Super Track Pak: 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda 440-6

Some cars sell themselves. Rest assured that no “For Sale” sign need ever adorn this fabulous black ‘Cuda. The 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda in Wilmington, Delaware retains its original 440 cid (7.2L) V8, V-code-matching Six-Barrel induction, factory four-speed manual transmission, mostly original paint, an uncracked original dashboard, and more. Make the mistake of parking this car in your yard for any reason and your doorbell is in for a workout. No serious Mopar buyer will let the absence of a sign keep them from asking your price. “First-born child? I’ll have to think about it.” The listing here on eBay includes a host of pictures including stampings, build sheet, decoded body tag, and VIN. At least 14 bidders have elevated the market value beyond $109,000 without meeting the seller’s Reserve. Yowza!

While Dodge tattooed its triple-two-barrel setup with the flashier “Six Pack” moniker, the Plymouth “Six Barrel” is no less potent, and smart too, as modest driving engages only the single center two-barrel carburetor. Press the pedal with authority, though, and the front and back carbs stand at attention, releasing as much fuel as the 390 HP V8 can handle, plus a little extra for good measure. Drivers of similarly equipped Hemi’ cars had better be on their toes challenging a 440 Six Barrel. Any mistake and that Elephant is going down.

The seller discloses replacement metal in the trunk floor and one lower rear quarter panel, but this never-restored car wears mostly original paint.

The saddle tan interior makes a handsome contrast to the black paint, and the combination stands the test of time. The pistol-grip shifter means business and Super Track Pak (option code A34) adds 4.10 gears and front disk brakes. Stock tires don’t stand a chance against the horsepower and gears on this muscle car, and you can bet this black beauty is no stranger to the 1320. In case you’re wondering, the car’s original steering wheel comes with the sale. Originality plus highly-desirable factory equipment certainly justifies the six-digit Reserve. What more could you ask for on this well-kept ‘Cuda?


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  1. Joe Haska

    I am not even a big MoPar fan and you are 100 per cent right, who wouldn’t want this car. You have heard a of babe magnet, this is the same thing for car guys!

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  2. Jcs

    Of course, the fact that the car is friggin gorgeous doesn’t increase the desire in the least, right?

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    • Steve R

      Nothing new, he’s been trolling this site for years.

      The nicer or more expensive a car is the more likely he is to say something negative, especially if it’s a Mopar or Porsche.

      Steve R

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    • karl

      Has Ken Jennings been reborn ?

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    • Dave

      Griping about something that was made 50 years ago is a waste of time. Don’t like it? Go buy a Tesla.

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  3. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    A silly compromise of a car? Really?
    What do they drive on your planet, toaster ovens?

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  4. SouthJerseyMike

    Looks like all the high bids over $77K are shills- 100% bid activity with seller. Probably will “sell” for $150K and then relist a few times to drive a false value.

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      How can you tell that the bidders are shills?

  5. Dan

    This car is in fact incredibly good at the quarter mile. A fact I would never desire a car for, but this one is different. The locking rear makes it a heck of a lot of fun, and the 4 extra barrels at your foot for when the rpms get high enough, tops it all nice! And gorgeous to boot!

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  6. JoeNYWF64

    I think Ray L. means with that rear end it’s not meant to keep up with today’s 80 mph freeway drivers, much less be good on gas. He must not be aware you could get this body style also with grandmas slant 6. lol
    Or a whole bunch of other engines, & options(probably a total of more than 50!) too.
    If he’s young enough, he’s cringing seeing only 2 doors, no a/c, no automatic, & heaven forbid, crank windows!
    & no cup/phone holders, much less big tv screens in the dash to watch.

    I’m surprised Chrysler did not offer a hood tach – back in the day. Even AMC offered them on a couple of their hi po cars in ’69 & ’70.
    Can i assume this one here is something new from DC?

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  7. Caranberry Bog

    What a great car to go drifting in! I could go sideways all day in something like this!

  8. Desert Rat

    I don’t understand all the negative comments towards cars like this ,too much motor= poor handling= poor gas mileage so on and so on. Wow, I’m 66 years old and never grew up. I still lust for the old days and the muscle cars that roamed the streets and in those cars of my dreams they always have the biggest baddest motors that the factory offered. This Cuda fits the bill nicely, thank you. So one of us are at the wrong car web sight, and it ain’t me!

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    • Chris M.

      Either way, it’s the same douchebag. Lol

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    • Steve Bush Member

      Agree with the other commentators that it’s a very nice car and was one of the best of its era in the quarter mile. But think the 1970 AAR Cuda and TA Challenger offer a much better driving experience at a somewhat lower price.

