Jeep Brawn, Nissan Power: 1985 Jeep CJ 10A

The Jeep CJ5 10A was used by the Air Force in the 1980s to drag aircraft around, and is relatively obscure today. They can make for fun… more»

Engine Build Done: Corvair Ultra Motorhome

The world’s largest Corvair: that’s one way to describe the Ultra Van, a Corvair-based motorhome built in limited quantities in the 1960s. Featuring clever engineering to deliver… more»

Buick Turbo Powered: 1982 Baroque

It’s amazing how many vehicles were manufactured in the 70s and 80s that resembled what fictional character Cruella Deville drove in the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians.¬†Of course,… more»

Fool the Neighbors? Replica Porsche “Laser” 917 Kit

While the many, many Kelmark and Bradley GTs running around (or parked on craigslist) can become practically commonplace, the “Laser” Porsche 917 replica is seen far less… more»

Morgan Alternative: V8 Swapped 1953 MG TD

When we think of MG TDs, you’d be forgiven if your mind goes straight to the quintessential image of a gentleman wearing driving goggles and leather gloves,… more»

Brazilian-Built A108: 1966 Willys Interlagos

We often turn our noses up at replicas, realizing they’re a far cry from the genuine article and fail to deliver the driving experience promised by their… more»

Explorer’s Choice: 1965 Tucker Sno-Cat

The Tucker family of winter-friendly tracked vehicles has earned its chops in some of the harshest climates on the planet. While winter may be winding down, a… more»

Bush Find: 25K Mile 1995 BMW 7-Series Limo

Supposedly, this E38-chassis 7-Series was bought new for a limousine business that hit the skids, with an early accident and poorly repaired damage to the 7er the… more»

Where Is It Now? Wrecked Ford GT40

This is one for any internet sleuths looking to prove their mettle: what happened to this burned Ford GT40? We’re not sure if it’s the real deal… more»

Underwater Since ’85: Sunk Amphicar Rescue

When researching some background data on the recent Amphicar we featured, I came across this excellent story about an Amphicar that sank in a lake in western… more»

Boating Season Awaits: 1966 Amphicar 770

The Amphicar 770 is an example of a classic that seemingly began rising in value overnight, and certainly the case of a car you could have bought… more»

Mistaken Identity: 1965 Plymouth Barracuda

That’s a rather handsome Plymouth, isn’t it? Looks more like your grandfather’s Cadillac, you say? Yes, there’s some interesting handiwork gracing the grill of this 1965 Plymouth… more»

How Many Left: 1966 Matra Djet 5

Up for grabs on eBay is an exceedingly rare 1966 Matra Djet 5, a fiberglass-bodied sports coupe that was the world’s first mid-engined production vehicle. Over the… more»