal 💰

  11. Greg Mason

    Nice car. For those of you that remember William Conrad (Cannon) they were his favorite car.

    • Snowman

      Cannon couldn’t keep his hubcaps on. And neither could I. Don’t be sliding them around corners…,

    • Rick Loera Member

      I remember clearly. He started with a Mark lll, then onto a series of Mark lV’s starting in 1972.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      He was my first thought when I saw this monstrous beast.

  12. David Miraglia

    my favorite 1970’s Lincoln. Cruise down 86 street blasting Saturday Night Fever.

  13. Del

    Can you spell Exxon Valdeez ?

    Probably 3 miles to the gallon, with half that pouring right out the tail pipe unburned…..

    HAHA . Good looking boat though. Priced right

  14. Luxurious Lexus Land-yacht

    8 MPG.

    City. Highway. A/C on. A/C off. All of it is irrelevant.

    8 MPG

  15. Maestro1 Member

    I agree with Karo. Just bring your sense of humor and a big check for fuel and you’re fine; I’ve had several Lincolns and I think the assumption at the Factory was that if you worried about the gas mileage you should buy a Falcon. My Champion mpg was a 1993 Signature Continental, which delivered 27mpg in a straight line on flat land in California. With the Air on.

  16. Daniel (Smitty) Smith

    Love it, have a black, white leather top and interior 2nd owner

  17. Keith IH

    My dad had the 1973 version of this behemoth. I spent quite a bit of time learning to drive on my learner’s permit with him in the passenger seat. Most of his time was spent with a death grip on it’s velour covered arm rests. Most of my time was spent learning how to predict absurdly low corner entry speeds. The 460 was very smooth, but hampered by a sea of smog pump plumbing and an endless assortment of vacuum-actuated doohicky’s that never seemed to work right. I miss that car and I miss my dad . . .

  18. Oldcarsarecool

    The Lincoln Mark series has always been one of my favorites, (I’ve owned a III, VI, and VIII). The lines of the ’77-’79 Mark V cars are flawless. I’d own it for $3,900.

  19. Ken

    Ive got two of these beauties and bring them to cruise nights. I’m sorry but my answers to people’s comments get increasingly obnoxious. WOW!! THIS CAR HAS A BIG HOOD!!!! My answer typically would be “have you anymore information on this car other than it has a big hood? It’s such a useless comment to make to me.

    I love the question….WHATS THE GAS MILEAGE? they answer their own question. THREE?!?!?.

    I’m quick to tell them it’s about 10-12 depending on the ethanol used, but I last filled the tank two and a half months ago. So…how often do you fill your tank?

    Most comments here and at car cruises are pointless and useless but the car is elegantly smooth, beautiful waterfall grille. And clean looking. No ungapotchkin. Clean and simple.

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