Stretched To The Max: 1980 Pontiac Trans Am Limousine

And now for something from the, “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” department and for your viewing enjoyment, a 1980 Pontiac Trans Am stretch limousine. Yes, you read that correctly. This is one for the books and definitely worth a closer look. This extended Pontiac is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and available here on kijiji for $58,000 (CDN). Thanks to ANCMatt for this most unusual tip!

Correction: Firebird sales in 1980 were pretty stout, 107K copies found new owners and about 51K of those were Trans Ams. And every one of them was a 2+2 pony car. Maybe other body styles were considered at some point, something like a convertible but I’m certain an extended stretch version was a stretch too far.

The seller states, “We have been in business for over 35 years SPECIALIZE in Camaro and Firebirds from 1967-2002. We DISMANTLED more than 3000 vehicles for used parts that generated a huge inventory of OEM USED Parts.” And now we know what happens with all of those the dismantled parts, Frankenbirds! Actually, the customization work looks very professionally done, nice metalwork. Noted though is the hood, the shaker scoop is not standard ’80 Trans Am fare, it’s from an earlier version. Anyway, the seller adds that the conversion was completed twenty-four years ago and it would cost $150K to create one today. Really, $150K?  There’s something to ponder, either the thought that the builder would actually want to build another and/or there is someone out there who would want another at that price point.

The exterior quality would seem to transcend the interior too, it appears to be comfortably well crafted. The issue is, while it is a stretch body, it’s only going to hold four partiers. It seems doubtful that there’s room for a refrigerator, bar, or makeshift debauchery of any sort. But it does make for a cozy, close setting with three of your closest friends. I suppose you could also put one of your not so close friends upfront with the driver but there are no images of the command center so we’ll have to assume that it is standard Trans Am. The floor mats are a curious touch, NOS? talk about a non-sequitur.

What really piques my interest is how this “Trans North American” drives and not so much its power.  The only reference to grunt is a V8 engine so that would originally have been either a Pontiac 301 CI V8 or a Chevrolet 305. And then the motor could have been changed or upgraded too. No, I’m thinking more about flex, especially with all four t-tops removed. This Trans Am has seen 95K kilometers (about 59K miles) so it’s clearly roadworthy. But one would think a good dip or bump and the late-night show would be over. Being an F body there is a sub-frame under the front end but there’s a whole lot left trailing behind. It’s unfortunate that the seller doesn’t elaborate on how this limo drives or the architecture employed; I’m sure it’s interesting. One afterthought, can you imagine trying to parallel park this Bird?

So, how would you use this conversion? Put it in your limo-pool? If you lived near a race track like Daytona I suppose there might be some demand for ferrying racing revelers going to and fro. You definitely wouldn’t want this extendo-bird for everyday motoring. While it would make an interesting conversation piece, it’s a lot of scratch for just being able to say, “Hey, check this out!” Anyone interested, and if so, what would you do with it?


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  1. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    My guess is $50k of the $150k build cost was for nose candy.

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    • Tom c

      Fahrvergnugen , now that made me lol . Ahhhhhh the late 80s early 90s good times!

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  2. JTel

    Will they get that price ? … At least seats look alright. If the roof angle was a straight line that might help, some.

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    • Eric

      Considering David T has been trying to sell this car for oh… 10 years… I would say no. Firebird and Camaro fans in Edmonton (where I am) all know and loathe David T. He is a dishonest businessman and a kook to boot. And the article implies he built this car…. um no. He bought it that way. Definitely paid next to nothing and doesn’t negotiate.

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      • DayDreamBeliever Member

        Local knowledge is always worth listening to!


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  3. dcowan

    When I see this I can only imagine who had it built. I really wanna know. And to be honest if you can then why not. It is a piece of history no matter what. As a car guy I always welcome different.

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  4. bud lee

    This is worse than the 56 shorty I seen on here a few weeks ago

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  5. Eric B

    Plenty of room to let your mullet spread out inside. Bring a black light and do a thorough complete interior detail.

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    • Mr.BZ

      Social-disease distancing.

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    Seen pictures of my friend in Vegas with the car. They just finished the build and went on a road trip from. Saskatchewan.

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  7. Lance G Nord

    It might look nice except that roofline… that’s gawd awful…

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  8. Last 1LE

    The answer to a question no one in his (or her) right mind would ever ask.

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  9. Ken

    Oh Dear. eh, James, aftah you drop my wife at the ritz, wouldnt you head on down to the track, won’t you?

