Sprint or Mustang? 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint

This Mustang predecessor is a 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint and, as you can imagine, its sibling, the Falcon Ranchero, will be very sad to see it leave the nest. This one is listed on eBay with an unmet opening bid price of $5,999! It’s located in Marysville, Washington.

The owner/seller seems to have a thing for red Falcons, I like that trait in a person. I’m not sure why they’re selling this one, but it sounds like it needs a full restoration. The seller seems to be honest about its condition, saying that the previous owner “attempted painting the car himself, but didn’t realize that the car must be wiped down of contaminates prior to paint. There are bubbles throughout the car. It’s a 20 footer, but I would strip it to bare metal.” They also mention that for “the exception of a poor paint job, and the poor upholstery work on the rear seat, it is all original.”

Online auctions and car-buying can be a very tricky, treacherous, and often very, very disappointing endeavor. I would have thought this Falcon to be in great condition, but once you look at the detail photos, which the honest seller included just to be 100% above board (and, kudos to them for that!), you can see that this will be an inside and out restoration project. The underside looks solid and there is a new gas tank and sending unit. Hagerty lists a #1 “concours” car as being worth $19,900. It wouldn’t take long to get up to that price on the restoration of this one.

All looks original and decent so far for the interior. It’s a rare vehicle this old where some upholstery work won’t be on the to-do list. But, that back seat! There are all kinds of replacement parts available for Falcons so redoing this interior shouldn’t be too bad, other than being painful on the checkbook. This Falcon Sprint has a three-speed manual and it’s nice to see it still on the column instead of having an aftermarket floor shifter hacked into that console. 1963 was the last year for the first-generation Falcon before the car was redesigned with a more squared-off look. 1963 was also the first appearance of the Sprint model, or technically, 1963 1/2, and it was the basis for the coming-soon Mustang.

Here’s possibly the biggest key to this car being desirable. Sure, it’s already a two-door hardtop, it doesn’t appear to have a lot of serious rust issues, and it has a manual transmission; all of those things are very desirable. But, the 260 V8 is what most buyers would be looking for in a Falcon Sprint. Thankfully, this one has that coveted 260 V8 which would have had 164 hp and was basically identical to the engine that would be in the soon-to-be Mustang. Most of us know that this car was the basis for the Mustang. Monetary value aside, would you rather have a similarly-equipped 1963 1/2 Falcon Sprint or a 1964 1/2 Mustang? Are there any former or current Falcon Sprint owners out there?


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  1. Don

    There was a 260 hipo that had 260 hp very rare 👍

    • Utes

      @ Don……
      Wow…learned sumthin’ NEW today! (Always enjoy that!)
      Here’s what WIKI says about the “HP-260″…..
      ‘The special rally version of the Falcon and Comet and early AC Cobra sports cars used a high-performance version of the 260 with higher compression, hotter camshaft timing, and a four-barrel carburetor. This engine was rated 260hp @ 5800 rpm w/269 lb/ft @ 4800 rpm. This engine was termed the HP-260 by Ford and was specifically made for Carroll Shelby – about 100 were made.’

  2. Howard A Member

    When I was a senior in HS (1972) a guy I knew was into Falcons. He had a red Sprint just like this, only a 4 barrel, 4 speed. It was really beat, and he got a ’64 2 door Futura, and gutted out the Sprint and put everything in the ’64. It totally ruined both cars. ( backyard mechanic’s at it’s best) I thought the “Sprint” package included a 4 barrel, 4 speed floor shift. Could this be a clone? Neat car, regardless. Bury the needle easy ( 100 mph speedo)

  3. racer99

    A column shifter?? I thought all the later ones had floor shifters but maybe the early ones had this as an option — I’ll let the Ford aficionados chime in and let me know. Otherwise, this is a great car that you won’t see another one like it at the car show. Decent price but the bubbling paint makes one worry about what’s underneath. But you have to admit the price is attractive.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi racer, further research shows, you could get a ’63 Sprint with a 3 speed column, 4 speed floor, or 2 speed automatic. The 164hp 260 was the only V8 option. Not sure how my buddies got a 4 barrel, it was a common swap from the 2 barrel.

      • steve

        Interesting, I did not know Ford made a 2 speed, I guess it was not as popular as the powerglide.

  4. P2d

    The Ford “powerglide” was called the Fordomatic.

  5. Cliff Member

    The Mustang was definitely Falcon based, when I was much younger and had a ’66 Mustang the emblem in the center of the horn button was loose, so I pried it off and underneath the Mustang emblem, cast in the metal it said Falcon Sprint with crossed flags in the middle!

