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Sunroof and Jade: 1976 BMW 2002

This $950 BMW 2002 is a desirable sunroof model that wears one of the more popular paint shades and sports a manual transmission. The car itself is fairly battered and clearly someone’s unfinished project, but getting an interesting 2002 for less than $1K is becoming quite rare. This big bumper, square tail light model is located in Washington State and does carry a salvage title. Find it here on craigslist near Spokane.

As you can see, cosmetics are quite rough. Bumper trim is either missing or damaged front and rear, and the nose took a hit on the passenger side. The missing gas cap is ominous, and the heavy coating of debris stashed between the body and the rear bumper indicates long periods of sitting. The paint, which I believe to be an OEM shade called jadegrun (“jade green”), is quite popular among ’02 enthusiasts who like colors that aren’t orange.

Inside, you can clearly tell this 2002 lived as an ongoing project. The bucket seats are out of a later BMW 3-Series, most likely an IS model since they are of the sport variety. The dash is torn up, with the gauges missing, as are the door panels. More wildlife is living on the front passenger seat, and I can only assume that those are the remnants of plant life of some kind. The steering wheel isn’t stock but is missing its centerpiece.

The engine bay, surprisingly, is one of the cleaner parts of this car. There’s still more signs of vegetation on the cowl, but the paint matches under the hood and the mechanical components look more vibrant than I’d expect. Perhaps the previous owner got so far as to rebuild the engine and do some cleaning of parts like the early BMW red fan and the valve cover / oil cap. For $950, you can live with some unknowns and see how cheaply you can bring this ’02 back to life.


  1. Russell Casey

    That color is jade green. I had a 76 with sunroof, ac and a 4-speed in that color.

    • Luki

      I thought Jade green also. And then there was Amazon green in 74.

    • Jeff Lavery Staff

      I looked at a few pictures and thought I had it right. Sorry for the mistake and thanks for the correction.

  2. XMA0891

    The green is a refreshing switch-up from the orange these always seem to be in, but that ’67 DeVille looks like it’d be less work. This thing poor is a heap!

  3. Mark Manero

    Was it in a flood? Sea brass?

  4. Mark S.

    This whole series of reverse sloped front grilled beamers are just about the ugliest cars ever made. They look like a rolling shoe box with a punched nose. I wouldn’t want this heap for any amount of money. I in fact I would have to be paid to take it. JMHO of course.

    • Rx7turboII

      Mark S.,

      Not that I’m a huge fan of this car either but may I ask what kind of car you do like? You sure did go on and on about not liking it, so I’m really curious what kind of cars you’re into. … JAHQ. of course

      • Gandolphus


      • Clinton

        JAHQ: Just An Honest Question?

        That’s my guess

      • Rx7turboII

        Just an honest question is correct! We have a winner!! Lol

      • Bobsmyuncle

        Of course you are welcome to your opinion, I’m just not sure what value it has here as it adds nothing to the discussion.

        I’m not a huge fan either but if you care to know, you are in the minority as these cars are highly coveted. Pretty exclusive club!

        Like 1
  5. Rex Kahrs Member

    I would offer that the shark-nosed Neue Klasse BMWs are just about the coolest looking cars ever made, with the 3.0 being the Crown jewel. Perhaps Mark hasn’t noticed the Pinto wagon that just got written up. Now THERE’S an ugly car for ya!

    Also, for what it’s worth, I believe that steering wheel is correct…it looks just like mine in my ’75 Malaga.

  6. Dolphin Member

    As much as I like and own/have owned BMWs, I can see why Mark doesn’t care for the body design of these 2002s. The reverse nose slope isn’t for everyone. But I can think of FAR less appealing body designs….

    I think a lot of people bought, and still buy these because they are compact, great drivers. I could cite sources, but suffice it to say that many think that the 2002 invented the sport sedan category, which you might say has been pretty successful in recent decades. And these 2002s are still appreciating assets.

    This car could be an OK project, especially for someone familiar with these cars and who has, or has access to, some of the needed parts, and maybe also a good body / paint man who can do a good job on the body without going over, say $8 or $10K for really excellent work. With an entry price of only $950 it could be a good project that has a good shot of staying above water.

  7. CCFisher

    Is the passenger door merely ajar, or is there more damage from that bump on the corner than meets the eye?

  8. glen

    These are nice little cars, but all I can think about is Tequila.

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