Time Capsule: 7K Mile Jaguar E-Type

As rare as it is to find low-mileage vintage sports cars, we still can get a bit bored seeing untouched Mustangs or Alfa Romeos. What is unusual to find is a slice of period exotica –… more»

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Dealer Trade: 20K Mile 1985 Nissan 300ZX

Seeing cherished vintage cars end up at a new car dealership makes me feel like we’ve stepped back in time, where awesome period sportscars like this 1985 Nissan 300ZX are still sitting on the lot (instead… more»

How Many Left? 1987 Nissan Stanza Survivor

These days, the sight of a Nissan Altima is hardly a rare occurrence; more rare is seeing one that isn’t being driven by someone lacking in hand/eye coordination. Before we had the Altima, the Nissan Stanza… more»

Nothing Changed Since New: 1970 Mercedes 220

Mercedes of this generation always leave me with mixed emotions: they are good, solid classics, and fairly cheap to run if you buy the right car. But how are they as driver’s cars? Nothing exceptional, is… more»

Clean Turbo: 1991 Mercury Capri XR2

There’s a car near identical to this Mercury Capri XR2 parked around the corner from me, sitting on three flat tires. I’ve thought about making an offer just for the hell of it, but it’s an… more»

Impossible to Find 5-Speed: ’92 Chevy Lumina Z34

Back in the mid-to-late 90s, it seemed like Luminas and Berettas were everywhere. They were cheap, looked decent and went OK, too. But now, cheap cars like those have drifted down to their fourth of fifth… more»

Professor’s Car: 1980 VW Rabbit Westy

Old, smile-inducing Volkswagens aren’t just aircooled, as this 1980 VW Rabbit diesel shows us. Sure, the Beetles and Buses have a little more in the way of character going for them, but this Rabbit is downright… more»

19K Miles From New: 1985 Honda CRX

Honda CRXs have long been staples of the import scene, desired for their light weight and lithe handling. Unfortunately, their sensitive Japanese sheetmetal and popularity among tuners means they are rarely left stock. This 1985 CRX… more»

15 Miles from New: Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe

What you’re looking at here is a supposed 15 original mile 1990 Ford Thuderbird Super Coupe 35th Anniversary Edition. The seller is asking for $25K or best offer, which seems slightly out of reach. Still, it’s… more»

Blue Chip Car: Low Mileage 1983 Mercedes 300D

We hate to use the same hyperbole as sellers, but sometimes it’s hard not to share in their enthusiasm. This particular car, part of the legendary Mercedes-Benz W123 family, looks everything like the survivor it’s purported… more»

One Repaint: BMW 2002 Tii Survivor

Check out the bidding on this survivor-grade 1973 BMW 2002 Tii – it’s already crested $20K with more than four days left on the auction. This is the going rate for clean round-taillight 2002s equipped with… more»

64 Miles From New: 1984 Pontiac Fiero Pace Car

Although this was a case of window dressing on an otherwise ordinary Fiero, the Pace Car variants are still seen fairly infrequently compared to other GM products that had their doors covered in special letters and… more»

Flower Shop Truck: 1974 VW Thing

This 1974 VW Thing is just how a Thing should look: tired, weatherd paint, knobby tires and a vintage motif on the removable doors. Freshly-painted Things are a major turn-off for yours truly, as adventure vehicles… more»