Stored Indoors For 30 Years: 1955 Ford


This 1955 Ford two-door was originally purchased by the seller’s husband’s grandmother. Apparently it was stored “indoors” (I’m guessing this is a somewhat structure due to all the bird excrement) for the last 30 years. There’s some rust visible but it’s not too bad, although I’m a little concerned about some of the places where the excrement has accumulated. The seller also states it needs a radiator; maybe that’s what took it off the road 30 years ago? Thanks to Kyle P. for the tip! This one is a two-door sedan; it could have either an inline 6-cylinder or one of two V-8’s. I think I can make out the word “Custom” on the rear fender; I believe that would make it a Customline, which was the middle trim level for the sedan that year. It’s located in Grand Marais, Minnesota and is for sale here on craigslist. The asking price is $3,000 but as the seller says, “make an offer!”


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  1. Vince Habel

    Fairlane. Club Sedan

  2. Rich

    Seen quite a few MN cars here lately! I think that plate is an early 60’s??

  3. JW

    Wonder what’s under that tarp in the background ???

  4. Ed P

    I would recommend a hazmat suit and antibiotics before getting to close to this one.

  5. bonneville 64

    I don’t see the “Fordomatic” script on the trunk. Could be an inline 6 with a 3 on the tree, if lucky could also have overdrive. Would like to see some interior shots and an engine shot. Emblem on left front fender appears to be for a 6 cylinder

    • Leslie

      It has dual exhaust pipes. More than likely a 239 or 292 Y block V-8 if original???

      • Ed P

        The 239 was discontinued after 1954. The 272 was the usual V8 option that year. Some cars had the ‘Thunderbird V8’ badges. That may have been the 292.

    • Barry T

      As I have stated, I once owned a 1956 Ford Victoria and I do not recall there being a “Fordomatic” badge on it.

      • Jason Houston

        “Fordomatic” and “Overdrive” only appeared on the trunk from 1952-1955.

  6. piper62j

    My dad and I both had 1956 Fords when I was in high school.. I had the Custom and he had the Crown Vic with a T-Bird 312 engine.. Both nice..

    This 55 is loaded with cancer.. Good for parts, or major reno.. Never get your money back..

    • JB

      Hey, you guys get your reading glasses, you didn’t notice the dual pipes sticking out under the rear bumper. Dead give away that it is a V8!

      • Barry T

        Just what I was going to say.

      • Jason Houston

        It’s a Fairlane series car, which means it came with a V8, but a 223 six was available as a delete option on all Fairlanes.

        The script on the rear says “Club Sedan”.

  7. Texas Tea

    For crying out loud. “The car was perfect until my husband got his hands on it……nothing but neglect”. Wow!! Was she talking about the car… or herself?

    I think I like the the car.

    • Will

      I thought the same thing. I wonder if he even knows it is for sale. If he does, then I wonder if he has seen this ad. I am guessing the two have exchanged more than a few words about this car and its lack of progress over the years.

  8. Dave Wright

    Ok……..disclaimer, I am not a ford guy……but when I was about 17, my dad bought a 55 Victoria for me to drive ( not a crown….he probably got it through some deal at his auto shop) He was not a ford guy either…..(what was he thinking?). It was one of the few cars I have ever lost money on and was not unhappy when it got stuffed into a Spokane snow bank never to return. The car ran alright if the 6 volt starter could get it running……but it felt like pure junk compared to my 55 Pontiac Catalina coupe. Just could never warm up to the car.

    • Barry T

      You must have gotten a lemon. This is what the 1956 Ford Victoria I had looked like and it was one of the nicest cars I ever owned.

      • Denny

        Nice 56!

    • Jason Houston

      My first car was a ’55 Fairlane Club Sedan, and I instantly despised the under-engineered 6-volt system with all my might. The POS let me down so many times, and I missed much school as a result. All the subsequent flatheads I owned were always reliable, but I never had good luck with any ’54 or ’55 Ford with their cave-man 6-volt systems.

  9. piper62j

    My very first car was a 51 Ford custom, then came the 56 Ford Custom, then a 57 Ford custom, a 59 Ford Galaxy and eventually a 63 Galaxy 500 convertible.. All were great cars and I wish I had them all back.. LOL

    • Jason Houston

      NICE set of cars! My initiation went ’55 Club Sedan, ’56 Fordor Victoria, ’51 Custom 2-door sedan, ’57 Country Sedan, ’59 Galaxie Club Sedan, ’60 Town Victoria and ’64 2-door sedan. And then I stopped selling and began keeping them.

  10. Denny

    Add says; One of two V-8’s. I think there was only one V-8 in 1955 and that was a 272. 292 came out in 1956 as did the 312. I would love to bring one of these 55’s back to it’s splendor! Just don’t have the money to buy one. My very first car! Only difference is mine was Regatta Blue. 2 door Club Sedan with three on the tree. Also dual exhaust.

    • Jason Houston

      Actually, there were two V8s, both 272s. The base was a 272 (U code) and the option was a 4-bbl. James Dean bought a new Snowshoe White Country Squire with the 4-bl (M code). He had that car with him the day he tossed his Pooch.

  11. George

    I had some belongings stored in a storage building. Even on a concrete slab there was enough room for birds to get in, and they did, often! After realizing the problem, I put tarps over everything to protect them from the bird droppings. 30 years means a lot of birds in the barn!

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