Street Van: Chopped 1977 Dodge B100

Taking over a project someone else started can be a little scary, but taking over a custom that someone else started is downright harrowing. That said, the seller and creator of what we are looking at here seems well-informed about what he has done and how he did it, i.e. this was not done with a borrowed welder in his uncle’s garage every third Tuesday. The seller provides plenty of information about the build, and seems knowledgable about the craft. Though it is still in early stages, this 1977 Dodge looks like it is off to a decent start. Find it here on eBay in New Jersey with a starting bid of $4,900. 

The seller does not state what engine is under the hood (and much of the front passenger compartment), but does say that a new one was installed when the seller acquired this van. Since it has been an ongoing project for the last five years, I assume that is roughly when the engine was installed. Based on the look of it and my knowledge of Dodge vans, this is a Chrysler small block and very likely a 318 or 360 unless the seller opted for something more exciting. I once almost bought a 1977 Dodge van, but this picture of the cramped engine bay and limited space is exactly why I didn’t, though I’m sure one can easily learn to work on a van.

If things weren’t already looking interesting enough for you, maybe they will now. The side door flips up and the lower 1/4 of it (not pictured here) opens like a suicide door. The front doors have also been made into suicide doors. I personally like it better here, prior to the fender flares. The chop top look is a little unique, but really works for this particular build. There is a photograph of a concept drawing of what the seller was envisioning the end result being, and I have to say I’m on board.

The seller has done a lot of work to this van, all of which is listed in the ad. The rear doors have been eliminated completely and the hole has been welded up with one solid piece of metal. I think I would rather have the rear doors, but if I saw it painted up and nice I might change my tune. The rear bumper with the integrated lights looks suspiciously El Camino-y. This Street Van is clearly a project, and is going to need a lot more work before it is finished. However, if someone buys it and shares a similar vision to the current owner, this will one day be a seriously cool custom van!


  1. Sam Sharp

    How about a satin black Bat-Mo-Van hauling a Bat Cycle? Until I started welding panels, I had no idea of the effort required.

  2. boxdin

    A lot of work done, but a whole bunch more to go. Concept is great but….
    Windshield can be done but it will be tough. A friend did one like this and the glass guy had a real tough time.

  3. The Walrus

    While I like some of the customization being done, it’s too bad they chopped an original StreetVan when there are likely plenty of other candidates. They’ve basically chopped up the 70’s van equivalent of a Hemi car.

    Like 1
  4. grant

    Am…am I having a stroke?

  5. JW

    So much work done and now wants to sell uncompleted, will not make back his money and time doing it this way.

  6. Ron Bajorek

    i….i…. i like it!

    • grant

      Are you having a stroke?

  7. Mike

    Unless you’re 5 foot 5, the only way to drive this is by lowering the seat. So instead of cooking your right leg on the dog house you can now cook your lower body. Had an 84′ with a 360 and the dog house gets hot.

  8. Milt

    Like the chop, but every other mod is yuck.

  9. erikj

    Cool van. I had a 77 dodge ,instead of being chopped,it had a 70 olds vistacrusier wagon roof grafted to it. rasied the roof and those added roof windows where really neat. I got tons of thumbs-ups,and I would love to do one like that now. I have never seen that except the one I had.

  10. Howard A Member

    So,,, they took a vehicle that already was the worst vehicle to see out of, and made it even worse. Be like driving with horse blinders on. Lot of work here so far, on a not-so-popular vehicle in the 1st place. Gonna be a tough sell.

    • boxdin

      Wow Howard, a Dodge Street Van is one of the most collectable vehicles out there.
      For vision, there are things called mirrors, and whether they are Jr. West Coast, Lo Mounts, or factory small mirrors, once you learn to use them you can see very well from the inside of a van. My wife has been taught to back up a van with trailer using mirrors alone. Its not hard to do.

      • Howard A Member

        Hi boxdin, I didn’t say anything about the collectibilty of a vintage Dodge van, just a “remodeled” one like this could be a tough sell.. And for the record, being a truck driver for 35+ years ( ret.), I’ve looked in mirrors longer than most here ( no brag, just fact) and there are such things as “blind spots”, no matter how many mirrors you have. I drove a Freightliner cabover once,( awful truck) that had FIVE mirrors on the right side, and it was still tense.

  11. Alfie

    I know the seller. He has been working on this van for almost a decade. I believe the engine is a 360.

    To the people whining and moaning, this is how radical vans were done. They were made to look radical, not comfortable.

    • Mark S

      Very cool I can envision the end result. My brother had a black one of these with custom flares and factory Chrome wheel it was completely done up inside fun machine but kind of impractical. My dad sold it after my brother passed way from cancer.

  12. GearHead Engineering

    Beware of any unfinished chop project. Every time I see one for sale, the first thing I do is look for the glass. That is the absolute hardest part of these projects. Unless it’s a ’30s car with flat glass.

    If the chopped car doesn’t have glass INSTALLED, run away.

    Nice workmanship here, but notice the windshield is out.

    – John

  13. Wrong Way

    Why in the world would anyone want to chop the top off? Now there is no head room!

    • boxdin

      And when the top is not lengthened you end up w a big butt.

  14. Tricky

    Great project and great vision. While I’m not a van man myself I think this is an awesome project to take on. Well done to the seller for having the courage to start it in the first place

  15. Jubjub

    I have always like the styling details of this era of Dodge van. All of the hard work has done nothing but negated that.

  16. Rod444

    I gotta give him huge kudos for his metal work. I’m pretty happy when I can get a flat piece of tin to stick without falling off in the first 10 miles, so this amount of bending, contouring and welding kinda leaves me slack jawed.

    Hope he can find someone with equal skills to complete it.

  17. mars2878

    sold for $4,900 w/ 1 bid

  18. BMW4RunninTundra

    I have never had a Customized van. Had an old VW van back in college. I would love to see this one when done!!! I’m kind of getting drawn into the 70’s (?) era customized vans. (looking/admiring not buying) Whomever purchased this one, not only got a steal, but it if they have the personal ability or the financial ability to follow through…………….. going to be a solid stunner!!!
    If it was a BF’er that bought this diamond in the rough, anychance of keeping us updated as to progress?!?!?!?!?!????

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