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  6. TikiVegas

    I had the same car, but not a “Sprint” in 1980. Had to have been one of my favorite cars, but I wanted a Sprint so bad. Almost same condition as the car featured. I bought a 302 v8 and almost got to the point of transferring the engine until I bought a different car. Only had the Falcon Futura about a year, but have many stories with it.

  7. TikiVegas

    (try again to post pic)

  8. Larry K

    This car looks like it means business. I love it.

  9. erikj

    Man This one is close to me. Like 150 miles away. Had a few, years ago and really liked them. One I had for a short time was a 64 fair lane 500 sportcoupe.
    It was a 260 special( air cleaner said something like that). factory 4spd w/ console. Pretty quick ,white w/black bucket int.. Paid $100 for it. drove it home back around 1990. I always liked that car and think it was something special. Anyone know what that might have been? Back then I got so
    much stuff like that. What a story I have to tell, feel like writing a book about all the cool cars that I got and saw then.Had hundreds of cars!!! most where cars like this.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi erik, the words “Holy Grail” are thrown around a lot lately ( especially, by me) and, at the time, how would you know, but I believe you had the “Holy Grail” of ’64 Fairlanes ( anybody?) While researching the Sprint, they mentioned the ’64 Fairlane Sport Coupe, and it could have had the hi-po 260 Don mentions above. It was dropped after ’64 and the 289 was offered. I know it’s hard for some to imagine, but back then, these were truly $100 beaters.

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  10. 68 custom

    63 Falcon sprint is one of the best looking Fords ever! love to have this one! I thought the sprints had a factory Tach so my question is does anyone know if that is the factory tach? did it also have a module under the hood? I am guessing it did..

    • Lee

      I believe the tach was an option. There was no box hookup, impulse was off of ignition pulse to coil. As to which I like best. I had a sprint in 63 my dad sold it to me when he bought a 64 and a half mustang in July of 64. I drove it 100 mi. The first night dad was not happy. But it was way cool. Twelve years later I sold my falcon and regretted it for a lot of years while owning and restoring many early mustangs. But, I found another 63 sprint and restored it. I like it better owning one car of 10,000 than one of a million seven hundred thousand.

  11. scottymac

    Five lug hubs, so looks like a genuine V-8 car. The console didn’t go far enough forward that it would need to be cut to install a floor shifter. I imagine the seller is listing the Falcon to make room for the Porky in the driveway.

    • steve

      Porky in the driveway…….lmfao

  12. terry

    Back about 1968 my Dad bought a red Falcon wagon with the same bucket seats/ console. I thought it odd that a 6/at wagon had that interior. It did also have woodgrain exterior and a roof rack. Early Falcons/Rancheros are neat cars.

    • 68 custom

      I think all 2-door Futura’s were so equipped.

  13. Ty

    The Sprint package was an appearance only package and could be had with a six cylinder if the buyer desired. Most however had the 260, all 260s were 2 bbl carb, all sprint models had chrome engine dress up kit with open air breather. the tach was a additional option separate from the sprint and went atop the dash instead of the column like the rally-pac in the mustang. Sprint option consisted of special badging, buckets and console, simulated wood-grain 3 spoke wheel, and engine appearance package. it could only be had on 2dr hardtop models or convertibles. All other options had to be ordered separately. This was the last year of the ford-o-matic 2 speed automatic also, in 1964 they introduced the cruise-o-matic 3 speed automatic transmission. I have a 2 door hardtop that looks identical to this car except it’s a Futura instead of a Sprint, had it since 1968. Considering these were built to be economy cars they were really very well built and stylish.

  14. MrF

    Sprint or Mustang? Put me down for the Sprint (but not at this price and condition).

  15. G.P. Member

    I am going to go look at a 1963 ( I think that’s the year) Falcon Cayuse. The owner would like me to do some work on it. He said there was only about 2 made, Don’t know. I never heard of one, so I will see tomorrow. Supposed to have a factory hood scoop. Cayuse is a horse name like the other horse names ford used I guess.

  16. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Falcon over a Mustang…..owned both….had two convert Falcons with one being a Sprint….both were 260’s / auto……my Stang was a 289 three on the floor…..still miss my Falcons….

  17. Barry Walker

    My son has bodies for both a Futura and a Sprint to one day make 1 whole car….but he is a racer at heart and already has a turbo Thunderbird engine, 5 speed trans and injection system ready to drop in. He is a master machinist working on vintage race cars, so just needs to find the time to put it all together.

