Teal Metallic Time Capsule: 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

There are no bids at the moment for this 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra, listed as having just 15,656 original miles. The suggested opening bid is a hefty $52,000, which could explain the lack of activity thus far. The auction closes on Sunday, so despite the many watchers, I suspect this one will be a no sale unless the seller makes the entry point to the auction a more wallet-friendly ask. Don’t get me wrong – sellers can ask whatever they want – especially for time capsule examples of special cars like this. But given we see another low mileage Fox body Cobra every few weeks any more, it does give buyers the illusion there will always be a Cobra that’s better or cheaper. Find it here on eBay wearing rare Teal Metallic point.

The Cobra does look quite nice, and you don’t see this paint combination every day. Red Fox body Cobras, yes, those appear quite often, but the teal paint code is less frequent occurrence. Throw in the sharp gray leather interior and it’s indeed a looker, especially with so few miles on the clock. Kudos to the owner(s) who have kept it looking this fresh, but I always wonder if it’s worth it to not have driven a special car like a Cobra, especially when you’re holding out for a price category limited to a select few. The polished Cobra-specific wheels are free of any blemishes, and the Mustang retains its factory exhaust system – no aftermarket mufflers here.

I’ve honestly run out of superlatives at this point for low mileage Cobras – there’s been so many of them as of late. This is like the baseball rookie card you’re convinced no other kid was wise enough to set aside, and after years of keeping it in climate-controlled storage, you bring it out for sale – only to find out every other kid in the neighborhood did the same thing. That’s certainly the case here, as the engine bay of this Cobra is as nice as any other we’ve featured lately, even some cars with higher mileage than this one. No sign of aftermarket intakes or headers here, so the stock theme continues.

The seller is a Ford dealership employee and notes he is the second caretaker of this Cobra, buying it off of another Ford employee 16 years ago. The supporting documentation file is said to be generous, and the seller points to the driver’s seat as the only major source of wear and tear, with the rest of the cabin appearing unused. The listing claims many of the typical failings of a Fox body, from the map door pockets to the rear hatch shocks, all work perfectly. The air conditioning still blows cold as well, and the seller notes even the original front plate brackets was never installed and remains in as-new condition, another example of just how untouched this Cobra remains. Would you lodge an opening bid like this for a Cobra in this sort of condition?


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  1. Ike Onick

    When I sell my car, the suggested opening bid will be $28,000. It’s a Trabant that was garbage-picked.

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    With 1355 Teal Cobras sold (27%), I’m not sure I’d call it rare. But they certainly are less seen. Nice car

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    • Superdessucke

      That’s not very rare but since they built a lot of these, it’s kind of rare compared to black or red.

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  3. Sam Shive

    Is that a Block Warmer or a Battery Charger cord in front of the drivers side headlight ?

    • Shawn

      It’s a battery charger quick disconnect. I’ve got one exactly like it on my car that sits mostly in the garage.

  4. george mattar

    In the early 90s, I used to see a Teal Cobra like this driving around Levittown, Pa. Wonder where it is now. Certainly, better looking than a new POS Mustang.

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  5. Kevin

    The official name of the color is Bimini Blue Metallic for those interested in that sort of thing. I know this because I had a ’93 Escort GT in that color. I do remember a red Cobra in the showroom when I bought my Escort, but at the time, it was way beyond my pocketbook. The Escort though was a great trouble-free car which served me well for 136K miles.

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    • Gypsy9320

      No, it’s not Bimini Blue, color code KL. The color is Teal, and the color code is RD. Hubby and I have owned a 1993 Teal Cobra, with all available options since they were first released. Our Cobra never made it out of the receiving department before we bought it. I doubt we will ever sell it since many of the parts have a date build code that is hubby’s birthday. Our current mileage is about 16,000.

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  6. Dean

    I hate to say it but i am getting sick of seeing these late 80s early 90s cars that were bought just to stick in a garage and never be driven that are being sold at ridiculous figures (whether or not it will sell.) these out of orbit numbers consequentially drive up the price of the bottom of the market because some bloke thinks his driven hard put away wet vehicle is worth part of whatever the highest dollar mint condition version of their vehicle sold for on BAT

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  7. t-bone BOB

    Item location:
    Wilkesboro, North Carolina

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  8. t-bone BOB

    Ended: Apr 18, 2021 , 7:14PM
    Starting bid:US $57,500.00
    [ 0 bids ]

    Maybe the seller will relist it with a more realistic starting bid.

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