The Mossy Gasser: 1961 Chevrolet Corvette

Did they find this Corvette parked in a swamp? It’s covered with so much moss it had to have been stored somewhere wet. It’s an old gasser that was apparently set up for a big block at one time. The engine is long gone at this point, but the seller has a 427 block that they might be willing to include! You can have a closer look at this Corvette project here on craigslist in Eastern Pensylvania with an asking price of $24,500.

While it should probably be restored to original or at least back to its former condition, part of me wants to keep it covered in moss! Think of all the attention it would get, especially with Mossy Gasser hand painted on the doors. Getting it to that point is going to be a ton of work and I have no idea how you would preserve the moss, but where there’s a will there’s a way!

The seller claims the frame is actually in good shape, which is surprising, but not impossible. I would definitely want to go over it closely before strapping a big block to it. The seller has lots of spare parts for it, but as great as having a 435 horsepower 427 under the hood would be, I think we actually found a use for the Wrecked Hellcat from earlier. Imagine this Corvette with that 707 horsepower Hemi shoehorned into it!

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  1. Steve R

    I don’t see a gasser, I see a late-60’s to mid-70’s street machine. Not every car with a jacked up stance was a gasser, even then, only if it was a race car, which there are no signs that this car ever was.

    It’s cool, if it could be returned to the streets in the same style as it was when it was parked it would turn heads where ever it went. I don’t think it should be restored to stock, many people fell in love with cars that were modified, this car is representative of what was roaming the streets when they were growing up.

    Steve R

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    • Robert S

      The fuel tank protruding from the grill is one obvious clue that this car was set up for drag racing.

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    • 69goat

      I agree put it back to what it looked like modified for the street Like when I was a kid. What a very cool looking car. As far as paying that much money for it that’s another issue with me I would much rather pay that for that pretty blue 69 that was just here on BF.

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  2. Rock On

    The seller is referring to it as a gasser, probably thinks that it will bring more money that way.

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  3. Dean

    Could be a gassy mosser.

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  4. Todd Fitch Staff

    Whoa! I love this thing Josh! It looks like it used to have some wicked brown or burgundy metal-flake paint job. I’d say power wash it inside and out and fix the bare minimum (which may be substantial). “Right on! Like, did I leave my comb in your ‘Vette?” Totally ’70s, man!

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  5. John m leyshon Member

    Could be a mossy grasser !

    What I like about submissions like this, is the fact that we’re talking about American Icons…

    No Corvette = No Thunderbird

    No Mustang = No Camaro…

    No Chrysler = Larger US population…

    …440 in a Dart /Valliant ? (gotta’ love it!!!

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    • chris in Australia

      No Corvair Monza = No Mustang

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      • John m leyshon Member

        How so Chris ? Corvair has it’s place in history, but it wasn’t remotely similar to the Mustang and proved to be an ultimate failure. The Corvair marketing strategy and Lee Iacocca being influenced by it is all i can see. With all due respect, please explain .

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      • Dick Johnson

        No brain = no headache.

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    • Troy s

      No GTO=no big inch mid sized muscle cars…ever.
      No Mustang II=no problem.

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  6. Tom



    I love gasser style street cars, last year BF listed a 62 Corvette gasser that had been an actual race car that had been converted to a street car ,would like to see this one cleaned up, interior redone fix any mechanical issues, definitely get the 427.
    Years ago Hot Rod magazine built a nova called the Wilshire shaker, it was a gasser style street car, their are some people who like cars like this and the Dart station wagon earlier today, put that hellcat motor in the Dart,at least it’s a mopar in a mopar, THAT would be crazy to drive

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  8. CanuckCarGuy

    Drop in the 427, leave the moss and call it green…the moss will offset the 427’s carbon footprint, making for a carbon-neutral hot rod. Save the planet one burnout at a time.

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  9. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    have we seen this before ?

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  10. Classic Steel

    Gasser definition
    Owner had gas and inflated the seats 💺😮

    I agree seller threw old gasser , Barn find, old school, rare around to get the please buy my flip car as I love the money

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  11. doug edwards

    All I see in the photos is a rats nest. No spare parts pictured. Yes it would be cool when done, but I have met too many folks at car shows who readily admit that they will never get their money back on a classic car build.

