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If you’re reading this and saying “Those are my cars!” I promise I didn’t touch them, the covers have ripped by themselves in the weather! We rented an outside storage spot near our rental in North Carolina for a year to store our car-hauling trailer while we are building a house, and from time to time I’m in there either picking up or dropping off the trailer. I was a customer of this facility many years ago and at one point had two Triumph Stags and a Triumph Italia 2000 stored outside just like these cars. I’ve seen these vehicles and the others pictured on the next page since I’ve been coming to the unit this year, although they have only recently become more visible due to covers coming off. As far as I know, none of these are for sale, and please bear in mind that I’m definitely not the photographer that Jeff or Eli are!


The 1975 Monte Carlo in the top picture looks like a beautiful survivor. I really hope someone puts it in a garage soon. The 80’s Grand Wagoneer is one of my favorite SUV’s, although this one looks like it’s been there for a while. The two Chevy trucks are near enough to each other that I’m guessing they belong to the same person. I think even the primered one is restorable, but the green one doesn’t look bad at all.


Finally, we come to this covered lump. When I first came to the facility earlier this year, the silver tarp was intact as well, and it’s hurt me every time I drive by that this car is covered by those plastic tarps that cause such damage. Can you tell what it is by the silhouette? If you look at the other pictures below, you can figure out what it is. I will say that I looked closely at the tarped nose as the wind blew the tarp, and it doesn’t have covered headlights–is that too much of a hint?


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  1. Ceezy

    It’s gotta be an e type

    • jim s

      yes a coupe, maybe an early model because the wheel nut has wings to hammer on. someone please save this car. thanks

    • graham prentice

      that car is a E-type FHC. It does not have the protruded rear bump so it is not a 2+2. As well, if it does not have covered head lights it is a after 1967 and a 1/2 which makes it a Series 1.5 as they are referred to. The next clue is that it still has the early knock off double wings which were banned for import to North America with all 1968s from the very start of the year. With the early winged knock off’s, this would be a triple carb car as well. The double carbs were from early to mid 1968.

      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

        Excellent sleuthing, Ceezy, Jim & Graham! I agree (although like I said, I never lifted the tarp to find out).

  2. Aaron B.

    Being a muscle car guy, my first guess was, MAYBE .. big MAYBE 50’s ‘vette….

    But I also like Ceezy’s thinking on an E-Type….

    What has me puzzled is that there appears to be “something ” protruding from the car towards the front.. such as a mirror maybe.. given the framework of the car, I think, if it’s a mirror, then that would likely rule out the my ‘vette theory…

  3. Monsieur le Baton

    definitely an e-type top line in the first and third pictures. i’d even go as far to say a 2+2 as it looks so high, the spinners are ‘eared’ which i believe makes it a mk1 or 1.5 as non eared spinners were introduced for road safety reasons from the mk2 onwards in the US, however open headlights rules out mk1 therefore suspect triple carb 4.2 around 1967 series 1.5.

    open headlights but eared spinners, unless its a UK import i’d take a punt at what i said above.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Well done, Monsieur!

      • Maria

        That white 75 Monte Carlo caught my attention where is the location? Do you have the owners number?

  4. Chris Smith

    Is it a late 60s Jaguar?

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