Super Clean And Loaded: 1977 Mercury Cougar XR-7

Full-sized cars of the ’70s rarely get much attention, but this 1977 Mercury Cougar XR-7 in Bellbrook, Ohio demands a second look for multiple reasons. First, it’s got beautiful paint; look at the shine on this barn-find beauty! Second, it’s loaded; unless my eyes deceive me, it’s got air conditioning, power seats, power windows, and cruise control… at least! Lastly, the listing here on asks only $2,000.

The carpeting has seen better days, but otherwise there’s not much to complain about in this all-important shot of the driver’s seat. Buyers will want more interior pictures, but the back seat’s in great shape too. Hailing from an era where buckskin and green hues assaulted the eyes, this Mercury’s two-tone upholstery proves pleasant to behold, and compliments the attractive exterior. This choice appears to have been part of a Decor Group that year.

After enlargement from the Mustang platform (’67-’73)  to the Torino platform (’74-’76), Mercury’s Cougar hit the “big” time in 1977 as that marque’s version of Ford’s Thunderbird personal luxury coupe. Fans of the original Cougar (and T-bird for that matter) likely view this generation as abandoning the cars’ roots. Still, consider how fans of bands like The Rolling Stones and Rush have largely embraced musical change and remained loyal across musical generations. Similarly, Mercury Cougar followers may simply appreciate that the decades of change delivered a Cougar for everyone, and this generation can be celebrated for being the largest examples of a well-kept cat. Thanks to for some details.

With fewer than 94,000 miles on the clock, this XR-7 probably needs some maintenance, but should have plenty of its nine lives left. With the biggest available 400 cid engine under the hood, this Cougar should perform well as-is, though imagine the fun you could have with a 350+ HP rebuild! Forget the original XR-7’s road-racing inspiration. Most owners of this generation XR-7 can corner all year without knocking the Kleenex box off their package shelf. This XR-7 mixes a heavy dose of luxury with its sport, including a special better-handling suspension and other features. I’m tempted to buy this one myself! Who’s got $2000 for this fine specimen?


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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    The Cougar version of the ultra-popular 1977 T-Bird. Not very valuable, but I’ve always kind of liked them. Stylish, and a good example of when large, long-hooded, two-door personal coupes were common. If this one is as nice as it looks, taking care of the mechanicals and a few cosmetic issues (carpet) would yield a nice cruiser for a trivial amount of money.

    Todd, good writing with the Kleenex box reference, which describes my folks and their cars and driving methods.

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  2. Dave Doughty

    My first car was a ’71 Cougar. Not an XR7 though but I loved cougars from then on. Although not my favor body style still it is sweet looking and I would love to own it if only I had a garage to keep it. This also reminds us me of a friend I had who had a ’77 T-bird very similar to this car. Hood memories.

    • Tucker Callan

      Dave, my buddy does the CCOA Data Base. Would you have the vin# from the `71?

  3. Superdessucke

    A Malaise Era beauty!!

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  4. flmikey

    As far as the paint finish, I think they did the old spray it with a hose trick (I can even see the hose in the first picture!) as for the car, I always loved the way these drove…very smooth and quiet…and just enough engine to get you in trouble…wish I still lived in Ohio…might be worth a look-see…seems like a bargain to me….

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  5. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    How can you go wrong for $2,000? A pretty clean car that defines the era of “all show and no go.” Best part is that it’s not green or brown but a lively blue and white. I like it for what it is; a perfect example of the Malaise Era when the intermediates were as big as the full size models. This Cougar sure would generate a lot of comments at any cars and coffee meet. For the money, you could buy it, show it all summer and then sell it for the same money before the snow flies. Or maybe keep it as an appreciating “Classic.” Who knows what people will be willing to pay for it years from now.

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  6. Frankie

    I have a feeling since it is listed on “craigslist” that something is not quite right with this one. So many scams with craigslist I would be very very cautious.

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    • Superdessucke

      Yeah you don’t want someone to set on you with a shovel that’s for sure. You think they would use bigger bait but you never know. Always be careful on Craigslist.

  7. RobB Member

    I bought a brand new 79 before I went back to college in September of 78. Special ordered it. Green with a Jade half vinyl top and green interior. Beautiful car and a joy to drive. Wish I still had it.

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  8. grant

    I think I want to see it dry, and after a couple weeks when the seats aren’t dripping with Armor All. You can see the hose laying on the ground, and where the water is starting to pull back on the hood. The carpet is the most representative aspect of the true condition of this car.
    It’s been parked 15 years in the sun, and an honest picture would show it. It doesn’t even run 2k? Nope.

  9. Geoff Jakiel

    I had this car in a gold color in
    the mid 80’s. I was third owner …original owner was a FoMoCo exec who purchased it with ALL the options. After a stick shift Plymouth Horizon , I thought I was in fat city. What a car! My first one with A/C, too. Once the three kids got bigger I went mini van.
    Nice car.

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  10. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    My friend bought a ’77 Cougar in 1980, I think.
    The unique thing was that it was a 4 door and at that time, I didn’t see any others on the road.

  11. Paolo

    Had a white one in similar condition about 10 years ago. Ran okay, probably needed a valve job. Couldn’t sell it for $400. Sadly ended up scrapped. I have photos of it flattened and on a trailer.

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  12. TimM

    A decent price for a driver!!! Some of the other sellers should take note of the price of this car and the shape it’s in!!! I realize it’s not a muscle car but it is a well taken care of car!!!

  13. 38ChevyCoupeGuy Member

    I’m guessing the major malfunction was discovered in 1.35miles,which is half of what is on the tripometer, which we all know was reset during the clean up. I wish folks realized us car nuts know all the little things to polish turds .I love the water laden clear coat….. The truth will set the car free my friend. 😁

  14. James Turner

    Back in the 1970,s I owned a 1968 Cougar XR7 with the Hi Po 390 cc engine, Sport factory mags, full instrumentation, upper/ lower consoles with C- 6 tranny and floor shifter. Sequential rear light turn signals, Chrome air cleaner and valve covers. Sway bar and heavier sport suspension. I also had a 1958 Red/ White Ford Thunderbird around 1965 352 cc engine if I remember correctly. What I mean to point out there is no way these 70,s enlarged so called sport vehicles compare anywhere near the first generation T. Birds and Cougars.

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    • Tucker Callan

      James, by chance would you have the vin #? My buddy does the data base. It should read 8(F or R) 92, or 93 S, _______(sequence of build) Thanks! -tc.

  15. Del

    Another Bloated Ford.

    On Craiglist so probably sone scam.

    Stay away

  16. Stevieg Member

    I hope I don’t come across as nit-picky, because this is for informational purposes, but this is still, through 1979, based on the Torino. The Thunderbird was downsized to the Torino chassis too. So it wasn’t actually upgraded to the Thunderbird chassis from the Torino. It was just freshened up.

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