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  12. Michael

    I like this one. I was born in ‘61 and the ‘61 Vette has always been my favorite. I tried to post a photo of the ‘Vette from the “Hot Rods to Hell” movie but was unsuccessful. The movie was ridiculous but I loved every scene that included that car.

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  13. Gland

    I’d paint it red, add 2 yellow stripes front to back, and then go harass families in 61 Plymouths

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    • Michael

      That’s the one!!

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  14. Beatnik Bedouin

    I’m with Steve R – that’s a 1960s’70s street machine. A lot were jacked up like that, back then, as many drag machines, not just the ones that ran in Gas classes, rode high on their suspensions (can you say, “Super Stock?” Sure, I knew you could.

    The ‘Vette in ‘Hot Rods to Hell’ was a ’59 or ’60, Michael. Here’s a pic for your viewing pleasure.

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  15. erikj

    Back in h/s seattle 1975 ish somebody drove a 64 falcon,brown that was a straight axel. COOL!!! I also remember a opel kadet straight axel that sat in a drive way. yellow, it wound up at the evergreen state fair swap meet all fixed up and a price of $8000 around 2005. should have got it,but no money anyways. good times then.

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  16. Chuckster

    This is a crime, who let’s a car get to this point ?

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  17. Peter

    Looks like something outta GHOSTBUSTERS.
    Note the left hand side of the car and interior has been hit by somesort of ray gun.
    No headlight, passenger seat upholstry dissolved.
    Could make a great commercial for a slime cutting product???

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    • Peter

      Correction : Passenger RHS for the raygun comment

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  18. ken TILLY Member

    He wants $24,500 for a POS and he doesn’t even include the 427 engine? There’s one born every minute.

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  19. Andre

    In the door jambs and it looks like it may have been a metallic/dark red.. This would have been a cool car to see in its prime.

    Be curious to know what it has for a rear end. big soft compound tires like that and a BBC would have made quick work of a stock C1 rear.

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  20. Fahrvergnugen fahrvergnugen Member

    Wonder what was on the other end of the anchor chain.

  21. Darrun

    I would bet that if someone shows up with $24500, the seller won’t be able to get that 427 block out of storage quick enough…that they “might be willing to include”.
    I grew up admiring this style of car as a kid, but I just don’t see that much value in this one.

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  22. dl

    so freakin cool…

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  23. Alan (Michigan) Member

    Dude needs the money to fund some of the other dozens of projects in his building there….

  24. Lynn Chitty

    Seems a little high considering it’s condition, you can put another $25,000.00 into it to bring it back to a gasser, but then you’ll have maybe a $50,000.00 gasser for a limited market. Me, I’m a purest, buy the car minus the 427, try to find the original 327 or one very similar or a new 350, restore the car to as close to original body wise with a new Art Morrison frame with disc brakes, add a little vintage air and cruise the heck out of it. Make your neighbors jealous.

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  25. chrlsful

    still had the nice (2 me) rear end in 1960.
    I r e a l l y like the C1 ’56 – ’60, and of course the ’63 split.
    Who can account for personal taste?
    Hair cuts, clothing, house…?

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  26. Camaro guy

    Anybody out there old enough to remember big John Mazmanian’s burgundy 62 corvette gasser reminds me of that car this would be a good car to clone it if you had VERY deep pockets 😁 at least the the stance is there for it

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  27. mtshootist1

    I think something died on the floorboard of the driver’s side, looks like the ribcage of a possum

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  28. Ken

    Back in 1971 I had a 1961 C Gas Corvette that was a 10second Street machine. What a blast! Would love to have it today..

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  29. Gray Wolf

    This thing screams big block, big blower similar to Mazmanian’s Corvette gasser. Lots of cars are built that will never get the building cost, but the sheer joy cannot be replaced! Build it and enjoy!
    PS- where is the roll bar???

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    • Alan (Michigan) Member

      PS- Tells you that it was a street car, yes?

  30. RoughDiamond

    I sure hope they did not drive this on the street. If you ran into the back of a Pinto you’d both go up in flames.

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  31. ACZ

    Rare. One of a kind. Unique. Classic. None other like it. Needs minor repair.


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