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  9. Troy s

    Completely stock as hammered off the lot I’d give the edge to the six shooter 440 over the hemi, driver skills and all being equal. Especially up to sixty or so. Very strong runner, the only thing that got compromised were the rear tires! The two secondary carbs were controlled by vacuum, maybe not the best set up.
    The high bidding war is, well……they’re not giving these away anytime soon.
    Black fits this street villain very well yet I find the saddle soap colored interior to be,,, a tad soft. Nice machine.

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  10. Chris M.

    @ JCS I said that exact same thing when he posed under the moniker “Ken Jennings” LOL Douchebag

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    • Steve R

      Ken Jennings was only the latest of the 10 or 12 names he’s used over the years.

      Steve R

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  11. T


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  12. Ken Bagby

    In 72 I bought my first car a 72 Dodge Charger. I took it into the dealership a week later for something and there sat a 1972 “PlumCrazy” with a Hemi😢 if had waited one week! Oh well. This is an absolutely beautiful car. If you can’t appreciate that there are other boards you can troll! I am truly amazed and how many old cars that have been saved! Thanks Barnfinds!

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  13. Eugene W.

    The attitude of Chrysler back in the day. Tell us how you want it, and we will build it for you. Story goes that a woman had ordered a new 1971 Plymouth Satellite wagon, with a 383 and a pistol grip 4 speed. It was built for her this way, and when she traded it in 1975, everyone in the dealership wanted that car. True freedom of expression. Only in the U S of A. If you got it, flaunt it.

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  14. Greg B

    TX9 with a V code and Hemi 4 Speed. Special Cuda. Would have liked to have it left the factory with an N96 Shaker Hood! I just sold a 1970 V code Cuda in FY1, but not NOM, and no paperwork such as the Boradcastsheet that this one has. It is a 6 figure Cuda but the question remains, and may know soon, what is someone willing to pay for it?

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  15. Lance G Nord

    So the truth comes out… you’re a reformed capitalist… Like others of your ilk, you think that everyone should conform to your “superior” social philosophy. (Insert one fingered salute here.) I come here to see “Barn Finds”… not get chastised by someone who clearly cares more about pushing his agenda than appreciating fine vehicles.

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  16. Shane

    I’ll tell any clown that says this car is a compromise that he is clueless. I have a similar car, many actually, they are great for long highway runs on back roads when I visit a friend, the organic food coop in the next town, the 24hr gym in that same town, or clothes shopping with my gal 2hrs way in the city.
    I got money, don’t have kids or many friends so 2 doors, 4 gears, and 4 barrels is all good with me.

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  17. Lynn Member

    A 72 hemi?? I thought 71 was the end of em.

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    • DON

      so was Plum Crazy , so I’m thinking it was a 71 Hemi car

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  18. Ken Bagby

    It could have been a 71 but it looked new to me. It was beautiful! PS where’s a moderator when you need them? There is no reason to name call and talk down about a survivor! But I think the guy is livin in Momma’s basement in Portland

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  19. Chris M.

    Still waiting for Cool Joe Machado to drop his 2 cents about the one he bought new after he traded his “Corporate Sales Bank Hemi Charger” in that he would like to find. He’s a real Cool dude that Joe Machado!

    Let’s hear the big deal Joey! Lol

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  20. Skorzeny

    Ray L., I have lived a long time with one credo, freedom is a dangerous thing. In this country, you are free to express yourself, practice religion, and go where you please. And others are free to design cars that they think others might purchase. And others are free to buy those vehicles and drive them where they please. And you are free to mock people for exercising their freedom. But if you don’t like that freedom, and I rather think you don’t, you are free to move to a country where citizens AREN’T allowed to buy vehicles like this. You know, I often rant against whitewalls and automatics, but I ain’t takin’ away a person right to have a car with those options. If you don’t like something, don’t buy it.

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  21. Mark

    Troll somewhere else snowflake.

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  22. David Harris

    Not only a bad a$$ car but a conversation piece to.

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  23. Dave

    It reminds me of the “Phantasm” movie car. And I’m surprised to see no one has to follow the profanity, politics and personal attack rules anymore.

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    • Chris M.

      Keeps it interesting! Lol

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  24. Steve Bush Member

    Bid to $110,100.00 but did not met reserve in an auction that ended at 11:45 cdt. There were 30 bids.

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  25. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    At least there postcards they have for sale are priced in my ballpark. Ended:Oct 31, 2020 , 12:46PM
    Current bid:
    US $110,100.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 30 bids ]

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    • William

      Postcards? What does that mean?

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Hi William, they also have postcards for sale listed in other items in the Ebay ad.

  26. Mr.BZ

    Obviously no one else is.

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  27. SouthJerseyMike

    Top bidders above $77K have 100% bid activity with seller. Shills.

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