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  10. Claudio

    There was a Lot of white powder going around in those years …

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  11. Marko

    The price has come down, from the last time I looked at it on David T’s website. I think it was around $75k CAD last time I looked.

    I have been to David T’s and toured around it. Pretty cool place to go to. Every kind of F-body you can envision, available for parts or complete running project cars to finish, or good runners.

    This would make a cool addition to a wedding limo rental company, and would make a killer companion to one of the rare 4 door Corvettes.

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  12. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Outstanding write up Jim! ‘makeshift debauchery’. And the NOS comment. Not sure what to say about the Limo? Take care, Mike.

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  13. mainlymuscle

    This sits less than a mile from me,and I saw it on the road a few days ago.It’s been for sale for a looooong time,perhaps 5 years.David is a Firebird /Camaro specialist,and one can’t really imagine anyone more suited to this machine.He did not build it and like 99 % of the “$$$$ builds “,it has been sold several times,with each sale bringing new car levels of depreciation.I would wager that $40k Loonies (less than 30 $USD) would take it if you wanted to baffle people,and start long pointless conversations wherever you go.

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  14. Crazy Dave

    I was all in until I noticed the floor mats aimed the wrong direction. I will definitely reconsider if the mats are positioned so the rear passengers don’t need to read them upside down.

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    • Tom Member

      I really can’t even wrap my brain around this one BUT such a MINOR detail – but those floor mats are honestly killing this car’s “display”. Seats facing each other in a limo. Put a BLACK carpet mat on the floor as to draw attention to the face to face seating not the stupid “have nothing to do with the car NOS” floor mats. UGH !!!! Cool man….NOS…cool man…oh I said that already. again, UGGGHHHH !!!!!

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  15. Mr.BZ

    GLWTS! No, seriously, good luck!

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  16. Mark

    Grafting two T/A’s together to gain 2 small bucket seats.with no extras?
    If it’s a six seater Pontiac you’re looking for there are plenty of Transports out there for sale.
    What was the rationale behind that roofline?
    Sometimes (and this is one of them) what happens in the barn should stay in the barn.

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  17. University Grill

    Two words: Human Centipede.

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  18. Superdessucke

    Pontiac absolutely did not build 211,000 Trans Am in 1980! They didn’t even build 111,000 Firebirds in total in ’80. I think Trans Am production was around 50,000 that year. Sales were starting to decline (rapidly) after the T/A’s peak year in 1979.

    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      You are absolutely correct! I cannot tell you where that 211K number originated, I have fixed the article.



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    • John Oliveri

      Because the 301 was no muscle motor and the 305 mage it a better looking Camaro, the 403 Oldsmobile made it a Tornado,

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  19. John Oliveri

    That’s why Pontiac is where it is today, in 79 It was an Oldsmobile 403 and 1980 a Chevy 305 were motors in a car that was a Pontiac

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    • DVSCapri

      In ’79 you could get the 400 Pontiac, 403 Olds, 301 Pontiac (2 versions I believe – maybe Turbo too) & 305 Chevy. I had a 403 powered 79 with the T350 & 2:41 rear end… not the greatest for stoplight racing! A new cam, some much earlier Olds heads & I was “back in the hunt”… Still not the same off the line – although I was clocked one time on a freeway in the middle of nowhere doing 150+ mph. Also the car had picked up the nickname “Cookie Monster” as I could do doughnuts in it as long as I wanted too!! Nobody else’s built-up Hot Rods could hold a candle to it in that department! Sadly, I only had it for a little over 2 years – I was coming home from work late one night & hit a patch of Black Ice & totaled it.

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      • DVSCapri

        BTW, the 305’s were dog slow. Later on I had a 301 4bbl Formula & I really woke that thing up!! It had it’s short comings, but I honestly couldn’t kill that one – the body eventually gave up to the tin worm & I sold it to a friend for parts – it had reasonably new suspension & poly bushings throughout & he was restomodding a 76??

  20. DayDreamBeliever Member

    When I saw the photo, had to click and come for the comments.

    Not disappointed, but plenty more should follow?

    Popcorn in hand…..

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  21. Mike

    Hideous. But I do somewhat like the purple Camaro next to it.

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    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      I think I’d be pissed off about a city’s insistence that a light post be in the middle of my driveway, instead of on the property line between houses……

      If I were looking to buy a house, that feature would merit an instant “NEXT” to the realtor!

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  22. RAYDEL

    what’s david t website ?

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  23. Chris

    Just Why

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