1949 Ford 8N: Do You Know A Red Belly?

Despite being employed by another equipment manufacturer, I admit a soft spot for the old “red belly” Ford tractors. They used to be all over the place when I was driving around the rural roads of… more»

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Trick Transtar: 1970 International CO-4070A

Are you an aggressive tailgater looking for your next daily driver? Do you have a really, really big boat or trailer to haul? If so, this 1970 International CO-4070A could be for you. This is one… more»

Postwar Farmers Dream: 1948 Ford 8N Tractor

Henry Ford was well known for his Model T and Model A, but after World War 2 the Ford 8N Tractor was released and eventually became one of the bestselling individual tractors of all time in… more»

Woman Power: 1950s Fairbanks-Morse Mower

A riding mower?! Come on, guys, you’re losing your focus! Ahh.. it felt good to get that out of the way.. This one may seem weird, but Barn Finds isn’t always about dusty, hidden muscle cars…. more»

Golden Jubilee: 1953 Ford NAA Tractor

How many of you were around in 1953? That was the year of Ford’s 50th anniversary, it’s golden anniversary. This 1953 Ford NAA Tractor, the “Golden Jubilee” was so named to celebrate that anniversary. This beauty is… more»

Steel Wheels: 1936 Farmall F-12

For the Barn Finds farmers and farm tractor collectors, here’s a 1936 McCormick-Deering Farmall F-12. This good looking tri-wheeler is listed on Hemmings with an asking price of just $2,500! Seemingly a heck of a deal,… more»

Go-For-Digger! 1971 Jeep CJ-5 Backhoe

If a person were, say, a huge fan of Jeeps and also a huge fan of highly-unusual options at the same time, this could be one for you. This is a hen’s-teeth-rare 1971 Jeep CJ-5 Go-For-Digger, Jeep’s… more»

Tractor Time: 1939 Allis Chalmers Model B

Submitted by Barn Finds reader Clark B., this cool old tractor is one of over 120,000 Model Bs that were built on both sides of the Atlantic between 1938 and 1957. This one is in good… more»

Funky Fuel Fiat Farmin’: 1972 Oliver 1365

If you were “born in a barn”, as your mom used to say when you left the door open, or if you just grew up on a farm, you know Oliver tractors. This 1972 Oliver 1365… more»

Free Horse with House: 1987 Wheel Horse 252-H

Keep an open mind with this one! This 1987 Wheel Horse 252-H is now 30-years old and it was found in a barn, or a shed, actually, under a cover. Plus, this tip was sent in… more»

Small & Great: 1965 Economy Power King Tractor

Here’s something that was possibly in a barn at one time, does that count? This is a 1965 Economy Power King Tractor and it’s on eBay. There is a $2,800 Buy It Now price or you… more»

1979-80 Mitsubishi D1500 4WD Diesel Tractor

We haven’t had a tractor in a while here at Barn Finds, so here is a 1979-80 Mitsubishi D1500 4WD Diesel Tractor! That’s a mouthful but this tractor can handle the load. This one is at the Big Toy… more»

Batteries Not Included: 1970s GE Elec-Trak E12

Alrighty then, here’s something you didn’t expect to see here! Or, maybe you did since it’s from me. This is a 1970s GE Elec-Trak E12 battery-powered garden tractor and it’s in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It’s on Craigslist with… more»