Solid Restorer: 1959 Chevrolet Nomad Impala

This 1959 Chevrolet Nomad Impala looks a bit tired, but it is a solid vehicle that has all of the makings of a great restoration project. The rust repairs that this car requires are pretty minimal, and the next owner will have a few options open to them when it comes to the car’s ultimate mechanical configuration. The Nomad is located in Grand Junction, Colorado, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding on the Nomad has now reached $9,700, but the reserve hasn’t been met. The owner has set a BIN of $12,500, and interestingly, there are currently 116 people who are watching the listing.

The Gothic Gold Poly and Satin Beige paint on the Nomad is an attractive combination, and this car must have looked quite stunning when it was new. Time has taken its toll on the car, but it certainly isn’t as bad as it could be. Rust issues really aren’t that severe and seem to be mainly confined to a few spots in the floors. The underside of the car has a solid coating of surface corrosion, but the frame and the majority of the floors actually do look pretty good. The body itself wears a few dings and dents, but none of these appear to be too severe. For the next owner the most potentially irritating issue is the fact that at some point in time, someone has liberated the individual letters that spell-out “Nomad” on the car’s flanks. Otherwise, it does look like it is complete.

The engine bay is currently empty, but what used to occupy this space was a 348ci V8, producing 250hp. The transmission was a Powerglide, while the Nomad also rolled off the line fitted with power steering and power brakes. While the original engine isn’t fitted to the car, it can come with it, if the new owner chooses. The bad news is that the engine is frozen, and it isn’t clear whether anyone has attempted to unfreeze it. This is where the options open for the next owner, as they can choose to take the original engine and attempt to get it running again, or they can slot in another engine of their choice. A third option is that the owner does also have a 348 that has been freshly rebuilt to show-quality, and the buyer has the option of negotiating to purchase this separately. The owner is happy to configure this with either a 4 barrel carburetor or as a Tri-Power, which would make for quite a potent vehicle.

Prior to the current owner dragging the Nomad into a shed more than 25-years-ago, the vehicle apparently spent some time sitting in a field. During this time, the local wildlife had a field-day inside the car, and the original Gold and Snowcrest White interior trim has been badly shredded. It will need a complete restoration, but apart from the driver’s door upper panel and one rear armrest, it is complete.

Bidding on the 1959 Nomad has been solid, but not overwhelming. There have been 7 people that have submitted bids so far, but the fact that 116 people are watching the listing is a more telling figure. Some of these people might just be browsing, but I’d be willing to bet that more than a few are seriously interested in the vehicle. I wouldn’t be surprised to see bidding heat up on the Nomad pretty soon, and then I think that there is a real possibility that someone might choose to hit the BIN button. With the potential that is locked away in this one, I really wouldn’t blame them if they did.


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  1. Miguel

    Wasn’t this car posted before?

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    • Steve R

      Could be, this is the third time the seller has listed it on eBay in the last month.

      It’s cool, but I’d be out at that price. To me, that’s just too much money for this car less engine and transmission.

      Steve R

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      • Miguel

        Shells usually don’t sell for 5 digits.

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      • Michael

        Hi Steve, I didn’t think Chevy gave the moniker of “Nomad” to the 4 door wagons,only the 2 doors ?

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      • Steve R

        Micheal, only in 1955-1957. When Chevrolet phased out the Nomad name it was used on stripped down wagons.

        Steve R

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    • local_sheriff

      At least there was a 2door Brookwood wagon posted here in July

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      • stillrunners Stillrunners Member

        Didn’t it say ” comes with frozen 348 ” ? Still a little high on a roller with needs.

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    • Will Fox

      I think it’s deja vu Miguel; I’ve seen it before here too but it’s nice to know someone still has a chance at it. Actually, this isn’t bad at all. The rebuilt 348 the seller has would work, and I’m sure a 2-sp. Powerglide can be found if the seller doesn’t have it. I’d restore to factory specs in the same color combo, but I would opt for the tops of the rear fins in beige to match the roof. I think interior upholstery kits might be available too.

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  2. Barry Traylor

    To much money for what you would be getting.

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  3. James Rogers

    I thought Nomads were two doors.

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    • Little_Cars

      The Nomad name carried on after 57 with the wagons, 4 doors and all, until at least the end of 1960 model year. Surprised it hasn’t been revived since. Let me get this straight, for the BIN price, I get a car with no powertrain, no interior, the unique N-O-M-A-D trim missing, a slice of metal out of the driver’s rear quarter panel like from a can opener, and possibly no rear window. What a bargain! Not!

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    • Don H

      There was nomads made off and on till 1972 .At the end they were just a lower optionend chevlle.

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  4. TinCanSailor

    My mom had one of these when I was a toddler. She was forced to buy it when I arrived and she had two kids to drag around. The car she traded for the station wagon was a 57 Chevy convertible – her dream car. She still blames me for having to get rid of it!

    We always had Chevy station wagons when I was a kid and into my teens. I took my drivers test in mom’s 66 Impala station wagon. After learning to parallel parking that, everything else I have ever driven has been relatively simple!

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  5. Tort Member

    Probably not many around but way overpriced. Took my test for my driving license in one like this except it was a 235 6 cylinder with a power glide. A real barn burner!

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  6. Little_Cars

    The driveway looks the same as the one we saw with the 62-62 Buick Fire Chief’s wagon earlier this year. Same MO….wash the car and capture photos while it’s still wet.

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    • bone

      Flippers….whatcha going do with them ? LOL

    • local_sheriff

      That’s a sharp observation on the driveway really, I think you’re right ‘cuz I saved the image on that Buick as I found it to be a cool model!

  7. John S

    Waaaaay over-priced! Other than that it’s a cool car for chasing parts and gettin’ groceries. A crate 350/350 would be fine to get ‘er back in service.

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  8. KKW

    12grand for this heap? It’s a parts car and half the parts are already gone.

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  9. rpol35

    The missing NOMAD letters for both sides are gonna’ be tough to find.

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  10. David Sanchez

    can someone clear up the whole impala nomad thing? ive seen biscayne’s that were called impalas as well….arent the names just the trim levels? (so its confusing to me that they call this a Nomad Impala) An for the people questioning the amount of doors…..the parkwood came in 2 dr and 4 dr, the nomad as well, I dont think the impala wagon was ever offered in a 2 dr though.

    • local_sheriff

      Parkwood, Brookwood, Yeoman, Nomad… we’ve seen similar discussions for years and I’m more or less shocked that there in the car community in 2019 still are people that claim Nomads were 2door only!

      To start with the Nomad; they were 2door fancy wagons with a unique tailgate /roof /rear window treatment to differentiate them from regular wagons. In this configuration they were only made 55-57. After that Chevy would occasionally use the Nomad nomenclature but just as a trim level on various wagons (even 70s vans!) just as when the Bel Air was pushed a notch down the ladder when the Impala nameplate was introduced

      Just as there was a ‘hierarchy’ within the Chevy fullsize car series (Biscayne/ Bel Air /Impala), there was a similar ‘hierarchy’ within the wagon series just with different names. The names/stands would change over the years so to determine a wagon’s place in hierarchy you’ll need to know the system for the specific year! Like you say there would be some trim levels that couldn’t be had as a 2door – back then a 2door wagon (not Nomad) would be a cheap-skate’s vehicle!

      Such a system was, understandingly, rather confusing so Chevy would start using using the regular car hierarchy on their wagons from 62(?) onwards

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  11. Baltic

    What is the difference between Nomad and Kingswood?

  12. cruzin

    Its now streetlegal and on roads i Sweden

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