Stored For 49 Years: 1963 AMC Rambler 770

Good deals on classic cars are still out there, guys!!! Check out this solid AMC Rambler Classic 770. The owner claims that this car was stored in a garage from 1969 until recently! OK, so it is a 4-door and it only has an inline 6 cylinder engine, but it is a great project! Find it outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana here on Craigslist for just $1,650!

I can’t believe how solid this car is! The AMC Rambler Classic won Motor Trend’s Car of the Year for 1963! Curved glass and stamping innovations such as “uniside” door openings made from a single stamping helped this car win the award. And the 770 is the highest trim level for this model.

If I were getting into classic cars, this is the kind of car that I’d look for. Minimal rust, solid body and originality would make a great starting point. Oh, and did you notice that price?!  $1,650 with only 82,000 miles! I’m almost tempted to check it out myself!

Apparently this car came with a 196 straight six but has a 232 installed now. The seller doesn’t tell us the year of the 232, but that engine was installed in the Rambler Classic starting in 1964 so that’s almost correct and who doesn’t want a little more power? Unfortunately that 232 isn’t running so the seller includes another 232 with an automatic transmission that is said to be in good condition. The car was purchased from an estate and doesn’t have a title but includes a bill of sale and the required paperwork to apply for a title. Assuming that the title isn’t much of an issue, I think that this is a great deal for a classic AMC!


  1. packrat

    Yep. No pretensions or preposterous inflations here. The kind of car that could be seen for decades in the heartland, in carports and church parking lots in every small town you passed through. My idea of a good time at a great price.

    • Michael

      A BIG amen to that.

  2. jw454

    This seems like a pretty fair price. The car looks to be in good shape.

  3. Rich Truesdell

    Very similar to the car I did a story on for Motor Trend Classic years ago that never ran in print but did online. It was owned by Mitt Romney’s father George, the one-time CEO of American Motors.

    The Romney car was a 1964 Classic 550 (the base model car) where this is the top 770 model Classic. The feature shows the upside potential of this car.

    Dimensionally, this is an almost direct match for a Mercedes-Benz 220 Fintail. And probably the performance numbers, with a well-tuned 232, won’t be far off.

    Here’s a link to the Motor Trend Classic feature.

    And a version I did for my “on hiatus” Automotive Traveler Classic Car digital magazine.

    Detailed photos here.

    In the hands of the right person, for not much bucks, this could be a fun project, probably for less than $5K, all in (including a Maaco upgrade paint job).

  4. Rube Goldberg Member

    Great find. I don’t think there’s a lot of these cars to be found. I believe what’s happening, is these cars were found years ago, and the current owners are finding out it’s too expensive to restore basic cars like this. It has limited appeal. I love Ramblers, Car of the Year, this was. We, in Milwaukenosha were very proud of that. It really was a beautiful design compared to the ’62’s, and they sold a bunch. Nobody kept them, they rusted profusely ( unibody rusted to the point of not being repairable, like my gramp’s ’61 Classic) and to see one like this is truly a treat.

  5. Bob C.

    Used to see quite a lot of these around growing up. I’m sure it will find a good home and be appreciated.

  6. CJ

    What’s with the trunk? Rear ended? Nice car that needs a lot of TLC! Luckily, from the photos on Craigslist, the body seems to be in good shape.

    Like 1

    Great find wish I could afford A car. Unfortunitly not to be.

  8. Maestro1 Member

    Great find. Someone buy it.

  9. RockNRoll

    Only yellow flags I see are rust and title issues. Otherwise, it’s a great find at a great price.

  10. GlenK

    Just remember, as enthusiasts most of us didn’t like them then for a reason. They were not cars that handled well or looked that great compared to their competition. Yes, they are interesting to look at now and maybe for some they are good starter cars to get into the car hobby and that’s it.

  11. Stephen Merz

    Here is an original 1964 Classic 770 with the 232 cu in. That engine debut was Apr or May 64 in the Typhoon. My car was manufactured in mid June with 232. Only 429 Classics were made with the 232 in ’64.

  12. Stephen Merz

    Here is an original 1964 Classic 770 with the 232 cu in. That engine debut was Apr or May 64 in the Typhoon. My car was manufactured in mid June with 232. Only 429 2 dr hardtop Classics were made with the 232 in ’64.

  13. Chris Londish Member

    My mum’s cousin was a Rambler man had them for years nice car in their day quite expensive assembled and distributed by AMI in Melbourne the last Ramblers sold here were the Matadors the Police had Rambler Rebels in Sydney and Javelins were sold here to my Dad was offered one in the mid 70s but to sporty the Guy only wanted $2900 for it

  14. PatrickM

    My folks bought me a 1960 Rambler Classic to drive back and forth to school and work. Both front seat backs dropped back to form a full sized bed. LOL. I loved that car. Had it until I enlisted in the USAF in June, 1963. Great running car! If only….

  15. Mitch Ross Member

    This is a great car for someone who wants to get into the hobby. I’s located very near the site of this year’s AMO meet. If the engine can get running, you could practice painting on the hood and trunklids, practice carb rebuilding and other things and have a cool car to drive on weekends. Maybe a $1000 offer so you have some extra money for when you have to paint it 3 or 4 times.

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