EXCLUSIVE: 1989 Saleen Mustang Convertible ($3k Price Drop!)

UPDATE 3/15/17 – Jason has decided to drop the price to $15,500. That seems fair for such an exclusive and potent machine! FROM 2/26/17 – Now this is an interesting and fun find! The Fox body… more»

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EXCLUSIVE: 1939 Ford Standard Coupe Project

Here’s a big project for someone wanting to build a hot rod or custom. Most of the shell is here, but it’s missing the floor and trunk lid. There’s a chassis included in the sale that’s… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1990 Toyota Corolla SR5 Coupe For $1,500!

UPDATE 3/15/17 – Many people inquired on this one, but Steve didn’t get right back to everyone because he wanted to fix an issue with the sunroof before selling it. Apparently, he ordered a new cable… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1957 Ford Fairlane Skyliner ($2k Price Drop!)

UPDATE 3/14/17 – Mike has decided to drop his asking price to $2,900! FROM 2/18/17 – Well now this was an interesting use of the Ford Skyliner’s massive trunk. Sure, you could store all of this… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Famous 1968 Lincoln Continental ($7k Price Drop!)

UPDATE 3/14/17 – The seller has decided to drop the price to $5k for a quick sale! FROM 2/17/17 – There’s just something fun about a car with an interesting past. I’ve noticed that late ’60s… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1969 Dodge D200 Camper Special

When this Dodge D200 was new, it would have been one sweet machine with all of the options it left the factory with. It has the 318, A/C, power steering/brakes and the Camper Special option! Reader Glenn… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1967 Corvair Monza Project

We have all been there before, you start on what seems like a simply project and before you know it, you’re neck deep in a full on restoration. Well that seems to be the case for… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 40k Mile 1980 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

Here’s a nice big cruiser for someone who wants to experience what Cadillac used to be all about. This Coupe DeVille is well-built and with only 40k showing on the odometer, there’s a lot of life left… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1965 Ford Galaxie 500

Talk about a sweet car for Grandma to drive, I wish my Grandma drove a V8 powered 2 door Ford Galaxie! Reader Dale D has known this car much of his life, as it belonged to… more»

UPDATE: James K’s 1966 Corvair Convertible

Recently, I asked Josh and Jesse to feature my 1966 Corvair Convertible, originally listed here. Since the original post, I have done the following work to the car: Re-installation of engine, oil change, adjustment of clutch, balanced… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Massive Collection In Kansas!

A while back, I received an email from a reader who had a large collection of cars sitting in a barn in Kansas. They asked if we would be interested in helping them clear everything out…. more»

EXCLUSIVE: Two Mercedes 190SL Projects

Here’s a couple of big projects for a dedicated Mercedes enthusiast! This package deal includes a ’57 and a ’60 190SL. Both were in the process of being restored, but have just sat since the nineties…. more»

EXCLUSIVE: Crazy Morgan Boat Tail Speedster!

I know, Morgan didn’t build a boat tail style speedster in 1953, but that didn’t stop someone from trying to convert this +4 into one. The seller, Chip S, believes the conversion could have been started… more»