  18. Mitch Ross Member

    The Falcon Sprint was introduced at the ’63 Monte Carlo Rally, which Ford had a factory team of Holman-Moody prepared cars for the event. I believe they were class winners that year and took second overall the next year.

  19. erikj

    Thanks for the feedback on the 64 fairlane I had. That car was all original. A little rough and weathered, but it drove. It had rusted out glass pacs and although loud we joked that it sounded like a nascar lol. I remember it being fairly quick. I sold it to a guy that was really excited about. I,m sure he would have intentions of fixing it up. I feel that it was one of many hot cars that I saved as the fairlane was headed to the junk yard until I stepped in.

  20. Wayne

    Falcon over the Mustang any day. Thank God for the Mustang however as that is what all the go fast/handling parts are for to make the Falcon a better car. I must be getting old as the 60’s cars that really speak to me are all 1963s.
    Valiant, Falcon, Corvette (also 1965 and up Corvair I put many miles on an early Falcon. Lots of good times and memories. Never let me down.

  21. Utes

    All you Falcon aficionado’s deserve to enjoy this……

  22. George

    e-bay shows it ending March 25th with no bids.

    But, guess what–I have a nice ’65 red, white top,Falcon Futura Convert with a hopped-up 289, floor shift, black bench sears, shaved door handles (dumb, dumb) and some other kind of tail light lenses, which I was shocked to find in my Barn styled garage this morning when I opened the door. Jesse won’t let me list that one on Barn Finds either–although I don’t know how I know that because I just “found” it this morning! George (in Eugene/Springfield, OR). I’ll put some picture on here if someone wanders by here and knows how to do it.
    You can call me if you want at 541-726-0081, Pacific Time if you’re interested. Of course I might think I am Emilio Zapata (Marlon Brando) the early 1900’s Revolutionary, and you are calling about my beautiful white horse, but I will eventually come around in a minute or two. George (as I recall).

  23. Maltese Falcon

    Say what?

    • George

      you had to be there–this is a continuation of remarks i made looking at the 1940 red ford deluxe barn finds ad. george

  24. Raymond A Young

    Falcon over mustang any day for me. I love and respect all muscle cars but for me the lines of a falcon or comet just appeal to me so much more. Also not only do mustangs seem so “cookie cutter” to me but who ever thought that a notch-back early stang was cool in ANY configuration?? A fastback is cool but I’m not gettn the whole notch thing.

  25. Steve

    I have had over 40 mustangs thru my 62 years my last one a 12 Boss 302 (awsome car).But I always have loved the 63 2 dr hrdt and today I just purchased a 63 Sprint again number 4. Hope to have a long love affair with this one too.

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  26. Rick

    I’ve got a 63 1/2 Falcon Future that looks pretty much the same as this one. It’s in project stage, body is 99 % rust free, someone stuffed a police 302 full roller engine in it, original 4 spd. car. interior is pretty rough. I have most of the chrome trim for it…And it could be for sale at the right price if someone is looking.

  27. David

    Mercury made the 63 “S22”, Round Badge on lower front fender sister to the Falcon was used in racing prior to the Cyclone. I picked one up in Salbury and towed it to Charlotte back in 81, kept trying to buy that thing but never did, drove my uncles Sprint during summer of 71, blew a head gasket and he tried to fix and ened up selling it.. He bought new and It ran strong, console and bucket package… http://www.2040-cars.com/Mercury/Comet/1963-mercury-comet-s22-v8-260-one-of-the-best-for-sale-one-of-6-303-made–362950/

  28. Patty

    My hubby had a 64 Falcon Sprint with a 289, automatic tranny with the column shift back when we were dating, many many years ago. Bucket seats with a console,ohh and it was a convertible. His mom used it while he was in the military. Something went in the engine and she traded in in for something else. That car was in mint condition. Such a shame.

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  29. David aka DrFox

    Help me /// I have just got back from Vietnam bot long and I saw a 69 OD Green Torino that had Falcon emblems on it back rear quarters and a 250 intergraded head under the hood, I say a 69 because that’s because it could not have been a 68 or could it have been ? OD Green was big back then, many cars came in that color. This was before the 70 Torino body style came out ! I thought it was going to be the New Falcon and thought it was awesome. Someone told me they ran out of the Falcon body’s and the Mavericks were not ready ? Others said it may have been a order but how did someone know about the 70 Torino body style ? I have never seen another, and being in the business of auto salvage and towing I looked and still looking for answer ! ,,,, I decided to do a search again and WAH Lah’ I wasn’t seeing things…. http://www.curbsideclassic.com/curbside-classics-american/1970%c2%bd-ford-falcon-mission-implausible/

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